I know I’m a little late on this–I felt the Walpin story was a more pressing use of my limited time yesterday–but I couldn’t help but weigh in. When I first saw the video of Barbara Boxer insisting that she be addressed as “senator” by a Brigadier General yesterday, I thought of three things (in this order):

  1. Dr. Evil. It was Mike Myers’ character that, when addressed during group therapy as “Mr. Evil,” reminded the therapist: “It’s Doctor Evil. I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called ‘mister,’ thank you very much.” Even without the pinky-finger thing going–she almost did–Boxer was just as condescending.
  2. Tradition. Whenever I’ve thanked a soldier, airman, sailor or Marine, they’ve always replied with “thank you, sir,” as if they ever needed to thank me. If my wife is there, they’ll address her as “ma’am.” I’m no expert on military protocol, but aren’t these brave men and women trained to to address people as “sir” and “ma’am?” I’ve never heard of a soldier addressing the Secretary of State as “madame secretary” or “mister secretary,” or the speaker of the House as “madame speaker” or “mister speaker.”
  3. Respect. Did Sen. Boxer ever refer to Brigadier General Michael Walsh as “General?” If so, I certainly didn’t hear it. I mean, she might have done so before the video clip began, but given her obvious disdain for the military and her overall condescension, I highly doubt it.

Yes, this is relatively small when considered alongside health care and other issues. But it’s really not. It goes to how liberals perceive the military, and really to how they feel about American exceptionalism as a whole. This woman wanted nothing more than to feel superior to Brigadier General Walsh. She “worked so hard to get that title?” How hard did the man you dressed down like a sniveling schoolboy work to attain the rank of Brigadier General?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who removed his puckered lips from presidential arse long enough to dismiss this entire episode as mere “political sideshow,” pointed out that Boxer has indeed worked hard as a U.S. senator. “She’s been elected three times, by the way,” Matthews said.

Again, it’s a liberal tipping his hand on the typical liberal’s attitude toward the military. I’m sure that Barbara Boxer has worked hard to pander to illegals and homosexuals and patchouli-stinking, crunchy hippies to get re-elected three times in California. I’m sure she has. But to say that she is anywhere near as deserving of respect of someone who has spent 30 years of public service in the United States Army is absolutely ludicrous. Yet, in typical liberal fashion, Matthews and Boxer think otherwise.



  1. Lynn says:

    Re: the poll on the sidebar, asking whom we would choose if the presidential primary were held now…

    I see that once again, the Ron Paul people have found a poll and run their clever "macros" on it, to completely skew the results.

    This has been going on for years now. We are SO over this! It's old and stupid, and we want you Paulites to stop it now. Grow up.

    I suggest that from now on, EVERY on-line political poll just leave Ron Paul's name off. In its place, they could place a small disclaimer, saying "Yes, we KNOW that the name Ron Paul will win every poll, hands down, even though he was unable to get more than 5% of the REAL votes in REAL LIFE. We hereby acknowledge the computer skills of the Ron Paul minions, that they know how to write a short 'macro' that will tell their computer to vote in the same poll, over and over again, while deleting their cookies so it is possible to vote more than once. Since the P.E.R.P.S. [Poll Effect of Ron Paul Supporters] skew any on-line poll, we will just leave his name off, and let the other candidates, who have REAL supporters in REAL life, have a chance."

  2. Gail B says:

    Lynn, I voted once, I think, for someone else. Then, later, I came back after a change of mind and voted for Ron Paul (once). Please accept my apology for the Paul vote.

    As for MADAM SENATOR Barbara Bitch Boxer, of all the people in the WORLD I would NOT have said that to, it would have been anyone in the military and even more so a Brigadier General.

    I have worked in the NC Senate and the GA House. We called that sort of thing as having the "I am a senator" disease!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Boxer, you are a disgrace, ma'am!

  4. Linda says:

    As someone who lives on the "Left Coast," I can speak from firsthand experience about what an embarrassment and disgrace Barbara Boxer is. Interesting how she cares so much about her title, yet when you send her an email about current issues and your concerns, her email address only responds with some inane form email. Ma'am, we'll care about your title once you care about our country.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I've been an enlisted man in the Navy for almost 10 years. Everytime I approach a senior, even if they are enlisted, I refer to them as sir or ma'am. I've never heard a complaint about it either, from Chief to Master Chief, Ensign to Admiral, man or woman.

    This sort of condescension is unbecoming of anyone with authority, much less those in the Senate.

    Additionally, not everyone who strives to can rise to the rank of Brigadier General. It takes many years of distinguished service and hard work with heavy competition to boot. She seems inclined to ignore that fact.

  6. D.A.Gust says:


    You are right, those of us with military back round, (Army) call females Ma'am, and males of our species Sir. That rules stands unless the person being addressed is wearing one of the enlisted ranks, in those casses the individual would be addressed by the rank they are wearing.

    The little item about Boxer being elected three times is misleading. The Senator only has to bamboozle a group of people in her home district, and must only appease those voters.

    The General on the other hand has been promoted six times, and there is no way that would have happened without proving his self through leadership, competance, sound judgement, individual and force training, responsibility, accouintability, performance, potential, commitment, dicipline, and maintaining high standards of personal conduct, on and of duty.

    Again, Boxer only needs to bamboozle and appease a select group of……….Hmmm…….You know, there really is no comparing the two.


    L O S E R lets work hard to remove her title

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am writing a comment here after having gone to Boxer's website and sent her a comment on how I feel and many others too. She is a disgrace with her arrogance. Her intention was to exalt herself at the expense of a man who has served his country and contributed much time in battle. The only thing she really did was to show her proverbial "-ss" and how petty and small she really is. True leadership and a real hero do not need to say anything about themselves, they let their actions speak for them. Boxer like Obama are the height of arrogance and self-aggrandizement and will fall prey to their own pride.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I am glad it was this general instead of me because right now my attorney would be receiving the date of my Article 32 hearing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "..removed his puckered lips from presidential arse"…HILARIOUS and so true. Gail, you and I think alike…the bitch boxer should be called exactly what she is…if she has to remind people that she is a Senator, that says a lot.

  11. Rix says:

    The largest downfall of democracy as a regime is that people who routinely elect this moron into office are even allowed to vote.

    "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." –Sir Winston Churchill

  12. Anonymous says:

    i would say that this is NOT relatively small….only because this woman shows, once again, how rude our society has become and how masculine so many women are.

    i know, i know women's rights and all that….and ya know- some of those 'rights' have made some women believe that they are above everyone and can talk to whomever they want however they want. It would be far better if women used these 'rights' for good and not purely on ourselves.

    IF Senator Rude would've addressed the General as such – or during a small recess or through an aid respectfully asked that he use Senator instead of Ma'am ..well, then what's the fuss? But the fact that she so rudely made her point known to God and everyone….makes me crazy.

    And i do realize that my points of view on women and women's roles are very traditional and 'old fashioned' but EVEN giving some liberty to this women because of her position as a Senator…she was still way, way, way out of line.

    i'm so very embarrassed for her.


  13. Anonymous says:

    It's not what you're called; it's what you answer to.

  14. Reynaldo Mercanto says:

    When I first heard about Boxer's remark, I could hardly believe even she would be so dumb as not to know that ma'am is the equivalent of sir to the military.

    Even more surprising was how her description of how she "worked so hard to get that title" has gone almost uncommented on. Besides its implicit and vulgar self-praise, it reveals what she is really about. She wasn't working for the good of her constituents and the nation, but to get a "title".

    The founding fathers abhorred titles. It is a disgrace that people like Boxer consider "Senator" as a modern day honorifics rather than as simple job designations.

  15. Celia in TX says:

    If they remembered that they serve us and somehow managed to keep this all from going to their heads, we would be a whole lot better off.

  16. goddessdivine says:

    I couldn't believe this either, and am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this woman is so unbelievably vain and self-absorbed. What an arrogant snob. This just goes to show the elitism that is so prevalent amongst those in Washington. (And I thought Obama was bad….) These are our leaders?! I hope the voters of her district wise up and sent her packing.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As a retired military officer's wife I would offer that this "woman" doesn't have a clue as to what is proper or respectful. She's an embarrassment and one can see the "type" of constituency she has if this display is what she has to do to keep them!

    Isn't her family somehow "co-mingled" with Hillary's??

  18. Claudia says:

    She worked SOOOOO hard to get that title, well, 1) her title was bought, from the voters, by money and gifts of application of/to stature in the SF bay area, 2) she hasn't worked HARD at anything since getting that first election sown up (Yes, she has put in hours and time, and stayed up nights thinging about who she has to give more gifts to so that they will vote again for her) but worked hard, I don't think so….. Boxer is a fraud, just like Pelosi and seeks to make herself more important, just like Harry Reid. They think that because they have spent money on things to give back the dollars that people have paid into as TAX to the government, that they can demand respect, well respect this Boxer, you are the worlds nastiest b**ch…… for putting down a sitting Brigadier General (of all people) who has worked more, overseen more lives in a daily situation, commanded more people every say of every year, been the point man for all the INSULTS that people like you can throw at him for many more years than you could possibly count up on your fingers and toes and has addressed more world crisis' in one year than you even remotely understand have ever taken place, or than you have in your entire life. Your head is getting way to big for your britches, silly child.

    And for him to address you as Ma'am, well that is a position of honor that you would never get from me. Ma'am is as in protect, serve, regard with a defference and love as one would the MOTHER of the earth…… and show and exhibit all the care that entails. Whenever someone addresses me as Ma'am, I feel as though I have NOT YET lived up to receiving that blessed title, never would I look down on the person stating that word to me…. no matter whom it came from, be it the lowliest street beggar or the Brigadier Genreal of the Military, and I am a 64 year old woman, who has been addressed many times in that way, and I still doubt that I rightfully deserve it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I guess that I'm getting a little off target, but Rix's Winston Churchill quotation triggered it, so blame him.

    I have often said that the greatest sin this nation ever committed was to become engaged in slavery. The second was, once emamcipated, the failure to provide adedquate education for the ex-slaves. That failure has given rise to a century and a half of racial strife, which is still playing out on the national stage.

    Now to the point of Churchill's quotation; the third biggest failure of the U.S. has been to allow our educational system to fall into the hands of those who so clearly understood the value to their cause of an under-educated voting public.

    In my opinion, unions ultimately become instruments of evil. Foremost amongst them in this regard is the teachers union which have wrested control of the school system from local, parental, control. The only truly "educated" children now are those who are home-schooled by parents who teach them critical thinking.

    Old Bob

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey, wait a minute… I'm a staunch conservative and I'm also a feminist. I don't like Boxer ideals and I happen to live in California. BUT, I don't believe she didn't anything wrong, especially in light of women being called slutty, a nutcracker, and a bitch. Sorry, she was not rude, she was stating what SHE preferred to be called. She has that right, a doctor has that right, and a nutcase has that right. I do not believe she was being rude, nor embarrassing the guy. She was stating her preference.

    You guys are getting as bad as the liberals in attacking women. Choose your battles, people. This isn't a good one and I have to side with Boxer on this.

  21. DR EVIL says:

    Please see if there is ANY way you can post the movie clip from Austin Powers where Dr Evil INSISTS he be called DOCTOR because he went to six years of EVIL SCHOOL.

    To hell with you Boxer, you feminazi… that's why you don't like "MA'AM"

  22. MARK TWAIN says:

    "There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it."

  23. Gail B says:


    It sounds as though California is about to give "Burn her a new one" a whole new meaning!

    Wonder if she'll still insist that she be called "Senator" after she has to stay home next time, when her title is stripped from her name?

    BTW, the military use the term "Ma'am" as a term of respect. Brigadier General Walsh, I apologize for Ms. Boxer's rudeness, if you ever read this.

  24. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Jeff, I'm sad to say that BARBARA BOXER is my senator here in California. I've had the pleasure of voting AGAINST her in three elections.
    What's interesting is that her official US Senate website (http://boxer.senate.gov/) refers to her as "Barbara Boxer, United States Senator from California". She might want to get with her webmaster to have that corrected…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Does this woman not realize that if it weren't for the military, she wouldn't even have the title of "Senator" in the first place?

  26. Linda says:

    Following is an email sent by a friend of mine to this abomination of a person. Trust me, the political machine in California is getting to be not dissimilar to that in Chicago . . and that's how she gets elected . . . along with Pelosi . . . along with Feinstein.

    "'Senator' Boxer,
    In the military, it is customary for an officer to address a ranking female officer as Ma'am. It is a sign of respect. Obviously, you were not aware of that or you are too concerned with your own "title" to care.
    A Brigadier General in our Military, male or female, has worked harder for his or her rank/title than an elected "public servant". Your insistance that he call you "Senator" was disrespectful, to say the least.
    In addition, you seem to forget who you work for and serve. Your positions and views as our Senator have always appeared to be based on your opinions and views, not the opinions and views of the people you serve."

  27. Anonymous says:

    she was even more rude than she thought he might have been.

    he was merely being polite.
    secondly, besides, MAAM is a more honorable thing than Senator.

    Anyone can be a Senator but not all women deserve the respect of Maam.

    as a professional, there was plenty of time to seek him out on a break, lunch and make her request known… PUTTING IT IN FRONT OF ALL OF US TO DIMINISH HIM ONLY DIMINISHED HER.

    now we all know she doesnt quite deserve ALL the respect she has been getting. she might be a good professional but Maam denotes respect for the human condition, imo.

  28. Rix says:

    > If they remembered that they serve us and somehow managed to
    > keep this all from going to their heads, we would be a whole
    > lot better off.

    It is no surprise that for many liberals, a whole lot of things go to their heads. "Nature abhors void", as a quotation says.

  29. tm says:

    Mark Levin: "I think Barbara Boxer's an ass."


  30. Claudia says:

    from several dictionaries, the definition of Ma'am;

    ma'am (mām)
    n. Used as a form of polite address for a woman: Will that be cash or charge, ma'am?

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
    Copyright © 2009 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
    Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
    Cite This Source

    Ma'am\, n. Madam; my lady; — a colloquial contraction of madam often used in direct address, and sometimes as an appellation.
    Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.
    Cite This Source


    1668, colloquial shortening of madam (q.v.). Formerly the ordinary respectful form of address to a married woman; later restricted to the queen, royal princesses, or by servants to their mistresses.
    Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper
    Cite This Source

  31. Gail B says:

    I hope Boxer has had her ears filled by now!

    What a creep!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 1:20…
    "You guys are getting as bad as the liberals".

    Hmmm…so, should I or shouldn't I be offended that you said "you guys"? Or should I or shouldn't I be offended that you called us "…as bad a the liberals"?

    As far as choosing our battles, when it comes to the military, I will choose to defend them every time. You obviously aren't aware of the protocol and respect that they are taught to adhere to. If you are, you apparently don't think enough of it to choose this as one of your "battles" which doesn't speak well of your so-called conservatism. That's contradictory due to the fact that conservatism is so much about supporting our military, our country, our values, our traditions, honor and dignity. To sit there and belittle those of us who are defending them is also hypocrital. You came here and chose a "battle" yourself, and that was to defend a purposeful disrespect of one of our General's and that woman's arrogance. And, you call yourself a "feminist". Well, I wonder how women in the military would also call themselves "feminists", and I also wonder how many of them use the protocol of "sir and ma'am"?

  33. Bodenzee says:

    Boxer's behavior hasn't changed. She is consistently driven by her own frustrations and ego.

    Prior to retirement I used to travel to the DC area for meetings with one of the nations largest agencies. Periodically he'd be late arriving back to his office because he'd been testifying in front of Boxer. One memorable day I was sitting in his office with his deputy and he returned, albeit a bit late but with a smile on his face. I commented that it looked like he hadn't been beat up to badly. He commented, "It wasn't bad today, Boxer must have been bedded last night."

  34. BOXER? OR BRIEF? says:

    Bodenzee….. ha ha ha whatever lesbian bedded her I feel sorry for her.

  35. Kevin says:

    This goes beyond the pale. Even for flunky-hippie liberals. What a condescending cow. I only wish the Brig. Gen. had responded in kind with something like "I'll start calling you 'Senator' when you start calling me 'Brigadier General', how's that?"

  36. Momathome says:

    I am reminded of a Margaret Thatcher quote…"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people that you are,you aren't!"

  37. Gail B says:

    Brig. Gen. Walsh did just fine! He kept his cool. He showed respect, which is more than most of our elected official(s) are doing.

    Brig. Gen. Walsh did and said nothing to bring criticism to himself or to the U.S. Armed Forces. Ya gotta love him for that!

    Had I been in his shoes, the "Lib Smith" in me (my mother) would have verbally cut her down to size, chewed her up, and spit her out!

  38. I BE LAZY AT THE LEVER says:

    She is the prime example of a LAZY electorate, simply re-electing incumbents….. no thought involved.



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