General Electric, At the Heart of it All

Assigned Reading: How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue
(FROM: The Washington Post)

I don’t think that the average American citizen understands exactly how many different things General Electric is involved in, and how many different ways this president and administration are working to make GE more powerful.

For example, in terms of health care, General Electric has appointed Tom Daschle, the president’s first choice for HHS secretary, to the board of Healthymagination, a program which will invest in the development of “health care innovation that will help deliver better care to more people at better cost.” Daschle, of course, is a large advocate of health care rationing. From a Washington Times commentary penned on May 11, 2009 by Nick Rizzuto and radio commentator Andrew Wilkow:

In 2008, Mr. Daschle wrote the book “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis” in which he explains his radical solutions to the problems in American health care. In the book, Mr. Daschle calls for a British-style Federal Council on health care.

The profitability of GE’s new venture will depend heavily on the nationalization of the health care industry. The standardization and streamlining of health care recordkeeping, something on which Mr. Obama ran in 2008, would require a massive government contract for the technology to achieve such standardization.

Mr. Obama has introduced a plan to computerize all health records within five years. Independent studies from Harvard, Rand Corp. and the Commonwealth Fund have estimated that such a plan could cost at least $75 billion to $100 billion over the next 10 years. Healthymagination is readying just such a technology, claiming that they will seek to “increase the use and capability of electronic medical record (EMR) technology and other information technology.” With Mr. Obama’s ally Mr. Daschle on board, Healthymagination is sure to have more than a leg up on its competition when it comes time to dole out these massive contracts.

Under the cloak of corporate responsibility, General Electric seeks to benefit to the tune of billions from the passage of Mr. Obama’s health care reform. On its corporate Web site, Healthymagination admits it will use every tool at its disposal to achieve its goals, including NBC Universal, the parent company of MSNBC which offers nearly uncritical coverage of Mr. Obama and his policies.

In terms of all things energy, General Electric is heavily vested in alternative energy, building everything from fuel efficient jet airplane engines to hydropower facilities to wind turbines. Why else do you think that everything is about being “green” on NBC, the network owned by GE?

In the Assigned Reading piece, it’s becoming obvious that GE stood to benefit from from the actions taken by the Obama administration to supposedly stimulate the economy and bail out banks. To be fair, it wasn’t all the Obama administration, either — the Bush administration was in there as well. The problem now, though, is that the energy-healthcare-media conglomerate now has a beloved president to appease it, and you can expect that GE will provide any propaganda help it can through NBC, NBC News and MSNBC.



  1. Bodenzee says:

    Be wary.

    Over the years I have been in meetings where strategies like this have been developed. Over the past 10 to 15 years a favorite technique to increase profits, particularly when offering products that folks don't feel a great need for, is to both obtain patent protection (so you have a manufacturing monopoly) and also have your congresscritters and senators work to require its use (and purchase) through legislation.

    Anyone who fails to see that the legislative branch of our government is a major player in forcing sales toward some businesses just isn't looking deeply enough.

    I believe the push to create massive data bases containing all of our health care information has GE written all over it. There are many more examples that come to mind also.


    YEAH, Take that Sonya

  3. GEE says:

    Grotesquely Everpresent

  4. WORTH REPEATING ! says:

    I am amazed this show is on the All Barack Channel (ABC). This show has the greenies sooooo pegged.

  5. Rix says:

    I look at the issue from a rather unusual angle: GE's heavy involvement in Obama's politics could actually be a relief. Even as parasitic, oppressive and arrogant as the unions of today have become, they are still American and their interests are bound to coincide at some point with those of the country. Israel has survived the union chokehold and is gradually casting it off. The alternative – that the Usurper is catering to the interests of foreign or supernational powers – would be significantly more ominous.

  6. Gail B says:

    GE has stood at the front of the line to benefit from the Obama regime from the very start.

    Someone wrote in a comment some time ago that he wasn't buying anything with the GE logo on it. Me, either!

  7. tm says:

    Found this from another blog a few weeks ago so I am linking it:

    #1. Has Obama already given GE the healthcare contract? Notice how some of the words in the “introduction” match some of what we have already heard Obama state about healthcare.

    GE has already spent millions and have already made commercials (thousands of them) to be played on NBC and MSNBC……

    #2. Did Obama’s “Green Team” in the White House already give the Energy contract to GE?

    #3. Did Obama, through the White House insure GE received $224 billion dollars through FDIC?

    #4. Obama has ties to ACORN and the SEIU……will Obama be included in an investigation of where his campaign funds came from? Will Obama be tied to the money received by Citizens Consulting, Inc.?

    GE/Immelt owns NBC/MSNBC; the “tingle up the leg” journalists talking about Obama…..”The One”…..

    Will this turn into a scandal bigger than ENRON, Madoff, Watergate?

    Time will tell.


    Teflonama….. nothing gonna stick.

  9. William Harvey, MD says:

    I can't comment about GE's energy sector as an expert, but I can in terms of GE Medical Systems … GE has set up the largest commerical hospital-based electronic medical record (EMR) system and is in the process of extending it to office-baed practices. This system already runs in the US as well as several European countries, covering around 11 million patients.

    This raises an interesting issue. The technology to implement HIT is not difficult to put together — in fact, that technology already exists. What is needed is an effort to standardize the type of information collected by differing systems and to standardize the mether for communicating that information in a reliable and privacy-secured method. Think of this as the world's ATM network — designing the card reader, display and terminal is easy — getting the hundreds of thousands of terminals to be able to talk to hundreds of thousands of banks is the tricky part.

    In short, GE Medical Systems can be a commercial competitor, along with integrated networks (Mayo Clinic; Kaiser-Permanente) and hospital-practice based networks … if a small, experienced standards organization, whether public (e.g., NIST) or private (IEEE or ANSI) helps coordinate the data and communications protocol. We don't need the heavy hand of the government in setting this up and linking payment into the system.

    Making HIT a government-driven monopoly is an anti-capitalist act and not a requirement for success.


    William Harvey, MD


    I could write HIT in Microsoft Access. Somebody call me. 5 Billion, and I am yours.


    Seriously, that would be a FUN application (and worthy) to develop. The privacy part is just kinda freaky.


    FREAKY! that GE logo looks more and more like Arabic the more you stare at it.

  13. Megan Parker says:

    Megan from GE- For a bit more context here, the healthymagination advisory board has a total of 10 members, including Newt Gingrich, Bill Frist, and Gail Wilensky. The board is healthymagination’s frontline eyes and ears about new issues, problems and solutions in healthcare. It’s also the group that will ensure that GE’s healthymagination actions live up to our commitments. If you’re looking for more information please visit: or

  14. Anonymous says:

    updated 7:11 p.m. CT, Wed., Oct . 1, 2008
    OMAHA, Neb. – Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is investing $3 billion in General Electric Co

    Ironic that Buffet invested in GE and Obama at the same time. Buffet is going to make a lot of money from sponsoring Obama for president. Sad thing is that Buffet sold out his own country to a socialist/communist ideologist just to make more money…

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