Warren Buffett: Cap-and-Trade a "Huge Tax."

According to billionaire investor–and Barack Obama supporter–Warren Buffett during a CNBC interview yesterday, the Waxman-Markey Cap-and-Trade bill due for a vote in the House tomorrow is “a huge tax, and there’s no sense in calling it anything else.”



  1. Gail B says:

    God answered a big prayer already for me today.
    I don't mean to ask Him to work overtime, but I'm asking Him to make Cap-and-Trade fail. (Could use some help from y'all with this!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gail B,

    Prayer, yes! And plenty of it.

    I think we may have bigger problems.


  3. Anonymous says:

    yes – everyone, please call.

    and on anohter note,

    do NOT trust Sanford with GOP strategy…. who knows WHAT he gave that woman under the sheets!election over and she bows out? that sounds like sanford got used.

  4. tm says:

    If I had to listen to shepherd smith another minute ….I really cannot stand him and the grim reaper geraldo. What is up with fox news for doing this??
    Friday is D Day and anyone reading – become educated and CALL

    Together we can Stop Cap-and-Trade


  5. READY, AIM, FIRE says:

    WARREN BUFFET, so rich, you'd think the left would have had him executed by now.

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