How the GOP Can Learn from Sarah Palin

By John Cardillo
America’s Right

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s recent go-’round with late night talk show host David Letterman should send a loud and clear message to the focusing but still largely scatterbrained Republican Party: When dealing with liberals, don’t allow them to dismiss you as stiff and stuffy. Don’t take the high road. Get in the trenches and push the issue.

Relentlessly. Until you win.

Letterman has become a very outspoken liberal commentator and a critic of all things right and GOP. When he made the comment about Palin’s daughter being impregnated by A-Rod, it was inappropriate. I don’t know whether or not he knew it was the 14-year-old Willow at the game with her mother or if he was referring to 18-year-old teenage mom Bristol, but the point is that it doesn’t matter — Letterman was wrong, and his “joke” was in poor taste.

That’s when Palin, as both a mom and smart politician, struck. Of course, Letterman told her to take a joke, and liberals laughed at her. The mainstream media tried to deflect by re-quoting Tina Fey spoofing Palin. But Palin didn’t let up. In fact, she instead turned up the heat, characterizing Letterman as perverted and implying that he thought it okay to make jokes about pedophilia. Subsequently, she raised the stakes even further by demanding an apology for women everywhere. Even Joy Behar, liberal loudmouth from ABC’s The View, was on Palin’s side of the debate.

Then something really interesting and rare happened in a media-centric battle between a conservative and a liberal — the conservative won. In the end, Letterman was forced to give a long and, at least in my opinion, personally embarrassing on-air apology.

Why? Because the country swings right, and people are sick and tired of liberals and progressives. They are sick of the assaults on religion, family, security, prosperity, and American values.

After seeing this, one can only imagine what might have happened had Arizona Sen. John McCain not dismissed Ayers as “some washed up old terrorist” that he “didn’t care about.” One has to wonder what would have happened if McCain asked Obama direct questions about socialism and his past associations in the trio of presidential debates.

Republicans will never win a thing if they continue to “take the high road.” I set off the phrase with quotes because it is a nonsensical concept. Liberals want conservatives to ignore things that would damage liberals, and when conservatives don’t do that, liberals call it “low.” Well, I for one would like to see more of our candidates go for low blows.

In the meantime, as we enter into important discussions about energy and healthcare and taxes, the outcome of which will affect America, Americans and their freedoms for years and possibly generations to come, I hope Sarah Palin taught the GOP something with the way she handled David Letterman. I really do.

John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer now considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on online safety and security, is president and CEO of Sentinel Tech Holding Corp., an Internet security company which specializes in online crime and predator detection, online child safety, and the protection of Internet end users from criminals and sexual predators. Cardillo lives in Miami, Florida and, in his spare time, can be found astride his Harley-Davidson, in the Florida Keys, at the shooting range, or on South Beach. He has been contributing to America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely right on the money, Mr. Cardillo. I hope you come back and write here more often.

    Fed Up in Fargo


    I like me some pit bull, with lipstick.

  3. HockeyMomsRule! says:

    Excellent write-up. What's going to be interesting is watching if people react differently to her now. It was her motherhood and genuineness that the left feared, but now that motherhood and genuineness really shined and I wonder if any of those on the left who previously shunned her will catch on and listen a little bit.


    What a smart lady.


    Hey Letterman, you PERVERT.

  6. 62 AND CREEPY says:

    His apologies are as pathetic as his jokes. He's got a meaner backstroke than Michael Phelps.

  7. tm says:

    Thank you for this article. I wholeheartedly agree Mr. Cardillo. The elitist beltway GOP never supported Reagan. If you look back at the Carter years – everyone bashed Reagan, he too was not the moderate candidate for the beltway GOP till those moderates were dragged through a huge primary fight. Palin draws a crowd and big $$$. I hate to say it but if the GOP continues the silence and ambivalence against the viability of a Palin – I fear that the party has moved back to the elite rockefeller years, who for years lived in moderation, exile, and stupidity (bottom line : never won any election) I personally, gave the GOP not one cent this year, my only $$ donation was to sarah pac. To me, she is the real "hope and change". You betcha.

  8. Jackie Smith says:

    You are spot on in this article…..we conservatives must stand up to these left-wing LIBERAL bullies who we teach our children to report on when they are bullied by them in our schools so why not in the media too!!!! Way to go SARAH….you betcha!!!!

  9. elspeth says:

    I do, too, John!


  10. Rix says:

    > Republicans will never win a thing if they continue to "take
    > the high road."

    I am glad not to be alone in thinking so. There is no "high road" or "low road" when nation's freedom is involved, just the one that leads to victory.

    Totally love the picture in the article. With all proper respect due to The Barracuda's intelligence and political will, is the term "GMILF" considered offensive these days?

  11. Claudia says:

    excellent article, and you hit the spots that needed to be hit.

    I want Letterman OFF THE AIR FOR GUTTER OFFENSES. He doesn't deserve to have a show, have a life, have any of the trappings that his nasty mouth has garnered him. I have NEVER LIKED HIM, from day one and lately, I have been finding Leno (before his change over to O'brien) just about as offensive. And I think O'brien is simply a SICKO. The biggest cure for all of those "Comedians" is to TURN THEM OFF. Which I do.

    The Libs think it is OPEN GAME on anything that they find "funny" and their sense of humor is sooooo sick. SO, I am NOT WATCHING TV anymore, with the exception of a few shows, and I guess if ABC takes all the air time next Wednesday, well, that will be one less channel that I watch, cause I am not going to give them the satisfaction of thinking that we will accept that sort of brainwashing into our homes. I, for one, WON'T….. and I am not a Cable TV, Dish Network or DirectTV user, so I guess that pretty soon my "state/government programmed/run TV" more than it is on….. is and will soon be turned OFF…

    I am sick of the insults, sick of the discrimination, sick of the pandering to the left in all things, sick of being told that I have to become more inclusive, more tolerant (when they certainly aren't), more helpful to those that want to destroy everything great about America, I want some balls in the Republican Party, and I think even though Sarah Palin is a female and thus doesn't meet my stated criteria (balls), she has the spunk to stand up to those that are ruining America, and I want our America back, so that means that I will be supporting her, NOT ANYONE ELSE-OR EVEN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY until they stand up for her and start to open their eyes (Michael Steele) who doesn't have the gumption to get up and stand tall about all the values I honor.

  12. John Cardillo says:


    I must disagree wholeheartedly with you.

    Letterman made an off color comment, but I do not believe that he deserves to lose his job. If I did, I'd be no better than the Liberals and their "Fairness Doctrine". Your assertion that he shouldn't have "a life", or "any of the trappings…" because you disagree with what he says is frankly a bit scary.

    I want to live in an America where no matter how much I disagree with another's point of view, that person can become wealthy if enough people agree with and enjoy what they're saying. I'd never want to live in a country where livelihoods and personal wealth are at stake if opinions differ. That's Stalin's Russia, or Mao's China, not my America.

    The right takes its fair share of shots. Limbaugh's calling John Edwards "The Breck Girl", and playing Barack the Magic Negro are two examples.

    Both sides should be first amendment protected from persecution, and both sides should be held to task when they cross a line, as Letterman has been.

  13. Momathome says:

    I think that the issue of who "should" be on the air should, like most decicsions in a free society, be based on the simple principle of profit or loss. Rush Limbaugh is extremely popular and draws top dollar for advertisers. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he has a Constitutionally protected right to say whatever he wishes to say, as long as he doesn't violate any laws while doing so. While I have never liked David Letterman, he also has the same rights. However, if his advertisers stop buying air time because his ratings are in the tank, then that is a cause/effect and he will go off the air. (Yippee!) The problem arises when the government starts getting involved in decisions which should be made by the businesses who air the programs and starts telling the stations who they should or shouldn't air based on some perceived notion of "balance" or "fairness".

    Why is it that the same liberals who scream for tolerance and demand "freedom of choice" when it comes to abortion are the same groups hollering for intervention every time capitalism works?

    Sarah Palin understands, as Ronald Reagan did before her, that the role of government is very limited and people are only truly free when they are allowed to succeed or fail on their own merits. That's really why the left is so afraid!

  14. Jan says:

    Mr. Cardillo – Welcome back! Thank you for this write-up. I, too, hope that the Republican party wises up and starts to address the issues head on. It has been my experience that truth usually does offend. That does not mean that we should back away from stating the truth.

  15. Claudia says:

    WAS IT RIGHT that Don Imus got fired when he made the comment off the top of his head, not from a script that was prepared way ahead of time and reviewed for content and appropriateness abouta hte Rutgers Team?? GEE, I guess that we don't have to listen to that either, but we are forced to listen to Letterman's nasty perverted mouth and his insipid apolpogy, which he didn't mean any more than he means it when he says "God Bles you" if he ever actually would let those words cross his mouth.

    This isn't the first time I have heard Letterman make vile, obsecene remarks about women and specific ones at time, and he always gets away with it on a pass, and that should not have ever been allowed to have happened. He is a nasty man, and his "humor" infects a lot of others, their attitudes and their ways of conversation and their abilities to downgrade and defile women, in particular by Letterman's own condemnations that get passed around the water cooler every morning. I have watched as MEN use the comments from Letterman and think that they have a right to defile a woman in the workplace because of something that Letterman stated the night before and someone took as "gospel" therefore they had a right to state it also……

    I don't really care about Letterman personally, but I do care about any human being who makes nasty things out of something that is a part of growing up, and NO — LETTERMAN wasn't talking about Bristol when he or his writers wrote that "JOKE". It was totally inapprotriate for live TV, and IF ABC doesn't want to fire the B**tard becaue of his mouth, then he should always have a 30 second bleep put in whenever he is getting raunchy, which is always. However, even that would not convince me to EVER watch him again.

    Letterman is in a position of power and a lot of people devour everything he says and think it is right on and they threfore have the same right to think the same ways. He should respect that position, and not force all of his viewers to behave like rutting pigs in their personal opinions. Free speech is ONLY FREE as long as every Person follows the rules of decency and honor, and Letterman hasn't followed those rules for a very long time, IF EVER. And I believe in free speech and freedom in general, just not so totally rude free speech that it borders on and/or steps over the moral laws of decency and honor, and not at the cost of defiling the character of a 14 year old girl who hadn't done anything wrong, except have a mother who ran for Vice President and thus became "fair game" in Letterman's mind, for whatever he could do to squelch the Mother…..

    By the way, I don't care about Letterman's point of view, I just don't want to have him spouting it all over for every person in the world to have to accept it. He can have his point of view, but he can also do it privately….. There should be a certain amount of decency and Letterman crosses the line with regularity. If it were just politics, and he kept it to Sarah Palin, on a clean note, about things that are actually defensible by Sarah, that would be a different thing, but you don't go attacking a child, or even a young lady such as Bristol at 18 years of age, (which he says it was really about) and that would have been just as vile, because Bristol owned up to her mistake and has her baby and is living with her life, and should be left alone, because she took the adult way of handling it, and doing the right thing, in her own belief system and mind. Therefore, Letterman had no right to even put Bristol into the compromise that he set up for young Willow. Letterman is a PIG, and should not be defended by anyone!!!!!

  16. Claudia says:

    Oh, and by the way John,
    YOU do know that the whole show and all the comments he made about both Bristol and Willow — will — because of the INTERNET, follow them for their whole lives. That is not something I would want to have to force my 14 year old or even 18 year old daughter to live with, and face up to each and every (possibly) day of their lives, no matter how good or virtueous and greatly talented and hororable they become, WOULD YOU???

    That is what Letterman did…. he singled out an underage child and is going to make her pay for being her Mother's daughter for the rest of her life, no matter what, because it is ON THE INTERNET for all who will ever have anything to do with her in the future to be able to go into same internet and look back and peruse and make judgments about her by those comments. No matter how wonderful she grows up to be, she will be saddled with what Letterman said about her when she was a child of 14. That is PURE WRONG!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    The "Breck Girl" comment is so true, harmless, and pretty funny. Did you see that video of CANDIDATE John Edwards combing his hair?

    The Letterman "joke" was beyond tasteless, (since when is sexual perversion funny?) and the key here is that the CHILDREN of candidates are off limits.

    Political jokes are fine for both sides of the isle, but you just won't see a trashy stewardess joke ever about Mrs. Obama. Imagine the furor if the "knocked up" joke was about one of the Obama girls.

    It is about time that conservatives stand up and fight back. Enough!

  18. Gail B says:

    John Cardillo! How nice to read you again! "More, please!"

    When I heard about the Letterman joke, I thought, "How COMMON! That was low class. Never thought Letterman would have stooped to that level!"

    Then I wondered how long it would be before he apologized. People continued to grumble about it, and then came a genuine apology, which Sarah Palin graciously accepted.

    Claudia, I wouldn't worry about Sarah's daughters. I'd be more concerned about Letterman's having to explain his tasteless remark to the Lord, when his time is up on Earth. Sarah's daughters haven't done anything to deserve such publicly proclaimed disrespect.

    And, yes, John, perhaps the liberals have learned something from all this! There are people besides those in Texas that you just "don't mess with!"

    Welcome back!

  19. John says:


    You are still completely missing the point. And by the way, Letterman's show airs on CBS not ABC.

    No, I don't think Don Imus should have been fired for what he said. Not at all. He was hired to say sensational and sometimes rude things.

    Now, if listeners boycotted the products of Imus's sponsors, and that resulted in the show realizing an operating loss because of lost advertising, then yes, his firing would have been justified. Were the same thing to happen to Letterman, then yes, CBS would have a right to cancel his contract.

    There is a very big difference between the free market speaking, and a network playing censor because of an off color comment.

    You wrote this…

    "Free speech is ONLY FREE as long as every Person follows the rules of decency and honor…"

    Claudia, that is one of the most dangerous and inaccurate things I've ever read. Free speech is free because it allows for indecent, dishonorable, distasteful, offensive, and inflammatory speech. The First Amendment and Supreme Court set no standards of decency, honor, and morality on speech. Those are arbitrary concepts, and exactly what the Founding Fathers were trying to avoid.

    What if it was considered dishonorable by some to speak out against the President? Or a TV host?

    The only time speech can be infringed is if it creates a condition that might cause serious injury or death, i.e. yelling "FIRE" in a crowded movie theater. Making off color jokes, which clearly don't put lives in danger, is protected speech. A bad joke in now way rises to that standard.

    Trust me, as someone who works in online safety and security. Letterman's comments will be old news in a week or two. Nobody will care about them, and they certainly won't follow the Palin girls around for life. In fact, I'd bet the Palin daughters couldn't care less about this, and are going about their lives as 14 and 18 year old girls should.

    I don't want to live in a country, where politically correct knee jerk responses to off the cuff comments cost people their jobs. It's simply un-American.

  20. JUST TURN OFF CBS says:

    John is right. Let the market do its thing.

  21. goddessdivine says:

    Very insightful write-up. McCain could have used this, oh, about a year ago!! I wish he would have fought harder and asked those important questions about Barack's past associations. It can be done w/o coming across as a 'low blow'. We need more Sarah Palins!

  22. Celia in TX says:

    I have canceled by TV subscription. If I want to watch anything, I can watch it online.

  23. Celia in TX says:

    I think she knows Letterman isn't on ABC…it's just that ABC is the one we should boycott on Wednesday.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I for one, have seen Mr. Cardillo, tooling around South Beach on his Kawasaki without his shirt on and he is as bloated as his opinions are.

  25. MR ROGERS says:

    Anonymous, be nice. We're only allowed to turn on each other in here.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is it the GOP way to make large sum commitments to charities and then not fulfill them?

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