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Assigned Reading: California’s Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics
(FROM: Bloomberg)

I like California. I was born there, and still have more family there than in any other state. I’ve driven up and down the coast, through the hills of Sonoma and Napa, through the desert and valleys between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s beautiful country, but California policy should by no means should be inspiration for national policy.

Yet it is, and while the article linked for Assigned Reading is a fantastic article, it only touches upon one or two aspects of how the United States of America, with Barack Obama and the Democrats at the helm, is following the Californian example and expecting different results. Not only are we spending with reckless abandon like California, we’re also adopting Draconian emissions standards like California, turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants like California, prioritizing dumb environmental concerns ahead of jobs and prosperity like California, and looking to insure millions who either refuse health insurance or cannot legally get it, just like California.

When it comes to a state driving itself into the ground, spending money too much and for all the wrong reasons, ignoring immigration laws and handcuffing business and growth, California is leading the nation. This is not the proper model by which this administration should look for America to follow, yet we’re doing it anyway.

Now, I find myself saying things like “California is a wonderful place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there” and “gosh, but for a responsible and laissez-faire state government, California has enough of everything to be the most prosperous state in the union.” Soon, I fear, we’ll be able to say the same thing about America.



  1. Hon. FORREST GUMP says:

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

  2. I QUIT, NO MAYBE NOT says:

    Speaking of wacky; Memphis mayor Willie Herenton has just resigned, to maybe run for congress, but he is entertaining the thought of running back for mayor in the special election to 'replace' him. Politicians are some stupid people.

  3. Linda says:

    As a resident of the "left" coast, and California in particular (believe it or not, it used to be a really good place to live), I unfortunately have to totally agree with you.

    As an aside, we drove home from a trip around Sedona/Prescott and Phoenix this weekend and came into California on Interstate 10. All along the desert – in particular around the Palm Springs area – are these inane windmills. Some were running, many were not. My husband and I were remarking how ugly they are and how surprised we are that the Sierra Club and similar organizations screaming about how the effect they have on the desert view landscape. Then we were talking how we'd like to explain to some people that we know that our tax dollars are not paying for those, so logic dictates they must belong to individuals and/or individual companies and those are the people who are going to make the money from them. So, my question is, why aren't the people who are screaming and whinning about the large companies making all the money (boo-hoo), screaming about the big companies who are obviously (I think you'd have to be stupid or dead not to realize that) making and going to make money from these unnecessary eyesores? Good for the gander but I guess not good for the goose. Open up those golden [goose] gates, California here I come!

  4. I TOLD YA SIS says:

    Having a very liberal sister in California brings a smile to my face, as it slides into bankruptcy.

  5. T-SHIRTS R US says:

    got birth certificate?

    got dual citizenship?

    got college records?

    got US passport?

    got 10th amendment?


    Last I heard California has enough offshore oil to payoff their entire debt. YOU MORONS.

  7. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Also being a 20yr resident of the "Golden State" I've seen the slide into oblivion for a while. With all the letter writing, faxing, and voting I've been able to do, I still feel like the lowly deckhand yelling to the captain of the ship, "Watch out!!! We're going to hit the reef!!"

    But no, our local liberal leaders reject reality and invent their own. And when things go wrong, they usually blame someone else for their own mistakes. I severely dislike the majority of California's congressional representation in Washington.

    I guess things could be worse…we could have the current state body in power with "Grey Matter" Davis still as governor…..


  8. John Feeny says:

    Gee, I wonder why Nancy Pelosi wants to let all those illegals in…lemme see…is it the 'American' thing to do…or is it…no, couldn't be…all the cheap labor for the vineyards?

    Nah, she'd NEVER do that.

  9. Gail B says:

    California really is beautiful, Kinda have to wonder about San Diego, however–they have graffiti on everything, even had to put razor wire up on an overpass to keep people from spraying it!

    With your permission, I am copying and pasting your piece to a letter to send to Representative David Scott (D-GA).

    Thanks–wonderful information, and beautiful grapes!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The dominant benefactor of carbon credits will be GE…Jeffrey Immelt…ummm, one of O's advisors! How convenient! How shocking! (Right!) The global corporations will come out smelling like roses. Small businesses and individual families and consumers will get screwed!

    Not to mention that this whole cap and trade thing is based on a HUMONGOUS FALLACY!!! Don't forget that CO2 is plant food, and our current emissions are actually LOWER than levels required for optimal plant yields!

    Everyone should read "Red Hot Lies", a great expose on the radical alarmists and their completely corrupt, dishonest, and sinister agenda tactics!

    One environmentalist even declared that Christmas lights and gift giving are a major threat to our planet!

    I would say that this INSANE person is the threat to our planet!

    This book has shown me how REALLY radical the radicals are…it is unbelievable!!!

    Lisa in TX

  11. Linda says:

    You're right "Pumping Oil for Dummies." And probably oil to supply a good part of the country too. Disgusting isn't it!!


    ha ha, I just did, actually order me a tshirt (custom) that says 'got birth certificate?'

    I am so ready to wear it all about!!!

  13. Rix says:

    > California’s Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics

    Don't be so naive. The "flyover" country will be bled dry to pay this debt via increased taxes, and the money will be handed over to California and other liberal states drowining in red ink as a part of the next "stimulus" bill. Naturally, if you happen to live in California you won't see a cent out of "stimulus" money unless you happen to work for the government or be a union member, ACORN employee or a Democratic fund whitewasher.

  14. JOHN STEINBECK says:

    California: The Rapes Of Graft

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