Right Destination, Wrong Route

Health care reform, insuring all Americans a noble goal — just not at the expense of the American taxpayer and limited government

I don’t throw the word “phenom” around very often. In fact, I think I’ve used it twice in theses pages at America’s Right — first, to describe 13-year-old conservative wunderkind Jonathan Crohn after his brief address at CPAC; and second, to describe 16-year-old Jesse Civello following his stirring speech given at Philadelphia’s tax day tea party more than two months ago (video and text of that speech can be seen HERE). Nevertheless, I’m happy to be able to use it today.

That day, I asked Jesse if he had ever considered doing some writing. He said “yes.” Today, I am absolutely thrilled to introduce Jesse, this conservative phenom, as a new contributor here at America’s Right. — Jeff

By Jesse Civello
America’s Right

Last night, President Barack Obama took to the living rooms of the American people on his quest to expand government and sway public opinion on his health care agenda. It was an evening of diverse questions and hollow answers. The town hall meeting hosted by ABC was held in the East Room of the White House. Apparently, the president’s washroom was not available.

To his credit, one thing the president does seem to understand is that the time has indeed come for Americans to start thinking and talking seriously about our health care system. The fact of the matter is that 47 million Americans are currently uninsured, and regardless of the reasons why those people are lacking insurance, I believe the issue of uninsured Americans is simply too costly and much too important to become a partisan issue. It must become an issue of deference and reality, an issue that our politicians must realize lies not in the hands of our government but in the voice of its people.

I firmly believe that every American deserves quality health care; however, that does not mean it should be foisted upon them by the federal government. The “public option” that President Obama is calling for would be government abduction, one the American people simply can’t afford.

Today, the American VA Medical System is falling apart and government has turned a blind eye to the needs of our veterans. We have VA Medical Centers that, for various reasons ranging from inadequate funding to outdated facilities to just sincere system collapse are becoming more dangerous than ever before, certainly more so than these heroes deserve. Nearly 100 patients at the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia, for example, received botched radiation treatments, absolutely unacceptable care for the men and women who have bravely fought for our beautiful country. We need health care overhaul that reflects the diversity of our country and the principles of a fiscally responsible, limited government — the problem is we have yet to see a reflection of fiscal responsibility from the Obama administration.

The 47 million uninsured Americans do indeed deserve quality health care if they so choose, just not off of the backs of the American taxpayer. We literally cannot afford to sacrifice quality over quantity, and I fear that with Obama’s health care agenda the “public option” would bring in uninsured Americans to increase the insured numbers only to dilute the actual care received. A change hopelessly unconstructive.

The prescription for America must be written with transparency and responsibility. This starts with honest answers from our government to the questions and demands of its people. The leaders of our country must face our nation with the determination to improve our health care system, the understanding that big government does not have a place in dominating health care decisions and the resolve to provide adequate health care to all Americans in a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.

16-year-old Jesse Civello will, this fall, be entering his junior year at Cheltenham High School outside of Philadelphia. An avowed conservative and constitutionalist, his dream is to one day become a United States Senator. Jesse began writing for America’s Right in June 2009.




    Gail — I wanted to post it to answer future questions.

    Simple answer: I handled Jesse's piece this morning, and needed to rush off to work so I didn't have time to put him into the contributor list quite yet. I'll likely do so this afternoon if I take a few minutes' break, but I might spend that break putting together another piece here, or getting a submission by Robert Wallace ready to go.

  2. Anonymous says:

    FANTASTIC Jesse! Welcome aboard!!

  3. Gail B says:

    Jesse Civello was brilliant on April 15 in Philly, and he is brilliant now.

    "Apparently, the president's washroom was not available." — Good sense of humor, too.

    "We need health care overhaul… — the problem is we have yet to see a reflection of fiscal responsibility from the Obama administration."

    That is what troubles me, too. He put it better than I would have. I just say that we're out of money, now that the liberals have shown their glut for pork.

    Jesse, if you ever decide to move south, please come to Georgia to make your home–but stay out of Argentina!

    GREAT piece, Mr. Civello!

  4. Laurie says:

    Welcome Jesse!! You are indeed an asset to us here at America's Right. What a great writer and I sure hope that some day I will be able to vote for you. I too would like to see you South…North Carolina to be exact. Again, welcome.

  5. Gail B says:

    Jeff–no need to post this, but Jessee is not in your contributors list.

  6. Gail B says:

    Jeff, you don't answer to me! With everything that's going on, I just didn't want it to slip your mind. He's important to us!

  7. Linda says:

    I disagree with that "47 million" figure. See Larry Elder's articles on Drudge:


    and his follow-up at:


  8. Bodenzee says:

    Please tell me where the Constitution says everyone is entitled to subsidised medical care or health insurance.

    From what does the government derive any authority to dabble in health care funding?

  9. Bodenzee says:

    Why doesn't the FCC go after ABC for false and misleading advertising. Surely they're not reporting the news.

    Who will run after Barry? Will it be Billy Mays for president next? At least he admits to being a career huckster.


    Oh the innocence of youth, but well written.


    I'm with you Bodenzee, but we are a dieing breed. It's just a pesky document to these progressives. I'm starting to work on a time machine and go back to 1776 civilization. Even if I do have to poop in the woods.


    Can I ask all a question. This situation has me even not wanting to be around some family members. My brother is in from SC, and since getting his online 'degree' he's gone all hippie communist on me…. I can't understand how ANYBODY believes this crap on cap and trade and govt healthcare. I asked if he believes in capitalism and the free market and he just gives this ridiculous chuckle. So, I snidely said maybe he should have just stayed in VietNam in 67. He said, ya know, maybe I should have. Arrghhh it makes me crazy. Anybody else seeing this affect family?

  13. Anonymous says:

    hold the door: need a companion?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I'm just glad to see it received such poor ratings!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hold the door for me too. First, I couldn't convinse my daughter to not vote for 0bama. Now, she said, OK, he is bad, but what can I do ?I'm just so frustrated and more disappointed.

  16. NO HABLA ESPANOL says:

    Anonymous, are you a hot latino Argentinian?

  17. Jennifer says:

    Rantings of a crazy woman……

    There is a problem when you state that you believe everyone should have access to healthcare but do not require anyone to give a person insurance. Government would be the only person able or willing to give this kind of surety, which given their current ability to run SS, Medicare, etc, would not work either.

    Maybe this won't make sense but if their is an economist or just someone way smarter than I am out there tell me where I am off track.

    Why can't we have a government subsidized healthcare where the government contracts to multiple insurance companies and the individual decides which group / plan he/she wants? The monthly cost is taken from your paycheck. My insurance costs $179/month for my family. When you go to the doctor you pay the $20 co-pay and the remainder of the bill is sent to the government. Now many people say that this would cause employers to not offer insurance and make you sign up for the government plan causing additional burden to the government. However, you could stipulate that any company making over a certain $ threshold or currently covering their employees would still need to give insurance options to their employees or face a stiff tax penalty of some sort. Plus, with the government trying to get a package for 49M people one would think they could get a pretty good deal in a competitive environment. I am thinking an even better deal than $179/month I pay for my family. The government would not be able to set limits on costs. With the competitive free market at work wouldn't we see costs come down? What if we provided tax breaks to doctors offices that decreased costs by a certain percentage each year? Offer incentives to pay off student loans for doctors who work in inner city hospitals for two years and of course pay SL's for doctor's who join the military for four years.

    Nice the word verification is aging. As if I don't feel old enough.


    Anonymous, Franklin wants to know. ha ha

  19. SICK OF 2009 AND OBAMA says:

    Poll: Who here would give up….
    1. A/C
    2. Indoor plumbing
    3. Reality TV
    4. Ipods and mp3's
    5. Fast food
    6. Their sexy car

    and go back to 1776 for some FREEDOM!, States rights, and a tiny government?

  20. Jennifer says:

    BTW – Nice job big guy. I have feeling there a bigger and better things ahead for you.

  21. Anonymous says:

    4:25 anon – tell your daughter to read America's Right and tell whoever will listen to also

    bro to bro – not just family, co-workers, too

  22. Gail B says:

    SICK OF 2009 AND OBAMA–asked

    Who would give up today's conveniences and go back to 1776 for some freedom, States rights, and a tiny government? (Jeff, can you put this in boldface?) –I WOULD!

    Ha-ha-ha! Verify: oxnplo
    Ox n Plow? Oxen plow?
    Yeah! Plow that field and grow our food, too!

  23. Embarrassed by my dad says:

    Bro against Bro,

    I can barely speak to my father. He disgusts me to no end. He feels that Barry hasn't gone far enough left. He said we need to spend more. He wants free health care. He wants to see the illegals get a better life here, and made legal.

    He makes me want to vomit.

    Bahaha, my word is rebut.



    I guess your Dad's dad, ol Grandpa, never taught him that NOTHING IS FREE.

  25. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jesse -

    Thank you for bringing up the plight of our veterans. I am appalled at the way they are treated, when they should have the best of care – they earned it!

    I look forward to hearing your views on other important matters. You are the future of our country – may God save America!


  26. POLL DANCE says:

    Just realized in that 2009 poll above, we ARE going to be giving up those things under Cap & Trade, but with NO FREEDOM. Fight people.

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