AmeriCorps Inspector General Fired, Unanswered Questions Abound

So the president ordered the termination of the inspector general who provides oversight for AmeriCorps, and he apparently did it in a hasty manner and without providing any sort of reason. Even stranger yet is that in doing so quickly and without stated cause, Obama runs afoul of the Inspectors General Reform Act, a bill introduced last year which requires the president to provide 30 days prior notice and stated reason before firing an inspector general, needed protection for an official charged with independently investigating corruption, waste and fraud.

Obama himself, then the junior senator from Illinois, co-sponsored the legislation.

According to a report from Fox News, the inspector general in question was likely looking into a controversy surrounding AmeriCorps and Sacramento, CA mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA All-Star turned politician. Johnson had apparently arranged for AmeriCorps volunteers to run personal errands, wash his car, and more — all essentially on the federal dime.

I don’t know nearly enough about the underlying facts, but from where I’m sitting this looks like one of two possible scenarios: Either Barack Obama has ignored the legislation he co-sponsored in order to assist a troubled African-American mayor with a decent jump shot, or he used the controversy surrounding this inspector general and Kevin Johnson to remove the George W. Bush-appointed oversight official and replace a possibly adverse watchdog with one of his own.

Either way, it’s more than shady. The way I look at it, the only possible way that the Obama administration can come out of this smelling like roses is if the inspector general in question, Gerald Walpin, was somehow involved in something about which we have not yet learned.

On its face, this situation looks like an inspector general was fired for simply doing his job. Or, he was rightly terminated for being involved in something he shouldn’t. With this administration’s propensity for looking to grab power where it can, combined with its plans for AmeriCorps and the talked-about “civil defense force,” I cannot help but raise an eyebrow and wait for the other shoe to drop.



  1. Kalani says:

    Or he's trying to nip in the bud an investigation that will smear his expanded Americorps — courtesy of the GIVE act — that forms the backbone of his Volunteer America program — that forms the backbone of the National Security Defense Force and FEMA scheme set in place under the Stimulus Package.

    But as we know this was "debunked" so we have nothing to worry about and can believe in the flashing teeth and winning smile of Obama to always tell the truth.

  2. Gail B says:

    It also appears that the IGs are complaining to Members of Congress that their independence is being threatened.

    It stretches my imagination to think that the Republican-appointed IG was dismissed because there was no waste or fraud in the Obama regime.

    And, as for following the termination guidelines in the law concerning IGs, somehow it doesn't surprise me that Obama doesn't follow those rules, either, even when he cosponsored the bill as a Senator.

  3. D.A.Gust says:

    "….it's more than shady."

    Yes Sir, it sure is more than shady, but not unexpected. The new brown shirts? I don't know for sure yet. The Obama admin is on the way to controling, and or metering every part and aspect of our lives.

    I do beleive the Obama admin will take as much as they can get away with, and it seems, after reading blog entries and comments on other sites, that there is little in the way to stop them.

    You are one of the few, that must enlighten the many. Getting the truth to the masses will be an up-hill fight, the house has the advantage, and the cards are stacked.

    You and I know there are many people who already know, or are starting to realise thier vote was purchased with the use of emotion, nice words and promises, but are too proud to admit they mess-up, at the moment. I always tell them "it's OK, the voting booth has a curtain, and you can start to correct your mistake in 2010"

    I have to tell you, these guys have my full attention, I'm scared.

  4. BlueWater says:

    Look for him to be replaced by an acorn buddy…

  5. bigalber says:

    One of the elements of the "stimulus" bill rushed thru was a provision the the Executive could direct any of the Inspector Generals to cease and desist on any investigation, or to start an investigation against their judgement. The IG could appeal to Congress, and we know how effective that would be.

    This country is spirialing downward into mob rule fast. I can't figure out whether the democrats want socialism or facism, but they are intent on an oligarchy.

  6. Lilly says:

    "Obama himself, then the junior senator from Illinois, co-sponsored the legislation."
    Haven't you figured out yet that BO doesn't actually read or stand for anything. He attached his name to legislation that was a given and voted present on things that really mattered.

  7. Uncle Rick says:

    More evidence, if any were needed, that Obama believes that rules are for others to follow. His role in life is to make those rules, not obey them. Since he is the Chosen One and, by definition, can do no wrong, then whatever he chooses to do is, ipso facto, right, even if it would be wrong for others to do it.

    Any questions?

  8. Anonymous says:

    How many high crimes are required prior to impeachment proceedings?

  9. Jackie Smith says:

    This is unbelievable….When are we going to get rid of this FRAUD…the cover up of his ineligibility needs to be addressed by the media and the courts…..please help the Grand Juries to spread the word about all of the IMPOSTER'S missing documents!!! PLEASE help this cause JEFF and everyone else who is ignoring the real possibility that we have an illegal alien running our country!!!!

  10. Rix says:

    Civil disobedience time? The guys on the other side don't seem to care much for the rule of law. What makes anyone expect lawful, equal-opportunity elections come 2010 is beyond my comprehension.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the postings here, and Jackie Smith. The ineligibility issue is high on the "top priority" list and needs to be addressed and resolved. Just how many high crimes are necessary to get rid of a fraud of a president? If he is a usurper (which I believe he is), something must be done immediately.

    How much longer is he going to be allowed to run this country through a grinder?

  12. Courtney says:

    Isn't this an actual example of what MSM (now referred to by Rush as State run media) was accusing Sarah Palin of in "Troopergate"??? They tried to create a scandal with her where none existed. And now that a real abuse of power has presented itself by their "Messiah"….no outrage, no scandal…the double standards are really getting tiresome.

  13. tanarg says:

    Gerald Walpin, the IG in question, found fraud and the agency involved had to pay $400,000 or so back to the government. He did *his* job. There's some talk of it being inappropriate for his having made public statements, but I don't know the details of what's proper for IGs to do. Time will tell.

    Obama is trying and succeeding to set up people who are answerable only to him and who take over functions legislated by Congress. There will have to be a showdown. I hear the RAT Board was sneaked into the stimulus bill.

  14. tanarg says:

    Unless someone comes up with a Kenyan birth certificate, he's safe. Even if neither parent was a U.S. citizen, if he was born in Hawaii, he's a natural born citizen.

    There should be law that specifies a process to officially verify presidential and vice-presidential candidates before their names go on the ballot. There isn't one now, and without any evidence of any sort that proves he is not a natural born citizen, all the lawsuits are just making people look foolish, which they are.

    Haven't any of you folks who think he's ineligible noticed that the only lawyers pursuing this issue are those who are profoundly limited in their ability to read and write English, in their ability to follow mandatory court procedures, in their ability to think logically, and in their ability to distinguish reality from fantasy?

  15. Gail B says:

    Tanarg, thanks for putting in the update.

    I still maintain that Obama is not perfect, that he will screw up. If not his prolific spending, it will be something he's overlooked. There are people all over the place digging for dirt on him in all places.

    It was odd that his picture does not appear in Occidental yearbooks, for one thing. It's more strange that NOTHING of record has been produced!

  16. HE HAS GOT TO GO says:

    HUSSEIN breaking his very own laws, PRICELESS.

  17. WE NEED A 2009 RAT PATROL says:

    Americorps, my ass, more like AfrikaCorp…. Rommel style

  18. Dee R says:

    President Obama goes to other countries and gives speeches apologizing for American arrogance, The same Americans that make this country great, serve and protect this countries values and to my confusion elected him. His hasty decision here makes me think he should check who is arrogant. Unfortunately this will go on page 52 of any paper in America that is not willing to print anything but praise for our President

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