Double Down on Health Care Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy, back-tracking and flip-flopping of this administration is getting annoying. As a guy who doesn’t have a tremendous amount of free time to devote here at America’s Right, the constant presence of previously denounced plans becoming the proposal du jour and vice versa is a lot to keep up with. We’ve seen it with promises of transparency. We’ve seen it with promises of “not a single tax increase on the middle class.” We’ve seen it with the detainee abuse photos, as well as the overall positions on Iraq and Afghanistan.

In this case, it’s health care. As you can see from the Obama/Biden advertisement above, the Obama campaign went after John McCain’s campaign for allegations that they would support cuts in Medicare and Medicaid in order to pay for health care policy. According to a Bloomberg report released today, however, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman and Chief Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel admitted that the health-care legislation currently being drafted by House Democrats include $600 billion in tax increases . . . and $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

And, when it comes to previously denounced proposals now adopted and advocated by this administration, it doesn’t stop only with the Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Cue the vice president, so long as his shoe is no longer in his mouth:

Yes, that was vice presidential candidate criticizing John McCain’s campaign for planning to tax health care benefits as income. No, that wasn’t just “Joe being Joe” — such an argument was the focal point of the Obama campaign’s attempt to distinguished between McCain’s plans for health care reform and his own. After all, Obama even went so far as to call McCain’s health care plan the “ultimate Bridge to Nowhere” in another advertisement.

Yet, less than a month ago, the Obama White House announced that it was open to the very idea the Obama campaign criticized throughout the campaign . . . taxing health care benefits as income. On May 18, I had this to say about it:

In fact, from what the president said during this past weekend’s commencement address at Arizona State University, it looks as though he’s already setting up the mechanism by which to rationalize it — why else would he argue against his own policies and say that this nation’s debt is unsustainable? He’s setting up the need to find the money somewhere.

Every single Republican official from Capitol Hill on down to your local municipal building should be informing everybody they know about this recent 180-degree shift from President Obama. Every concerned American citizen should be doing so as well; it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent — if you want your elected representatives held accountable for the promises they make, this should be at the top of your list of things to talk about.

Am I surprised that this president would go back on his word? Of course not. Being surprised would insinuate that his word means something extraordinary, and given the discrepancy between what he’s said and done in terms of transparency, tax policy and more, the word “worthless” comes to mind.

Being unable to take a position and stick with it is a telltale sign of a serious dearth of principle. Former President George W. Bush, for all of his faults, at least made real decisions and stuck with them. No waffling. No hoping the press won’t notice.

And speaking of the press, it will be interesting to watch just how deep they cover this reversal. The video is there for anyone who wants it (and this certainly wasn’t the only example). My guess is that they’ll rationalize the change in heart and the tax, all in one, just because the president would have liked it that way.

And, golly, I didn’t see much press coverage of the 180-degree, hypocritical shift in the media in the three-plus weeks since Obama and his budget flunkies made such statements and announced such plans. Then again, the same thing I wrote about Obama’s flip could be said about the decision by the mainstream press to leave this sea change well enough alone:

Am I surprised? Of course not. Being surprised would mean that objectivity actually means something to the media. I’m just as surprised that the media did not cover this issue as I am that Barack Obama went back on his word.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I can hardly stand this anymore . . . and it's only been 5 months.

  2. Rix says:

    Imagine yourself in the following situation. You've got an old, roach eaten couch that you coped with for the last 8 years. Now you finally got a new credit line, so you go to a furniture store and order – essentially, vote for it with your wallet – a majestically black leather sofa. Happily, you return home and wait for delivery.

    To your surprise, come delivery day the haulers unpack a totally wrong model. It is blue, it is fabric, and it is very wrong size. It is also, not unexpectedly, a significantly cheaper make. You feel cheated and violated, and you burn to act. You call the customer service and inquire, politely, about the mishap. The customer service guy, in equally polite terms, explains to you that you he is aware of your predicament, he doesn't exactly care, and you are stuck with what you've got, for better or worse.

    What do you do then? Do you organize peaceful protests near your home? Do you vandalize or destroy the wretched couch? Do you pummel the haulers? Do you grab your trusty Glock, drive to the shop and shoot the CS clerk? No, no, and no. Suing is an option, yes, albeit unsure, costly and time consuming. The ideal way is to call your credit card (you were wise enough to use the credit card, weren't you?) and cancel the payment. You hit the morons where it hurts, their pocket, using your money as a powerful leverage.

    Now, consider the political nightmare we are in compared to the example above. The people of America were promised many things in exchange for their votes but received none of it. Writing to the Representatives and Senators does not seem to work. Peaceful protesting, such as Tea Parties, yields nothing but derision from the other side. Violence is not an answer – not because it won't work but because it is a slippery two way road we are not ready to walk yet. Using the courts may occasionally bring a victory or two but unfortunately, the nature of the fight is that the victories are transient and the losses are irreversible. So, do I have to spell it again?


  3. Gail B says:

    Rix is right.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unfathomable news from Italy:

    What would be the purpose to possess that huge amount of bonds? Hidden in a briefcase? Sounds very much like a counterfeit operation that wants to cause some sort of destabilization scare. Something that we certainly don't need right now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep up with the national debt at this website,, as well as information on the bail outs at the home page of Not nearly as great writers as here at America's Right, but some good info. See in real digits how much the national debt has grown in less than one month. Unbelievable!

    I think all these informative websites need to be linked somehow, with direct connections to everyone's senators and congressmen for immediate protests and praise.

    Oh, and Federal Computer Week has an article about the World Net Daily calling on all its readers to log on to Obama's Open Government Dialogue, designed show transparency in goverment, and demand he produce his birth certificate. They refer to it as "smothering civil and productive dialogue in slime".
    Really? I thought it was requesting transparency and accountability?

  6. Claudia says:

    I have told everyone I know NOT TO PAY ANY MORE TAXES, but all I get is "well, that will certainly do a lot of good, huh, they would just throw me in jail or something…." to which I say, "being in jail for a strong protest on this man is most certainly better than doing nothing…."

    people just don't seem to get this at all, they think that becaue he says it will get better that it will, and he is lying through his teeth and he knows it, and he knows it the same way he knows that there is not much small groups of us can do anything that will seriously hurt him, without numbers, that is. People are very eager to follow a piper or a hero that will beat all the naysayers down, and that is the fault of the teachers for the last 30+ years anda the comic book writers who have drummed into young minds that the only people who can take care off them are superheros. Unfortunately, the world doesn't condone superheoes very well, as when one tries to stand up and do the good and just thing, he gets slapped down with every bit of strength and venom that those who want the piped piper to always be the ONLY piper…… can muster, in their righteous indignation to protect said piper.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Remember the Rules for Radicals playbook.

    Create confusion, distraction, duress,contention, blame, which includes "instruction on how to sabotage a functioning society."

    I agree with Rix as well. The suggestion given may be one of the few outlets left to normal citizens.

  8. Linda says:

    Excellent analogy, Rix. And, excellent solution. The only problem is that the government has so many people bullied and scared with the possibility of not only jail, but exhorbitant interest on those unpaid taxes, that the public is programmed to be afraid of those alternative ends to not paying taxes. I, for one, however, think your solution is the only one. If Americans start pulling back on the purse strings, the children will stop asking for candy, which only leads to uncontrollable addiction.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Correction to a previous post I made, if it gets posted. .. it is over $100,000,000,000,(with a B) not $100,000,000,000,000 added to the national debt each month. Oops! What a difference three little zeros can make. Now I feel better! :- )

  10. tm says:

    The IRS this year has more IOU's then any previous year. Wait till next year. The dim-o-crats are in the process of taxing everything in your life – from the air that you breathe to how many miles you travel a day. Nicotine, gas, utilities, sodas, beer, health insurance, etc. etc. We have to vote them "all" out of office. It is the only way.
    Here is an ad that should be revamped and should be shown everyday from now until mid term elections in 2010.

  11. Gail B says:

    Anonymous at 9:10 p.m. said –

    "Oops! What a difference three little zeros can make."

    Don't worry–the liberals don't know the difference!
    The fact that the liberal Democrats are taxing everything they can think of, including personal calls made on an employer's cell phone as income, tells me that they're scraping every penny possible to spread around to their buds. If they can't get the money, their agenda can't work.

    I just wrote a very nice letter (Jeff, you would have been proud of me for my softness) to the liberal Democrat representing the district next to mine explaining a few things and enclosing the two charts (jobs lost and money explosion). Then I told him that if he voted conservatively, his seat would be waiting for him after the next election. But he should remember that we put him in office, and we could vote him out.
    I agree with you on the flip-flopping and lack of media coverage. What gets me is that the lies are so blatant!

  12. tanarg says:

    But most people pay automatically out of their paychecks — they CANNOT not pay.

  13. Amy says:

    tanarg, that is the problem. If we could change the way taxes are taken out of our paychecks before we even receive them, people would truly understand how much we already pay.

    If you had to write a check for FICA, Social Security, and income tax every month, you would understand just how much money is being robbed from you already to pay for everyone else to have the services and products they are "entitled" to.

    For some reason, most people don't look at the deductions taken from their checks. Ignorance may be bliss but it sure is harmful.

  14. NO PAY NO GO says:

    My brother has owed over 100,000 in back taxes for YEARS…… and they have done nothing. Lets all not pay!!!!

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