And Another One Bites the Dust

Sanford admits extramarital affair, resigns from chairmanship of Republican Governors Association

Consider me flabbergasted and immensely disappointed. My prayers are with his family.

I don’t know what else to say. Here’s a man who has been known for his devout Christianity, for his adherence to strict moral principles. Here’s a man who talks the talk about the Lord, about family, about morality, and yet he’s no different than the former president who “did not have sexual relations” with a chubby intern in the Oval Office.

See, I don’t have a problem with a guy being eccentric or unconventional. I have a problem with a guy being unfaithful.

I don’t get why unfaithfulness is such a scourge. I mean, I guess I do — these people are thrust into positions of power, into positions where they are making decisions for thousands or millions of people, and even the most forthright among them fall from grace.

This particular fall is a tremendous step back for a GOP just now coming into its own with regard to advocating responsible, limited government and fiscal restraint. In a time where Democrats are extremely vulnerable to attacks on all matters economic, Sanford was in a position to be a potential rock star in a resurgent party. Now, as we’ve seen unfaithfulness permanently mar the careers of everyone save perhaps for William Jefferson Clinton, it appears that Sanford is toast.

If he were a Democrat, I’d say that his career could be saved. When GOP politicians admit to indiscretions such as this, after all, Republican voters are appalled and want them out; Democrats, however, are ho-hum about marital infidelity — unless, of course, your wife is dying from breast cancer and you’re actively hiding a child, or you drop the bombshell that you have been secretly living as a gay man. Even if Sanford proves not to be John Edwards or Jim McGreevey, I’m not sure he can recover from this politically.

Lyndon Johnson had Alice Glass. FDR had Lucy Mercer. Ike Eisenhower had Kay Summersby. Jack Kennedy is rumored to have had Marilyn Monroe. Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky (and Paula Jones, and Gennifer Flowers, and more). But for someone who preaches so much about morality, I cannot imagine how this mysterious Argentinian woman would be acceptable as Mark Sanford’s mistress.

Sadly, today, in a cloud of hypocrisy, another one bites the dust.



  1. Robert Wallace says:

    I agreed with your first Sanford post, and I agree with your second. Sanford = Fail.

    I also agree with this: "I don't get why unfaithfulness is such a scourge."

    How hard is it, really to *not have sex with people other than your wife*? This isn't the kind of thing that just happens on accident "Gee, am I alone with a woman who's not my wife in a hotel room in Argentina? How did *that* happen?"

    I don't get it, and it's immensely disappointing both specifically (Sanford) and politically (there goes another GOP hopeful).

    I wish Sanford no ill-will. I hope he and his family figure this out, and if I had my druthers the media would leave them all alone. But – as far as I'm concerned – his political career is over.

  2. Robert Wallace says:

    So… how about that Jim Demint?


    This is getting real olddddddddd. Come on guys keep it in your pants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you were married to Hillary, you would know that everyone would understand why you were unfaithful.

    Besides, she's put up with it for years, and so he knows it is okay!

    verification: ingoodi (In God I Trust…but I get to fill in the blank!)

  5. GiveMeSanity says:

    The only silver lining I see in all this is that Sanford admitted his fault and is taking appropriate godly action (IMHO). Most politicians would either cover it up or make it out to where it's no big deal. By Sanford limiting his responsibilities, can he now focus on repairing his marriage?

    Take King David as an example. Not only did he have an affair, he attempted to cover up the pregnancy, had his mistress' husband killed, and covered up the murder. Yet, after Nathan confronted him with his kingly abuses, David repented. Yes, he still had to suffer the consequences of his actions (4 sons died, wives also had affairs, his decrees backfired, etc), yet he was forgiven and eventually restored as king.

    If Sanford ever rises above this, admitting fault is the first step. My question is this: Did he repent and seek the forgiveness of his wife, sons and his people he swore to honorably lead?

    Just my thoughts. Thanks

  6. Anonymous says:


    The answer Jeff is they are human and no one is perfect. Being a Catholic I know many of the saints had "colorful" lives including one who is one of the most popular – St. Francis of Assisi. He was a cad and a rounder before he had his spiritual awakening. After his spiritual awakening, it was said that he would not look women in the face to avoid any temptation. Even though his past was checkered, he became so close to God he bore the wounds of Christ until his death. It is not the fall that counts, but what you do after the fall. It will be a rough road for Sanford, but luckily time will pass and the focus will be on someone else.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I thought he was off having an affair until I read your first post, you convinced me though I still thought it was strange to leave during Father's Day weekend but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. To say I was disappointed in him after seeing the second posting is an understatement. He seemed like a contender.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh to find this kind of dirt on Soetoro. We're not that fortunate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don't think that Bill Clinton remained unscathed after his affair? He was impeached, remember? And because of that, all the RWNJ's came out and elected Bush because he was saved and we all needed a good clean man of God in the White House…remember?

  10. Elisa says:

    Well said, GiveMeSanity. I heard a press conference full of sadness, repentance, disappointment in himself, and true sorrow. Does that make the behavior acceptable? Of course not. But who among us has not sinned?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Governor Mark Sanford was misunderstood. Appalachian Trail & Argentinian Tail look almost exactly the same scribbled on a notepad

  12. Anonymous says:

    What a sad day…..

  13. D.A.Gust says:

    Sanford has sunk…
    Timing is everything, is it not?
    With the Obama admin rushing, and pushing thier adgenda…

    Sanford has opened the window to the most vicious media in the history of media. He is now just like every other that talked the talk. He is now toast, due to his inability to walk the walk.

    *(explative laced rant goes here)*

    This, unfortunatly, is just what was needed by the Democrats, and Sanford willingly played right into thier laps. You can bet the articles are hastely being typed and posted by the entire group, pointing a waggling finger and spouting about the GOP's culture of corruption.

    If put in charge, take charge, and always do what is right!

  14. Ed says:

    What is it with politicians and keeping it in their pants? Ensign, Spitzer, McGreevey, and the list goes on. Just do your job stupid!!

  15. MUJERLATINA says:

    It's not about his affair: the flesh is weak: Republican or Democrat. You missed the bigger point. He went AWOL for 7 days from both family AND the State of South Carolina!!!! He not only went AWOL, he went AWOL internationally. He's supposed to be the President of S.C., and he left his watch unattended. Shame on Sanford. What if a 9-11 had happened??? Where would the Gov. have been?? Con la amante en Argentina?? Que Verguenza, que travieso, que pecado. Adios Gov. Sanford. You quit your job a week ago and you need to realize that no amount of "chatting" with the people of South Carolina, or "visiting towns one by one" is going to recuperate your political or moral standing — in South Carolina or elsewhere. I truly hope that, for once, one of these political wives will have the guts and self-esteem to show their husband the door. Mrs. Sanford, please DO NOT stand by your man. He abandonned you are your four boys — and on Father's Day of all days.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but I just didn't see the remorse and emotion that I would have thought he would have felt. It was like he was recounting an 'adventure' that he had and it seemed matter-of-fact to me. I don't think it is over for him..he still has feelings for that woman. If she was a 'good' friend, why did she let him do this to his family and to the people of SC? I feel very disillusioned right now although I know this has happened before and will again but are morality and integrity just becoming obsolete in our country? I mean, ANYONE can go out and have an affair…there is ALWAYS a willing partner but why do some RUN when they feel danger and some don't? We will get this and Ensign thrown in our faces and we will be called hypocrites if we think he should resign but I think he has breached a trust that can't be restored at least in the political realm…I'm not sure about his family but I feel so sorry for them and what they will be forced to endure…we must forgive but he must live with the consequences that he brought on himself. He should ask God's forgiveness first and maybe his family relationship can be healed.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Vera Baker

  18. Anonymous says:

    The rank hypocrisy of the readers of this blog is disgusting.

    You too, Jeff.

  19. Anonymous says:

    "Here's a man who talks the talk about the Lord, … and yet…"

    You mean like Jimmah Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, 0bambi, Newt Gingrich, ….

    Talk is cheap. It isn't what they SAY but what they DO. When trust is lost in civil society, it doesn't bode well. I think we are there.


  20. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Anonymous said…

    The rank hypocrisy of the readers of this blog is disgusting.

    You too, Jeff.

    What hypocrisy? I'm faithful to my wife.

  21. Gail B says:

    In 21 years of marriage, I was never unfaithful. (Guess who was!)

  22. Amy says:

    I'm just so fed up with these losers. This type of hypocrisy is exactly why the GOP has such a bad reputation. Nobody knows how to walk the walk anymore.

    It takes a lot of thought, effort, and planning to have an affair…especially internationally. This is not just something that happened. He had many opportunities to consider his actions and chose to do the wrong thing over and over again.

  23. sharon says:

    Is anybody wondering if he were originally the candidate for VP on the McCain ticket?

  24. Anonymous says:

    To Anon…"the rank hypocrisy"…

    I was about to say something similar…for some on here with the spinning going on…
    It's a "character issue" for Clinton…it's a "fall from grace and a sin" for Sanford! WHAT?
    I was poised to listen to folks like Hannity, etc…how are they going to spin this, I wondered? Well, as a Christian conservative…fiscally, socially, etc…fine fine, he is forgiven, true…but his career is, and should be, OOOOOVVVVEEEERRRR! That is what the consequence is to this type of behavior!
    It is going to detrimental effects not just to his family…God bless those kids…but, gee…the country and those who were putting hope in this guy! Disgusting…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Jeff…the hypocrisy comes in the fact that Clinton was impeached and Sanford should get forgiveness. It's a moral outrage when Clinton does it…a character flaw…etc…but, as many have started quoting Bible verses and inciting the whole King David issue, well then, Sanford is due his forgiveness and could perhaps stay in office or come back at some point (from the perspective of some on here) HYPOCRISY! Consequences are the same for ALL…democrat, republican, whatever…and his consequence isn't that he can't be forgiven. It's that his credibility is lost, and in the Bible…since it's been brought up…says that that is a consequence of sin. And, remember for those who are quoting King David's story…he had consequences, too. They were very harsh as well. God didn't give him a free pass simply b/c he said he was "sorry and repented". And, especially since Republicans are constantly preaching against it for sure.
    But, you know what…this man, though a sinner no doubt, established himself as a Christian and faithful to the Lord. Well, guess Whose diplomat Sanford is before he is any kind of dimplomat to SC? Uh, yes…doesn't make Christianity look good, either. He represents the Lord, first.

  26. tm says:

    While I was not a big fan of this man. I question the timing of this witch hunt. What the witch hunters didnt say was the couple had been seperated for a few months. This was all about the stimulus and his pack of haters in the state legislature who took him to court. They knew all about the seperation that is why his wife would not know where he was – it was a setup. Alinsky at it's finest. They have been trying to do this with Palin for awhile – watch your back, bobby jindal. Anybody who is seeking to go up against the won. Here is Mrs. Sanford's statement:

    I am not condoning his behavior one bit and what was he thinking on father's day no less, but this has been ongoing for a few months ….why now come out with it ? Now? to keep your attention off the onslaught of horse manure sitting up there on the hill
    get on the phone and call about cap and trade….here is an insider's tip from me.
    Why they are pushing this cap and trade so much:

    U.N. to Emerge as Global IRS

    been on vacation -in south carolina (irony) but I heard an earful while I was away. I hope I have been forgiven by jeff for how mad I was at barbara boxer?

  27. Gail B says:

    From the comments, it seems that the Republicans hold themselves to a higher standard, if you will, while the Democrats know they're going to screw up and just gloss over it.

    However, when a Republican does mess up–as with an affair, it gives the Democrats a lot of ammunition to cry "hypocrite." I mean, look at the sterling characters the Democrats have in office! The low-life officials don't care about morals except for when a Republican makes a bad decision as Sanford did.

  28. Gail B says:

    Anybody smart enough to become wealthy SHOULD be smart enough not to put himself in a position to be blackmailed….

    I wonder if that's why he told his wife, and I wonder if that's why he told "the world." Did I hear that the affair is over?

  29. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -

    I am still in shock over this – but in my gut I have been thinking like tm – something or someone is behind this that we can't see. There is more to this story…

    Thanks, Mujerlatina, for your perspective. I agree that the disappearing act was a serious dereliction of duty.

    May God help his family & all those who looked up to him.


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