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Renewed embrace of Obama’s Muslim roots offers challenge to political right — avoid distraction

With so much talk on the right about the White House’s sudden decision to embrace the president’s Muslim roots, I think it is important to look at everything in perspective.

Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim. He is not a Jihadist Manchurian Candidate, just waiting for his opportunity to grow a beard, look into the cameras from behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and tell Americans: “Ha! I fooled you.” He is simply a hard-left politician bent on bringing the era of American exceptionalism to an end – that alone should be worrisome enough without the need to bring other distant possibilities into the equation.

Yes, I know that Obama was pictured during the early stages of the campaign in traditional Muslim garb, but he was in a Muslim country on an official visit and, as we saw with Speaker Pelosi and her hijab while visiting Syria [against orders from the Bush White House], when in Rome, you do as the Romans do. Yes, I know that he slipped up during a campaign stop interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, but as we’ve learned since then, take away the TelePrompTer and Barack Obama’s off-the-cuff speaking talent ranges somewhere between George W. Bush on the high end, and Joe Biden on the low end. And yes, I know that his school registration forms during his time in Indonesia show, unequivocally, that Barack Hussein Obama was registered as an Indonesian and as a Muslim, but think about what the lack of school choice has done here in the United States – millions of children are registered for school using an aunt or uncle or grandmother or grandfather’s address, and even name.

Point being, when it comes to fighting against the policies being advanced by this president, let’s stick to the plausible and iron-clad—that he is a student of Marx and every action he takes is intended to have an exceptional America take a step back while allowing the rest of the world to take a step forward—rather than the hypothetical or merely possible.

Barack Obama is a politician, and the sudden mainstream emergence of his Muslim faith has been orchestrated purely for political reasons. It was shielded from public view during the campaign because, well, any question as to background or faith would likely have been detrimental in terms of capturing the hearts—note, not minds—of superficial American voters assessing Obama by the image he projected. Now, as he attempts to push his foreign policy and address the Muslim community across the world, his background and faith is being resurrected because it could help him relate.

I was raised Catholic by a Catholic mother, but my father and his side of my family is Jewish. If I were running for president against an incumbent Barack Obama, you’d better believe that I would be speaking to every Jewish group that I could, explaining that I have Jewish blood, and telling any who would listen about my commitment to Israel and the Israeli people. If I were already president, I would do the same when reaching out to shape my administration’s Middle East policy. Some would call it pandering. I understand that. I’d call it honesty.

The problem I have with Obama’s new penchant for touting his Muslim roots is the détente-at-all-costs foreign policy he is trying to facilitate by doing so. I don’t agree with him on it at all. But, instead of raising my voice and allowing my blood pressure to elevate because of the Muslim blood on his father’s side, I’m going to save my energy to fight him on the real policies being put forth, both abroad and at home.

It is so important that we acknowledge the stranglehold the mainstream press has upon the public discourse in America, and that we look at each and every new talking point and not only analyze it for what it is, but also ask why it’s being advanced in the first place. As we watch our freedoms erode by the day here at home, and as we watch our national security become more porous with every day the president is overseas, it is essential that we keep our eye on the ball, that we pay attention to what he is doing and why, rather than any peripheral chaff being meticulously placed by an administration absolutely brilliant at shaping public opinion through a compliant press.



  1. Jule says:

    I suppose it's just quite bothersome for this story to come out, and the "accidental" leak of U.S nuclear sites and programs, simultaneously. I may be nuts, but I have had this bothersome gut feeling about this guy way before he was even the democrat nominee.

  2. MUJERLATINA says:

    What I find ironic is how the MSM orchestrates the shepherding of Sotomayor through the Congress — MUTE — and applauds her handlers' tactics. Meanwhile Sarah Palin was castigated for carefully choosing her interviews, and crucified for any opinions she gave. This whole Democrat Administration is in bed with the MSM. And there's not a darn thing we can do about it all. Regarding BHO's Muslim, I mean Christian fath and roots…. this hypocracy has been long in coming. The man was groomed by the Chicago Political machine, and it's 'pay-toplay-all-the-way'

  3. ARMAGEDDON says:

    Bet Pvt. Long would disagree that it is a religion of peace. Christians need to start putting on the armor(of God), and then some.

  4. Rix says:

    Jeff, we tend to politely disagree here. Obama is unlikely to be an active, mujahed-level zealot – he doesn't strike me as a particularly religious person – but he is still highly sympathetic to the Islamic cause, just as I am sympathetic to Israeli and Judaism in spite of my atheistic beliefs. That is what makes him a Muslim in my eyes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another great piece, Jeff and right you are, Julie. I too have this feeling that we are headed – or should I say "hurtling" – somewhere very dark and it is all propelled by what's inside of Obama's head.

    Isn't it interesting, the 180 degree turn (shall we call it "change you can believe in") this country has taken since "W" took office? We've gone from media derision to media worship, from a president with deep roots into the traditional values of America to an administration which openly has expressed distain for our system and values, from a family with a long history of service to the country at the highest levels, to a president who has a lineage of questionable moral and committment to the American values and has never done anything worthy of claiming even participation in, to say nothing of service to, the strengthening of our country or the preservation of ouconstitution?

    At least "W" could "channel" his father's valor and experience, and he HAD been an officer/pilot in the military, and he HAD run a for-profit busines. Obama can claim none of these traits or accomplishments. In fact, he has made his history a mystery rather than an asset.

    I keep asking myself "Who is this man, and what madness on the part of the American electorate brought the most unprepared president in history to power? Only time will tell, and, at my age, I may not live to see the fruition of his plan to "remake" America", but I look forward with great foreboding.

    Keep writing, Jeff. You're making a difference.

    Old Bob

  6. Linda says:

    Rix, well put, and I agree. Sorry, Jeff but for once I also have to disagree with you. Apologizing to these people only makes us more vulnerable. What part of THEY WANT TO KILL US doesn't he understand?

  7. Gail B says:

    Cover story at Canada Free Press:
    "Israel to Obama: 'No, You Can't!'"
    Here's the link:


    I personally believe that Obama(?) is Muslim, but I get your point, Jeff. It doesn't make a bit of difference WHAT he is, other than that he's the most un-American president I know of.

    BTW, if CFP puts a link to AR on its website, will you put CFP on yours?

  8. tm says:

    His mother and her family, that raised zero, were all communists.
    How many words could "time" magazine possibly type to justify that one word: "communist".



    I'm not disagreeing with Rix here, either. His priorities with regard to the Muslim world versus Israel are clear.

    In fact, Rix in a way is doing exactly what I was saying — get past his religion, and focus on his policies.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the glaring thing is that OBAMA LIED!

    coupled with his attempt to get away with knowingly putting up a falsified birth certificate.

    do we want someone like this for president? imo not even the majority of democrats will sign up for that.

    if obama is a USURPER, then all these bad decisions he's making has the possibility of being reversed. (sure some will not be able to be but we can minimize the damage.)

    finally, if obama was legit, WHY IS HE STILL FIGHTING IN COURTS claiming he didnt harm anyone by not revealing and prooving where he he was born. I THINK WE SHOULD DEMAND MORE. and all future candidates must prove this constitutional requirement beyond a shadow of a doubt before being allowed to run a campaign of any kind.

  11. Michael says:

    Islam 101- you can't argue with this.

    Since Obama was born to a Muslim father, then he, by default is/was Muslim.

    Since Obama was never baptised, then he is not a Christian and still a Muslim. The End.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, I disagree with you about Barry Soetoro not being Muslim. Because, anyone that believes that Black Liberation Theology is Christian, is plain nuts. Christainty is not taught or preached from Rev. Wright's pulpit, but more like hate. Obama is no more Christian, than the King of Saudi Arabia and neither is the Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Moreover, in due time, Obama will be exposed as being more than a pro Muslim, but an extreme anti-Israel, anti-American closet Muslim.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jesus (without whom, of course, there is no such thing as "Chritianity") said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father except through (or by) Me."

    When asked by an interviewer if Christ was the only way for entrance into heaven, Obama replied, "No, no, that's not the God that I believe in."

    You tell me, how can a person truthfully say that they are a follower of Christ and turn around and say that he was lying in probably the most important statement the He ever made? Still want to claim that Obama is a Christian?

    No, it's Obama who is lying, and if he would lie about something of this import, I would have to conclude that there is nothing that he wouldn't lie about.

    Old Bob

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