Krauthammer Being Krauthammer

Brilliant. Nothing, at all, I can add.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Charles for having the GUTS to say what the MSM obots refuse to say….where are their tributes to this young soldier who lost his life or the one who was injured? where is the sympathy expressed to their families?…the SILENCE is deafening!

  2. Linda says:

    But, Anonymous, do you expect anything different? How very sad. Krauthammer is right on!! Glad he spoke up. Thanks, Jeff, for bringing this to the fore so that we can pass it on.

  3. Gail B says:

    Jeff, I learned about Charles Krauthammer from your site some time ago.

    Someone should tape every word he has to say from his wakening moments to his first snores at night. Then put the recorder on "voice-activated" just in case he talks in his sleep!

    The man is brilliant. Thanks for every piece of his "right stuff" that you put up for us.

  4. Observer says:
  5. Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero - Peter Francisco says:

    Will the Muddy Stream Media at least show the Body Count and Flag Draped Coffin of the life that was sacrificed by Terrorists that were recruited and bred NOT in Guantanamo BUT in US JAILS. So the bigger danger of breeding more terrorists is not Gyantanamo but US jails with Muslims recruiting while pretending to be Christians.

    The LIE-berals fought so hard to be able to show the flag draped coffins on TV, has anyone seen one or a body count since O'Bushama took over the Regime? I guess soldiers lives are only worthy of PROPAGANDA when it is a Republican President. When it is a LIE-beral president: Move Along Nothing to See Here.

    I think we should start a Body Count for teh O'Bushama regime here with a section with the pic and name of all that made the ultimate sacrifice.

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