DeMint to Unveil Conservative Alternative to Democrats’ Health Care Plans

But conservatives and Republicans don’t have their own plan for health care! All they can do is pooh-pooh the miraculously orgasmic plans being advanced by Congress and the White House!

Or, at least, that’s what we’re going to hear from media outlets such as ABC News, all similarly shilling for the left’s planned destruction of the greatest health care system in the world.

Remember how, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint hadn’t been in the news too often, that he was all over the place during the stimulus debate but curiously silent since then? Well, if there’s a conservative alternative to the Democrats’ plans for health care reform, who better to present it than perhaps the most solid conservative on Capitol Hill?

According to Sen. DeMint’s people, the Palmetto State powerhouse will, tomorrow, unveil a GOP alternative to the programs being proposed and advocated by their counterparts across the aisle on the [far] left. The GOP program in question will reportedly assist nearly 23 million American people currently uninsured obtain health insurance at a reduced cost, and it has received a blessing from some of the most sensibly right organizations on the political scene today, including but not limited to the Media Research Center, Americans for Tax Reform and Conservatives for Patients’ Rights — the latter being the group whose advertisements, intended to run during the ABC News White House love fest, were spurned by ABC.

According to a source in his office, DeMint says that the number one rule for lawmakers with regard to reforming the American health care system should be the same as the number one rule for doctors: Do No Harm. Beyond that, the most prominent hallmarks of the GOP program seem to be patient choice and a free market approach to health care.

On the latter, part of the proposal creates a plan for a national market of sorts for health insurance. This, they say, will foster competition among private health care providers and drive down costs for all involved. On the former, individuals will have several options, including the use of health savings accounts and the ability to part ways with employer-based plans and choose instead a lump tax credit intended to help obtain their own insurance, and all options will be buttressed by vouchers of $2,000 for individuals and $5,000 for families.

Regardless of how much substance Sen. DeMint provides tomorrow, the mainstream media will work overtime to paint Republicans and conservatives as being mere obstructionists. In reality, those of us on the right are indeed providing our own viable options. It’s up to conservatives, Republicans and concerned Blue Dog Democrats to look at those options, and it’s up to us to ensure that other, everyday Americans know about them just the same.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess that's why he's on Glenn Beck's show in a few minutes.

  2. Linda says:

    Great! I'll catch him tonight – look forward to it. My local representative, John Campbell, is also a strong conservative on Capitol Hill and advises that they're trying hard, but beating their heads against the wall.

    Mr. Campbell sends out regular emails and the one I received yesterday said: "The Chairman of the [budget] committee agreed and allowed the minority party at the time the opportunity to make their case. Regardless of who is in the majority, they will win every vote they want to. It is the role of the loyal opposition to criticize the Majority when they disagree and present alternatives. It is your job as the voting public to then weigh the arguments and proposals and make a judgment about which side you would like to see in charge.
    But in this Pelosi-led Congress, this point seems to be lost. The Democrats last year spent $7 billion per hour of debate on the spending bills. This year, they want to roughly double that spending rate. They want to limit our ability to present our alternatives and explain why the government should not spend so much. That's not just unfair, it's undemocratic, and neither Republicans nor Democrats have done that in recent years.
    They also made sure that any amendments highlighting and proposing to eliminate earmarks were debated late at night (even after midnight) when the fewest number of people would notice. We used procedural rules to protest as loudly as we could. I'm not sure that the Speaker was moved. If she was not, we will keep it up."

  3. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope it is conservative plan and not a GOP plan. I am encouraged that DeMint is the spokesperson. He usually comes out with saneness.

    I hope that it addresses major issues instead of dancing around the fringes as I've so often heard come from the GOP. Big things like tort reform, and putting health care responsibility into the individual's hands, not employers or civil govt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congress may vote on the cap-and-trade bill on Fiday-HR 2454. Call your representatives and tell them to vote NO!


    Twill fall on deaf ears. Are deaf ears covered?

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