GM, Chrysler Poll Shows Public Bias Against Overreaching Federal Government

Asssigned Reading: 80% Want Government to Sell Stake in GM, Chrysler Right Now
(FROM: Rasmussen Reports)

If the mainstream press covers this poll result at all, they will undoubtedly make it about cars. It’s not about cars — it’s about government. This poll result, that four out of five Americans want the government out of the automotive business, is a referendum on the expansion of the federal government under President Barack Obama.

To a certain degree, I’d bet we would see similar–though likely not as stark–results with regard to other industries such as banking and energy . . . if the arguments against government interference are made well and disseminated effectively.

And that’s why I believe the GOP must distill its message down to the proper role of government. People don’t want the government in their lives, and this Rasmussen poll show it.



  1. elspeth says:

    In the words of Charlie Brown: Good grief!

    Isn't anyone paying attention?

    If the Federal Government is not listening to We The People, We The People need to replace the Federal Government.


  2. cher-pa says:

    The results of this poll are a good sign that the conservative base has decided to stand up and defend their values.

    I for one have voiced my opinion to anyone who has shown their concerns about our president,and his administration.People will choose to listen if you start out by telling them it's not about party or race.People will react when they feel their freedoms and their hard earned dollars are being flushed down the toilet.

    Obama has taken over OUR COUNTRY,with his community organizer speeches.Now we have to take control and reach as many people as we can.Americans are waking up,thanks to hard work and commitment.

  3. Gail B says:

    Me, too! (Did my vote count?)

  4. Linda says:

    Gail: Your vote might have counted, but it didn't count for the right person, so it was discarded. This frustration is why we as bloggers and readers have to keep passing these things on to everyone we know so that (if this country lasts even to election 2010) we can begin to take our country back and bring some sort of balance to this beginning of totalitarianism so our country is restored to what it once was, what the founding fathers meant it to be, and what it can be again. Keep the faith, stand behind those like Jeff and his writers, and spread the word to everyone you can. The truth must prevail.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hate to sound fatalistic, but after reading The 5000 Year Leap twice, I am not sure that we will EVER return to the country our Founders created. We are just so unbelievably detached from our Constitution!

    Lisa in TX


    Excellent book Lisa, now make sure you float it around, as I have.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let's assume that 35% of the voting public feels the way most of us who visit Jeff's blog feel. If that 35% made a concious vow to not play into the hands of the Obama/UAW plan for GM and Chrysler/Fiat and refused to buy any vehicles from those manufacturers, their plan will fail and then maybe – just maybe – the government will be less tempted to intrude in the free market mechanisms that are designed to deal with failing enterprises.

    No automobile manufacturer has a cost structure that will survive a 35% loss of potential market share, least of all a Detroit-based company. The only way that the Obama administration can make it work is to provide taxpayer-funded incentives to buy GM or Chrysler/Fiat cars and trucks.

    This, of course, will put Ford (can you say "F.D.R."?) temporarily at a competitive disadvantage, but my guess is that they will also fall into line with GM and Chrysler/Fiat and take taxpayer money. The administration's goal is to force the in-country foreign brands to unionize.

    As for me, I don't like to be manipulated – particularly when the government is using my own money to do it – so I'll buy Ford until it also caves, and if/when it does, I'll buy foreign.

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