Good Night, and Good Grief

Good grief, it’s just been a rough few days for NBC News. First, the network’s marquee anchor gets caught possibly bowing before the president of the United States. Then, an exclusive, highly-promoted exclusive interview with the president showcases Williams, a supposedly objective journalist, bashing former President George W. Bush to the point where the current president needed to defend his predecessor. Now, Williams puts his journalistic credibility into question by participating in a ratings-driven sketch comedy bit for Conan O’Brien’s first week hosting The Tonight Show.

Tonight, I hear that Williams will be doing his broadcast with Sacha Baron Cohen in his lap, naked and covered only with chicken feathers.

I joke around, but this is serious stuff. I’ve been on record saying that I do think President Barack Obama has a good sense of humor; I think I’ve also mentioned before that I was impressed with Brian Williams’ timing during a hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live. The problem with the Conan O’Brien segment is that we’re at a spot where our children’s children will be burdened with the malfeasance of the last five months, and while Brian Williams should be asking the president how he can reconcile such an unprecedented expansion of government, instead he fluffs his way through an already fluffy fluff piece — and Obama actually jokes about the bailout culture currently dominating Washington, D.C.

Furthermore, from a journalistic standpoint, this is a time when a responsible news organization in NBC News’ position, outed by all as being in the tank for Barack Obama, should be overcompensating in an attempt to do anything possible to recover lost credibility. Instead, after NBC News might as well have been on the Obama campaign payroll for its work last year and through the first few months of Obama’s presidency, it is the president who should be expecting a check from CEO Jeffrey Immelt for his work promoting The Tonight Show.



  1. Gail B says:

    Jeff, the swooning over Obama(?) by the MSM is absolutely to the point of nausea for me. My TV rarely is turned on anymore. I watch Fox News on the computer, and the only other "TV" is through the video clips on your site.

    You just have to figure that these puppets of the MSM are being paid NOT to do any reporting of any value. Everybody in the world knows what is happening in the United States except the people inside the United States. Well, North Koreans don't know because their online newspaper is worse than ours; but for the most part, we're kept in oblivion.

    I've changed my mind about the Williams bow. It is a subservient gesture, as a bellhop would bow to a patron after receiving his tip. And, that's a shame!

  2. SITTIN IN A TREE says:

    Brian and Barry have a man crush. Careful Brian, he'll hurt you, ask Larry.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Jeff – There is one positive our of all this…no one watches NBC. Nightly news ratings stink and most people who watch are diehard liberals or old people who have fallen asleep at the TV.

    I thought it was interesting when the cable news ratings came out and Bill O'Reilly had more viewers than Olberman, Maddow and Matthews combined.

    I think Americans, no matter how stupid our electorate, want to find the truth. They are just so lazy the expect other people to do the work and feed them the information.

    Republicans need to be honest and sincere with the American people and quit acting like my 4 year old when she can't have candy. Mitt Romney has done an outstanding job in the past few months of talking about the issues at hand and he can do so by telling you exactly why something sucks and not just do general complaining. Love him.

  4. cal says:


    Our children will be burdened financially with the malfeasance of the past five months, but Brian Williams' kids will be just fine. Williams is raking in the money despite his reluctance to engage in any sort of objective journalism.

  5. sharon says:

    In my 50 + years of life I have never seen anything like this.. the president, the media, the swooning over a political leader… As God as my witness if I were 100% behind Obama and agreed with everything he said,I would still have the common sense and judgment to realize that this behavior is not normal…….on any scale….. I am a christian, considerably worried about Israel. The fact that he did not have a visit to our number one ally on his itinerary speaks volumes to me… God help us all. The gloves are off, this guy has to be a one termer… period.


    It's official, he's the Anti-Christ.

  7. Anonymous says:

    NBC, huh?

    Here's something with CBS:


    verification word: blised

    I know I am!

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