Dr. Ron Paul — a ‘Hunk’?

The folks over at Politico.com released a piece today entitled, simply, “The Hunks of Washington.” It was a bi-partisan list, though a few of their selections from the political left seemed a bit, well, off the mark.

While I cannot say anything too derogatory about NBC’s Chuck Todd as I have been told I look a little like him–it must be the facial hair–I was a bit surprised by Budget flunkie Peter Orszag’s spot at the top of the list, even considering Politico’s leftward slant. Orszag, after all, looks and sounds like a combination of actor Bronson Pinchot’s two hallmark characters — Balki Bartokomous of Perfect Strangers and Serge, the effete art gallery clerk turned gun dealer from the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

If this is Politico’s idea of a “hunk,” perhaps that explains the left’s fascination with Barney Frank.

Perhaps the most surprising addition to the list of D.C. “hunks” was none other than Texas Congressman Ron Paul. During the 2008 presidential primary, I found myself watching him and applauding one second while shaking my fist the next. Since then, however, if there is one Republican who absolutely, positively, unequivocally “gets it” with regard to our economy and the erosion of our fundamental constitutional rights, it’s Dr. Paul.

Furthermore, as the hypothetical 2012 presidential primary poll now here at America’s Right shows, the Texas congressman has done what his other right-leaning counterparts have yet been unable to do — develop a grassroots movement rivaling that of President Barack Obama. (I was actually planning on writing a piece about the polls and the grassroots, as Mike Huckabee’s people also mobilized nicely.) Of course, with regard to sheer size there is no comparison, but Ron Paul’s organization and supporters have done more with less than any candidate or politician that I can remember. It is that sort of organizational prowess and know-how that the GOP must tap into as the 2010 mid-term elections loom and 2012 is fast approaching, regardless of whether the hunky Dr. Paul is up for another run at the nomination.

And I do like him. I may not see eye-to-eye with him on some of his more isolationist perspectives toward foreign policy, but I’ll tell you what — compared with the detente-at-all-costs policy advanced by this current administration, isolationism looks more and more ideal. Regardless of what you think of his worldview or opinions about the Global War on Terror, however, conservatives everywhere should stand up and listen when Paul opens his mouth with regard to the economy. His relentless pursuit of an auditing of the Federal Reserve Bank–his bill, H.R. 1207, has more than 220 co-sponsors–is matched only by his penchant for saying “no” and asking “where is that in the Constitution?” when a spending bill or proposal reaches his desk.

At this time of governmental excess, Ron Paul should be a rallying point for the GOP. As unconventional as he may be to some, his ability to speak truth to power is unmatched on the American political right. While I do not necessarily believe him to be the voice the GOP is looking for to lead, I sincerely hope that whomever does emerge understands Paul’s perspective, especially with regard to the economy.

The Politico piece states that “[b]loggers call him ‘sexy’” and that “even some of his male cultlike followers admit their ‘man-crushes’.” I will do neither, but faithfulness to our founding fathers is always an attractive factor–in a non-aesthetic way, of course–for any politician . . . and, that being said, I guess that makes Dr. Ron Paul a “hunk.”

Artwork by Leah Tiscione, and used with permission.



  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the sign on his desk.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Dr. Paul is great! I really hope H.R. 1207 will pass.

    I would argue though that his foreign policies are not so much isolationist as they are noninterventionist. There is a difference: isolation implies virtually no free trade or relations with other nations; whereas nonintervention is simply not becoming involved in the affairs of other nations, which is definitely a source of conflict and a huge cost to the U.S. Dr. Paul is not against free trade and friendly relations with nations, which are a mutual benefit for the nations involved.

    There are a lot of different views on how much the U.S. should intervene in affairs of other nations, but personally I feel that Dr. Paul's view of nonintervention gives the most national sovereignty, and he does make a convincing point about how it could bring more national security by eliminating a lot of the hostility towards the U.S.

  3. Rix says:

    Dr. Ron Paul's economic and constitutional views are, in my eyes, second to none. Unfortunately, his unbending position will likely backfire in 2012 (again, assuming there will be any elections to speak of) when Dr. Paul and his libertarian brethren pull a Nader on us.

  4. Gail B says:

    I'd call that outstanding man a "hunk!" He's brilliant, HONEST, and asks "where is that in the Constitution?" My kinda guy!

    Jennifer and I like his desk sign.

  5. Gail B says:

    Rix, you have a point.

    How about, "Forget the Party; vote the Man–Ron Paul, to pump fiscal responsibility back into America and restore this Nation's prosperity!"

    What difference does it make which party one follows, if their candidate doesn't win anyway? So, if everyone gets behind the best, regardless of party, then We the People have a chance.

  6. tinkerthinker says:

    I like Sarah Palin better. It should be Palin/Paul they would be unbeatable.

  7. tinkerthinker says:

    I like Sarah Palin better. It should be Palin/Paul they would be unbeatable.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ron Paul is everything you said and more. I don't know how old he is but I wonder if he will try to run again in 2012?? I think he may be able to win this time around.

  9. 2012 says:

    Forget the party, vote the woman.

  10. dave says:

    I agree with Malcolm. You, much like the other candidates, have confused isolationism with non-intervnetionism.

    Ron Paul's principles would make the world safer for Americans and provide the appropriate example for all nations to follow. Imagine being able to travel the world without the stigma of arrogance, or ugly. Our relations in trade, commerce, and diplomacy would be leagues better than they are now. Please reconsider the label of isolationism when it comes to Ron Paul's principles.

  11. Anonymous says:

    One thing Ron Paul's message has done is brought over a good amount of liberals to the message of freedom and liberty, including myself. I spent most of my life in Canada and recently moved back to the states. I was as liberal as they come and only woke up after recognizing the truth in Dr.Paul's principles.

    Those who worry about Dr.Paul pulling a Nader, should worry about the cost of loss of freedom. It seems obvious by the most recent two presidencies that neither believe in limited gov't. Dr.Paul is the only one with the courage and principle to stand up to the establishment.


  12. Yes, all is logical

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