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Assigned Reading: Sen. Inhofe Calls for Inquiry Into ‘Suppressed’ Climate Change Report (FROM: Fox News)

Consider me unsurprised. A political agency such as the EPA would suppress information that counters its own views and political perspective? Ohmigosh. What I did find incredible was the derision with which the EPA dismissed the report.

“It was something he did on his own,” the EPA official told Fox News. “Though he was not qualified, the manager indulged him and allowed him on agency time to draft up . . . a set of comments.”

Indulged him? How positively condescending.

Personally, I don’t care whether or not the EPA official who penned the suppressed report was a scientist, an economist or the guy who changes the urinal cakes in the agency’s building. If the report contains facts, ran afoul of the “consensus” touted by the president and greenies everywhere, and was suppressed — I’m crying foul.

We’re about to pass legislation that will unreasonably ruin the American economy, perhaps the most harmful bill ever proposed in the 233-year history of our nation, based completely on a farcical theory founded on junk science. We need all of the information, not simply the information permitted us by those who buy into the global socialism underpinnings of the climate change issue.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought it didn't have a chance of passing in the senate?

  2. John Feeny says:

    Here's my question, and I'm asking this honestly and objectively: if there's any other reason than money for Al Gore, WHY have the late-60's radicals been so hell-bent on spreading wealth globally? I don't get it…there's got to be a 'wizard' behind the curtain. This has to be about more than merely stubbornly holding onto your youthful idealism because you 'just want to be right'. What is it about these people? I'll be honest…these 50-60 somethings are scary, scary dudes.

  3. Sick to tears says:

    Amen and AMEN!!!!

    All this is MADDENING!!!!!

  4. THAT SUMS IT UP says:

    "science being decided at the presidential level."

    verifiction word: exotist
    What Tom Cruise sees for his demons


    Seriously folks, isn't it time for at least non-violent civil disobedience? ala Kent State, MLK, Ghandi. Your thoughts on that Jeff?

  6. goddessdivine says:

    This comes at no surprise. Obama and his minions will stop at nothing to get their agenda passed.


    Civil disobedience? I think we're ready.

  8. SITTIN IN HWY 51 says:

    Can we start a legal defense fund to help these small fines we might incur? Just a thought. Any rich conservatives out there?

  9. Rix says:

    Tax-and-steal, eh, I mean cap-and-trade legislation will not be the first major political power grab based on junk science. I'll have to remind you that the Catholic Inquisition (with all its awful carbon footprint) was introduced on even flimsier scientific grounds such as "witchcraft" and "heresy".

    John Feeny:
    The explanation for "wealth redistribution syndrome" that afflicts liberals all around the globe is very obvious. Whenever the redistribution occurs, it inevitably creates a massive money flow, and a group of people that are assigned to supervise and regulate that flow eventually start dipping into it.

    Jeff Schreiber:
    Did I just, for the very first time, detect support for "civil disobedience" from you?! I would *really* love you to elaborate on it. Particularly, I am extremely interested in theories and past international experience on how such movement could be organized and which measures it could involve. My personal knowledge is sorely limited to Gandhi's protests in India.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Though he was not qualified, the manager indulged him and allowed him on agency time to draft up . . . a set of comments."

    Not qualified. You decide: http://yosemite.epa.gov/ee/epa/eed.nsf/87f47db4cfc956d7852575a6006ab365/6aa339f9e726d3ef852575a7005e47bf!OpenDocument

  11. cal says:

    Let's hope that Inhofe keeps up the good fight.

  12. Linda says:

    "Civil Disobedience" is definitely on the horizon.

    Inhofe will not stop. I saw him a tv interview re this subject and he's determined to squelch crap and trade in the senate. He does not seem to be the type to give up. He started his campaign back in 2007 – see: http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Minority.Blogs&ContentRecord_id=b4f81115-802a-23ad-4e54-f0137d7a406f

    and continues it today, see:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj2LgwSm3RQ

    and other internet links.

    And John, it's not who's behind the "curtain," it's who's behind the "blackberry."

  13. FED EX IT BACK says:

    Whoever pursues this, doggedly, to completion (and we all know how it is going to end) WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY and be immortalized. This scam has got to end, and soon! Pack up that Peace Prize Al, because it's coming back.

  14. Let us move forward says:

    Another bill not posted for review!

    Rebates on the Carbon tax for those on food stamps and SS so they don't have to pay for it. The middle class and rich do?

    Specifying the light bulbs and appliances that you must have in your house to sell it: petty and crazy!

    Why not shut down all of the lights on the Vegas strip?

    Civil disobedience, sure.

    Let's start with protest, the administration has handed us another major item for the

    TEA PARTIES on July the 4th.

    Where is your TEA PARTY? Will you be there?

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