Spendthrift State to Incur Costs to Bury Spendthrift Music Legend

Just when you think news from the Left Coast couldn’t get any more asinine, we now learn that funeral services for Michael Jackson will cost the city of Los Angeles more than $2.5 million. That’s right, in a state with a budget shortfall north of $26 billion, in a geographical area prone to earthquakes and mudslides and wildfires and more, the City of Angels will eat into the overtime reserves for more than 2500 police officers.

Apparently, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the city will be looking to private donors to absorb some of the costs, much in the way the costs for celebrations surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent NBA Championship was absorbed — but that’s not the point.

I can understand a local or state or federal government footing the bill for the funeral of a former president, just like I could understand the British government’s absorption of costs surrounding Princess Diana’s death. Despite his self-proclaimed moniker, however, Michael Jackson was not royalty. He was not a well-known elected official, worthy of a boots-backward funeral procession. He was a pedophile, though a talented one. He was a drug abuser. He was a celebrity who, as his star faded, became more and more peculiar.

The costs of Jackson’s funeral, including all of the overtime costs for police officers and emergency officials, should be borne by Jackson’s estate, or his concert promoter. Indeed, both will likely profit from it, anyway. Under no circumstances whatsoever should the Californian taxpayer–and, by extension via bailout, the rest of us–even be considered as a source for the funds facilitating this circus of rabid superficiality.

Of course, this isn’t out of step for California. In fact, I can understand why they might want to pay for Jackson’s funeral. Like California and its oil reserves both on and offshore, Michael Jackson sat on enormous natural resources. And like California and its endless spending on social programs for illegal immigrants, not to mention the millions of dollars and thousands of jobs lost for boneheaded environmental concerns, Michael Jackson squandered what money he did receive from those resources on meaningless items and efforts that just made him feel good. So, by that logic, it’s only fitting that the City of Los Angeles should pay $2.5 million for something that makes the folks out there feel good.

Perhaps, after this whole mess is over with, both Michael Jackson and California can simply just go away.



  1. Linda says:

    The City should be looking at private donors to contribute ALL the costs (not just some). The cost of the police alone is ridiculous. It's not like he was a governmental figure or anything. He was only a manufactured celebrity and, like Quincy Jones said, obviously someone who didn't want to be black. Sure, maybe he made some good music in his day (I was never a fan), but now Sharpton is demanding that the press treat him with the respect they treated Sinatra and Elvis with. Sinatra was a different generation, but, as I recall, Elvis was investigated into his drug habits too. I can't tell you how angry many of us here in the L.A. area are over this. The guy was a pediphile for goodness sake! Oh sure, many people might dispute this, but you don't pay people millions of dollars to go away if there isn't some truth (and proof, by the way) to what they allege. And what about these people planning on going to this thing. Don't they work!!!??? Oh, yeah, I guess not. They're the ones wanting everyone to give everything to them. One of them said that he thought the City should do this for Jackson and foot the bill entiretly because it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. What??!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree it's sickening the priorities of Americans in general, but I can't imagine this event without the presence of law enforcement; you can't really get around that. Also, don't forget the additional tax revenue the city is unexpectedly earning now because of this event.

  3. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Jeff, I guess I should start my new service for expediting passport applications for the new country of "Mexifornia". With the number of Mexican national flags versus American/Californian flying sometimes I can't tell which side of the border I'm on. And this growing outward and unchecked from "ground zero" every day.

    Don't get me wrong, I support celebration of heritage, but everyone must remember the difference between heritage and nationalism.

  4. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Makes me wonder….
    How big would the bill have to GET before LA said "Hey, we're broke. That's too much"

    50 million ? 500 Million? 2 billion? I mean, where the heck do you draw a line?

    Have all testicles simply left the city of LA on the train? Who says, "STOP" !!!

    When one is broke, anything over a dollar is too much. 2.5M is insane.

    They should have told the MJ family,

    "YOU pay for it. We'll chip in a grand for cremation. The balance is on you, and it's gotta be cash or gold, paid in advance."

  5. Gail B says:

    Found this by accident…Contemporary Liberal Democrats don't want this out, no doubt!


  6. Anonymous says:

    i heard the LA mayor was bragging that it is the state that is broke, not her city

  7. Rix says:

    Jeff, don't be so petty. Michael Jackson might have been a moron, a pervert and possibly a pedophile to boot but he was, is and will be a legend. He is, for better or worse, a part of the country's history now, and – for my generation, at least – not a small part. Please let that part rest in peace. As for the expenses, the state and the city will easily recoup them via inheritance tax and tourism.


    How much ya wanna bet LA is pandemonium tomorrow? A disgrace for the human race?

  9. Gail B says:

    California seems to have the same economist that Washington, D.C. hired.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought I was the only one who knew he was a pedophile. The amount of payoff that parents got not to file crimal complaints should at the very least be extracted from the Jackson family to pay for this fiasco.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, I see we're still talking about Mr. Jackson.
    Okay, then…btw…over 37,000 ppl showed up to the Dallas Tea Party on July 4th, and an estimated 2000 parties were held across the nation. Looks as though thousands of Americans are protesting whether asked to or not…whether covered or not…Yep, not even Fox news made mention of it. Hmmm…funny…we constantly get preached at about how we need to become involved, call, protest, email, write, shout, etc., but when we do…NOTHING. Well, Michelle Malkin covered it. Yeah, I will…no need to tell me.

  12. MARY KAY says:

    nice lipstick

  13. Linda says:

    Anonymous @ 3:38: That's incorrect. If that's true, then why did the City say that it couldn't afford the Lakers parade and the Lakers and independent businesspersons volunteered to foot the bill (and were taken up on their offer)? Mayor Antonio Villaragosa has not missed a photo opp with BHO, and was in line to be some kind of committeeperson if Hillary had won, so don't expect him to be factual. Even though he said he's not running for governor (he's got a lot of skeletons in his closet, notwithstanding the broadcaster with whom he had an affair), he'll only say what's "in" at the moment.

    Sorry, Rix, but I think it's way too ostentatious for a City within an extremely financially strapped state to be putting on this type of show.

  14. Flower In Cali says:

    Born and raised in California….. I am embarrassed to say that out loud these days.

    MJ bought himself everything..people who wouldn't say no to his rampant drug problems, Disneyland style home, interchangeable noses, three kids, etc. He just wasn't ever able to buy himself some happiness. He was just sad to watch through the years.

  15. Bodenzee says:

    There are many issues in this nation that are truly important. I find it worrisome that such a large portion of the electorate can be so obsessed by the death of an aberrant character yet they won't bring the same focus to issues that do and will have a profound impact on their lives .

    I guess small minds prefer simple thoughts. Praise our eductional system!

  16. Anonymous says:

    "He was a pedophile"

    Great respect you have for our system of justice, Jeff. Nice to know that a court of law declaring a person not guilty means nothing to you.

    You sure you want to be an attorney?

  17. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Shall we go through a list of celebrities which got off easy?

  18. Linda says:

    Amen Bodenzee and Anonymous @ 5:31 p.m.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I hardly consider the evidence put forth against Jackson to be conclusive. A shakedown for monetary gain was certainly a possibility. The OJ verdict his was not.



    that would be a very fun list to do.

  21. FAMILY TREE says:


    aberrant?…. look at the TREE he fell from!


    I sleep wit the childen… one on each side… we giggle, we play

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