To my fellow dads out there:

Happy Father’s Day, fellas!

Now, do what we all should be doing today…

Sit on your ass.

(We deserve it.)



  1. Gail B says:

    Oh, I love the pun!

    Happy Father's Day, Jeff, Old Bob, (Rix?) and all the rest of the fathers.

    (Word to verify? uratable (You're a table)

  2. Gail B says:

    Please remember our Military Dads, too, this Father's Day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Father's Day to you, Jeff and all the father's here on We appreciate all of you so very much.

    God bless you all.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Father's Day, Jeff….how fortunate your wife and daughter are to have a moral, principled, honest MAN in the house who is dedicated to his family and loves his country. God Bless you and all the fathers on this site…and to those fathers who are serving our country,(my son included) I pray God will watch over you and bring you home safely. I no longer have my father but his influence is ever present in my life and I am so thankful for the family I had as a child. It is SO important to guide your children and instill respect for God and our country. I have so many good memories of my dad like begging to go fishing with him when he was going with other men and he just couldn't drag me along. Once he brought my brother a major league baseball uniform but it was wool and scratchy and he wouldn't wear it but guess who was wearing it when daddy got home the next day(cap,shoes and all)..he thought that was so funny. He was a product of the depression and not highly educated but was very successful in business. He was a veteran of WWII and I wish I had talked to him more about his experience. We always knew he loved us. He raised five children and has 14 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren (some he never saw) but we feel his presence every day. I have been fortunate to have a husband who loves his children and I am thankful for him. Have a great day, fathers!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope you enjoy your ass-sitting day!

    Daddy recognition fits in with the conservative viewpoint.

    verification: omenogin (omen again)

  6. Anonymous says:

    …well, some not so much? :-)

    and Happy Father's Day to you. something tells me U are among that deserve it.

    watch out for that Father's Day Czar now – U just might be taxed for the whole 24 hours on your A?

  7. Anonymous says:

    ~~~~~ happy Fathers Day to all our Military Dads ~~~~~

    (was a nice suggestion, tks).

  8. Anonymous says:

    and a Happy F-Day to Glenn Beck! hope U didnt get a tie, bud.

  9. Rix says:

    Happy Father's Day to all dads, American or not. Even Obama – if he is destined to fail the country, let him at least be true to his kids.

    May we all be happy someday.

  10. Claudia says:

    too all the Dad's where ever they are and whatever part they play in their children's lives, stay strong and show your children the right way to grow and love all those around them as you do to yours each and every day……. Happy Father's Day!!!

  11. Amy says:

    Happy Father's Day, Jeff and all the rest.

    Unfortunately for my husband, today was also my birthday, so he had to share this day with me.

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