MEP Hannan on PM Gordon Brown in Wake of EU Elections


An excellent companion video to the phenomenal piece written
yesterday by our own Ian R. Thorpe:

European Elections:
Who’s Afraid of the BNP, the BNP, the BNP…



  1. tm says:

    Excellent video. The unemployment rate brought Brown down, it will bring zero down too.

    My Prediction: Daniel Hannan will be the next Prime Minister of Britain.

  2. Gail B says:

    "How now, Brown cow?"
    Daniel Hannon for Prime Minister!

  3. Anonymous says:

    small countries(europe) would stand better the meddling, destruction of its institutions than large countries like america, their recuperation will be much faster i hope that we wake up really fast like europeans from this leftist destructiveness, and in honor to the thruth, none of the leftist europeans gov,s have ever been so destructive to any of the countries as we are having now in usa, the MEDIA is never been totally sold in europe(like in a dictatorship)like usa


    god´s speech in cairo, he swang 500 centuries of history with no shame, he mix up caliphate with inquisition, the muslim tolernce in cordova and granada, what a lack of knowledge of history, or what a face¡¡¡ what does he think, he is god and whatever he says is true regarless of history, to forget just like that the jews and christians suffered implacable violence during the "the andalus" is a lack of respect for jews and christians, that is what is being happening in usa since jan. 2o

    to be hosnest with reality and real truth, there are large % of muslims that are tolerant, peaceful people,
    but the genesis of islam, the khoram have a lots of instances of war like& mahomet himself was a warrior,
    from the literal readings of their history and sacred works, the islamists terrorists take the bilieve of the "sacred war with unfaithfull"
    even thou, a lot of islamic theologians believe that the battle khoran refers, is not physical but spirutual,within the soul to be a better person

  4. observer says:

    Perhaps part of the reason that Europe appears to be at least approaching some kind of realistic reflection is because they are seeing what is happening here. For decades they have been secure in playing in their little playgrounds of socialistic practices because they always knew that we, the U.S., would do the heavy lifting and they would be protected whether or not they would be willing to put their own lives on the line. Now that security might be seen as falling apart and they are responding to such a world change. Funny how self preservation usually rears its built in survival mode. But here in the U.S. you wonder if people even care about surviving. They've lived in a kind of imaginary reality for too long and will have to learn the hard way which may be too late – coming after China owns us (even the unions).

  5. Anonymous says:

    when you travel, there is always the sense abroad , that i, in particular always fight, that amricans are as whole gullible, naive, even simple when it comes to knowledge of history and of their politicicians
    .. and with what have ocurred since the primaries in usa, i have to say with hughes quantities of sorrows that confirms that sense
    … we have contemplated numb how hillary´s candidacy was stolen with all sort unfair arts around the country, ACORN DOING WHAT THEY PLEASED, in the generals people votting more than once,MCCAIN playing gentleman with a villian, most of the media completely sold
    ..and the republicans still sleeping

  6. CHEERIO IN 2012 OBAMA says:

    Now that British subjects can, and have, become President, I am looking forward to Hannan being President of the USA.

  7. NO PAPERWORK says:

    Rush mentioned Soetoro not having a birth certificate today…. He asked what do Jesus and Obama have in common? Neither have a birth certificate

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