Markup Continues on Waxman-Markey Nightmare

Rep. Fred Upton, ranking Republican on the Energy and Environment Subcommittee (the subcommittee which Henry Waxman skipped with regard to taking debate over his disastrous cap-and-trade legislation to his Commerce and Energy Committee), took a few minutes away from the markup to address a few issues regarding the ongoing debate.

Despite being often dismissed by Democrats and the left-leaning mainstream press as simply the party of “no,” Upton made the point to mention that House Republicans are going out of their way to avoid simple stalling tactics, instead offering constructive amendments to the legislation, qualifying language which would essentially bring about the termination of the bill should economic effects of the legislation reach a certain tipping point.

“Basically,” Upton said, after pointing out that his home state of Michigan is already facing devastating unemployment, and all expect it to get worse, “what we’re doing is ensuring that, if unemployment reaches a certain level, this bill goes away; if China and India don’t participate–and of course they don’t, under this bill–this bill goes away; if gas prices go back to five dollars per gallon, this bill goes away.”

According to a report on C-SPAN, another provision pushed by Republicans would have purged, from the bill, a directive allowing federal inspectors to knock on the doors of each and every new and existing home in the nation and assess the energy efficiency of each. Lovely.

The Democrats, Upton said, have voted against every single one of them and, at the end of the day, Waxman likely has enough votes to “narrowly pass” the legislation and move it to the floor of the House of Representatives for debate. That point, Upton said, is when House Republicans truly will need the outrage and support from the American people. Getting to the Blue Dog Democrats, making it known that their re-election may depend upon their “nay” vote against the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, may be our best hope.

Otherwise, he points out, some are predicting “permanent recession” if this goes through. And I can believe it. This is an early coup d’grace in the political left’s War on Success and Prosperity. As I wrote on Monday in a piece entitled “The Exponentially Increasing Costs of a Manufactured Environmental Crisis,” this legislation is a complete and total nightmare.

And House Republicans simply cannot fight this nightmare alone. As soon as Waxman brings his gavel down, if not before, this will become a six-alarm, go-to-the-phones moment. Every single elected official on Capitol Hill MUST know that this is bill is a non-starter, and their vote on cap-and-trade will have a direct effect upon their future in office. In this case, if your congressman votes “yea,” it’s safe to assume that he or she knows the disastrous effects of this legislation, and cares more about advancing a liberal agenda than the well-being of his or her constituents.

In my opinion, we can come out on the right side of this and shoot it down, if only because of how truly bad the legislation is. Complacency, however, is not an option. Not this time.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I got an e-alert today that this bill would be in committee, so I went to, found the energy and committee office number, and called to voice my complete disapproval. I then e-mailed everyone on my conservative activist list. I'll make it easy on everyone…

    Energy & Commerce Committee:


  2. CAL says:

    I am ready to hit the phones as soon as necessary. If we get as many people calling about this as we had people calling about the stimulus, I think we can stop this legislation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Faxes can be sent to your representatives and the committee members themselves through

    Steve Elliott ( is the administrator of resistnet) You can also choose to send faxes on your own. It is under FAX Congress, Stop the Carbon Tax.

    Grassfire is what helped to shut down the Capitol phone systems two years ago, between faxes and phone calls, to stop the amnesty legislation.

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