Lessons from D-Day Should Never be Forgotten

By Ronald Glenn
America’s Right

This weekend will mark the 65th celebration of D-Day, June 6, 1944, the crossing of the English Channel by British and American Allied forces, the beginning of the liberation of western Europe from its occupation by Nazi Germany. Over the years, history has shown that D-Day was necessary to defeat the Nazis and to save western Europe from the oncoming Russians. The Russians had been fighting the Germans since June 21, 1941, involving the Russian people in the bloodiest, largest military front in Western history, including the disaster of WWI. This catastrophe occurred because WWII included vast numbers of civilians deaths, far outnumbering military deaths.

For most people the numbers are almost incomprehensible. The Nazi and Communist troops in WWII spent four years massacring thousands and burying them in mass graves; murdering and torturing prisoners, including women and children; and freezing to death during seventy-below-zero winters. The estimates vary, but as many as eight million Russian soldiers and 20 million civilians died. Russia lost forty percent of its cities, completely annihilated. A Soviet high school that graduated 100 males students in 1941, for example, might have had only four left alive by the end of the war.

The turning point in Europe in WWII was the defeat of the Nazi Sixth Army at the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942-43, one of the most horrific and heroic struggles an invaded nation ever fought. The Americans and British provided supplies to the Russians, in what one Russian journalist described as a pact whereby the Americans supplied the food and weapons and the Russians supplied the corpses. By D-Day, when America and Britain invaded Normandy, all the destruction on the eastern front had “torn the guts out of the German Army,” as Britain’s Winston Churchill described it. The German high command knew the end was in sight, and perhaps some in the German high command wanted to let the British and Americans have a free ride to Berlin so the Russians would not be allowed to have their revenge against Germany.

My own father fought with General George Patton, and I understand the sacrifices the American troops made in the war. I recount the horror of the Russian front to show that the horrors of WWII were perpetrated by the struggle for domination between two totalitarian countries. Two totalitarian countries can and did carry the extremes of torture and death to heights civilized men cannot easily imagine.

As freedom-loving Americans, we must remember the murder and destruction that had begun years before in Germany and Russia when these governments had begun to kill and arrest their own citizens. Stalin, the leader of Communist Russia, had been killing and starving his countrymen for twenty years. Hitler began his terror in Germany in 1934. Totalitarian states begin horrors against their own citizens to secure their absolute right to do whatever they desire whenever they desire to whomever they choose.

That is why, in 2009, Americans must not think that D-Day represents solely the triumph of good against evil. D-Day and all its death and destruction reminds us always that if the citizens of Germany and the Soviet Union had not allowed their own enslavement by their governments, D-Day, a day of liberation, would not have been necessary. In America, we must keep fighting for our own freedoms: if we become enslaved, there will be no liberation because there is no other to free us except ourselves.

If the Obama administration–or any other administration, as the erosion of freedom knows no single politician or party–begins to tax us at ninety percent, and confiscate our property in the name of ecology, and confiscate our guns, and draft our children into youth brigades, and we do nothing about it, no one will arrive on the beaches of America to save us. Then it will be everyone for himself, unless we are unified in revolution.

The men at of D-Day, our fathers, uncles, and grandfathers died to free others. If we forget their noble deaths, and allow our own enslavement not too many years later, it is because we Americans forgot to keep America free. My father told me as much weeks before his death in 1986 in a private chat.

“Remember,” he said, “I spent a year in Europe after the war ended. I met the Nazis and the Communists. Don’t let anybody tell you they are any different from each other. I couldn’t see any difference in them, and I had to deal with them every day.”

In 2009, we must discern between those who wish to keep America free and those who slowly and surreptitiously steal our freedom. Stay up-to-date on developments by reading and listening, and be alert to the real malevolence of this government against the people. You must begin to speak up in order to inform others around you and to instruct your elected representatives as to your demands that they carry out the people‘s mandate.

We ARE the government. Make the men who died at D-Day proud.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Ron, what a poignant reminder of what this anniversary of D Day should mean to all Americans and to all those who endured the traumas of that horrible experience. To many, our freedoms are just part of our every day life and not enough thought and respect are given to those who secured this most wonderful gift for us. God grant that we will be "invulnerable to the schemings of unworthy men." As you have reminded us, no one will be landing on the beaches of America to save us if we allow ourselves to be engulfed by evil and our liberties compromised. Only we can save ourselves with God's help. I am thankful for the brave men and women who have fought and are fighting now to preserve our nation…you and Jeff and all who contribute on this site are doing your part. I pray your message is heard and heeded by all.

  2. Claudia says:

    And GOrdon Brown, PM-England made the great freudian mistake of calling Omaha Beach — OBAMA BEACH — in his speech this morning….. how insulting to all the people that served and losat their lives there, so that OBAMA could claim the ultimate usurpership of the USA and the WORLD and Omaha Beach…. for that sort ofo slip is exactly what it seems to say.

  3. Chuck says:


    I don't understand what you are implying when you write "If the Obama administration…….begins to tax us at ninety percent" I believe Obama has only proposed a top marginal tax rate of 39.6

    Perhaps you are referring to 95%income tax rate in effect when the brave men were dying on the beaches of Normandy.

  4. Claudia says:

    The TOTAL Tax that is paid by every citizen through City, State and Federal tax is what (I am almost sure) Mr. Glenn was talking aout. If you add all that up, currently, everyone, is paying close to around 65% of our take home wages on taxes for all the things we consume, water, electricity, gas, coal, oil, tv's taxes on goods and services, autoobiles, rights to use them, properties, rights to live ther forermore, insurance, durable goods, (like clothing) tax on things you purchase for fun…. START COUNTING ALL THE TAX YOU PAY on everything you do and use, and you will find it is already quite high a percentage of your total income. And then you start adding VAT Tax (Value Added Tax) on luxury goods and death taxes, and medical/hospitalization tax, survivors taxes on property…. just think of all the many ways you are priviledged to pay those taxes and think about alll the money you throw at the government in one form or another, and you will be astounded.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It couldn't have been said better or in a more heartfelt manner.

    Our hearts break for the loss of those precious young men in the early hours of June 7, 1944, and we are forever grateful for their ultimate sacrifice that all of us might live a life of freedom.

    Thank you to the surviving D-Day veterans, and to the families of the lost. We will never forget

  6. Anonymous says:

    Way to politicize the death of all those brave soldiers in order to take naive and factually baseless jab at Obama. Please, in the future, have some class and separate the memory of this day from your political diatribes.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To "Anonymous" on 6/7 @ 5:47PM:

    Obviously, you're an Obama supporter, which is every bit your right. However, your adjectives describing most of those who comment here (as being without "class" and their opinions as "naive and factually baseless")seems a little classless and factually baseless to me.

    I know that I certainly "rant" from time-to-time, but I don't think that my "rants" are facturally baseless, and, at my age, I'm certainly not naive about much of anything. I've been a successful general manager of small corporations and spent thrity years in operational management positions at one of the worlds most highly respected technology companies; in other words, I've actgually had some responsibility and done something. So please, first get to know your subject matter and then be a little less of a reactionary and argue in specific terms – particularly, in this case, about the things that you think Obama and his administration has done right and why you would disagree with me when I say that he is the most unqualified President we have ever elected to office.

    Thanks, and welcome to the debate.

    Old Bob

    In the interest of being "factual" and

  8. elspeth says:

    Old Bob,

    I'm sure glad we are on the same side!



    Can anybody in here see Barack Hussein Obama climbing down rope ladders into a pitching landing craft to face blistering artillery and unlimited machine gun/rifle fire from an entrenched force on the beach? yeh, I didn't think so.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Elspeth said"

    Thanks – I can sure use the company.

    However, I'm always embarrassed by what I've written after it gets passed on by Jeff and posted on the blog.

    Invariably, there are misspelled words and grammatical errors that I just don't pick up when I'm writing it. I know what I want to say, but sometimes it gets lost between my fingers and the keyboard.

    So, for all of the errors in the past, and for all of the even more that I assume that I'll make in the future, I apologize. Just remember, my heart's in the right place.

    Old Bob

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