American Exceptionalism, Dying a Slow, Green Death

Only an hour or so ago, President Barack Obama announced new mileage and emissions standards for automobiles, increasing the regulatory burden upon an industry already struggling to stay afloat. In the Rose Garden, he was flanked by Ron Gettelfinger and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gettelfinger, as UAW honcho, is perhaps most responsible for the downfall of the American automotive industry; Schwarzenegger, as California governor, is largely responsible for the bankruptcy and collapse of the Golden State.

Obama touted the new standards as an “historic agreement to help America break its dependence on oil, reduce harmful pollution and begin the transition to a clean-energy economy.”

If the liberals truly wanted America to break dependence on foreign oil, they would actively pursue drilling offshore, drilling in Alaska, and extracting oil shale in the continental United States. It would create millions of real jobs. It would revitalize the economy. It would make America the supplier, rather than a nation beholden to other nations which, at the very least, do not have American interests at heart.

But that’s not what they’re all about. They don’t want independence, they want an America dependent upon the federal government for every aspect of their lives. They want control, and what better way to control the people and the economy than having the bloated federal finger on the lightswitch.

Now, Obama is embracing the measures taken by the state of California, a state that imports more energy than any other state other than the island state of Hawaii, a state that is teetering on the edge of complete and total collapse, a state with record unemployment, record foreclosures, and record dependence upon government. This is the state that Obama models his federal model upon? We’ve seen that “green” means bankruptcy and unsustainability, with minimal if any environmental benefit, yet the president has no problem taking us down that very same road.

Now, Obama is actively looking to stifle everything that has made America, America. Mileage controls? Emissions controls? What effect will that have on business? What effect will that have on ingenuity?

Next, when people from coast to coast are forced into the latest Government Motors-made econoboxes, and gasoline sales and related tax revenue drop, look for an exponential increase in the taxes on gasoline and energy. Obama maintains that the additional cost per vehicle—estimated by the government to be $1300, so look for it to be between four and five thousand—will be offset by energy and gasoline savings. But what happens to that offset when taxes on gasoline increase to accommodate the revenue void left by decreasing gasoline sales?

It should be abundantly clear, from every action taken by this administration, that the Democrats have seized upon their chance to exert as much control over the American public as possible. With plans for cap-and-trade and nationalized health care legislation inevitable, Americans everywhere should stand up and take notice of just how much the federal government is now, and will be, involved in nearly every aspect of their daily lives.

For the liberals now pulling the strings, success is taboo and any potential for prosperity should be held in trust for the benefit of perceived public good, merely “perceived” because, as we see with these socialist policies masquarading as environmental salvation, any benefit to the public is certainly outweighed by the staggering stifling of wealth, stability, prosperity and success.



  1. Anonymous says:



    They can feel they control us ALL they want. One day we are going to lash back with force they would never have even imagined. Pity the poor innocent security forces. I would not want to wear any uniform with Federal acronyms plastered all over it. If they were smart they would start figuring out how to do this from the inside before we do.


    I understand where you’re coming from, but an armed insurgency isn’t the way to do it. We need to oust them in 2010 and 2012, and make sure we stay the course in terms of the conservative message so they stay out of power.

  4. D.A. Gust says:

    A barrel of crude is $59.75, that’s up ▲0.72 14:58 PM EDT – 2009.05.19


    We should see a major drop in prices real soon…don’t laugh…we really should. When this president speaks stuff happens, right? He does have several degrees does he not? (some newer than others) Well I guess I may be wrong…

    Control over every-little-thing-there-is-in-life = GOAL.

    R.I.P. USA,
    4 July 1976 – 4 November 2008. (ruled suicide)


    “For the first time in history, we have set in motion a national policy aimed at both increasing gas mileage and decreasing greenhouse gas pollution for all new trucks and cars sold in the United States of America,” Obama

    First time in history other than 1975, 1982, 1993, 2006… The mandated 10% ethonal gives you 5% less gas mileage per gallon… It will never end/they will never stop…there will be no new production sources of oil in this country!!

    See-y’all at re-education camp this summer…

  5. Rix says:

    > I understand where you're coming from, but an armed insurgency
    > isn't the way to do it. We need to oust them in 2010 and 2012, and
    > make sure we stay the course in terms of the conservative message
    > so they stay out of power.

    Jeff, we do not need an armed insurgency. There is an easier, non-violent way available, the one that already worked. We must stop paying federal – but not state or local – taxes. That will bring this "government" to a resounding crash. If there is blood to be shed – and I hope it will not come to that – let the oppressor start it. The action must be coordinated on the large scale (Tea Party organizing was a good experience) or it will have no effect.

    And Jeff, please, get off that "2010 comeback" horse. Hitler was elected in the most democratic way, you know, but there were no free elections afterwards until the Allies stomped him out. And in our case, there will be no Allies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought Conservatives were suppose to, you know… Conserve?

    I don’t get how Conserving energy is a problem with Conservatives.

    Can one of you fill me in?

  7. I AM GONNA PUKE says:

    I can ‘conserve’, recycle, reuse, as I do, without Nanny Government forcing me to. Show me in the Constitution where we shouldn’t litter or waste.


    How do you say “Sieg Heil” in Kenyan?

  9. Gail B says:

    When I first heard about this, my mind flashed a mental picture:

    I am driving a little thing about half the size of a VW Bug (I saw one Saturday) as everyone else is on the road, and a government official of some sort was quickly overtaking me in his muscle car.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, in a morally disordered country such as the U.S., the greatest influence hails from Wall Street.

    As long as the U.S. has the world’s currency reserve status, things will get worse and the current administration will try all the usual dumb things.

    They haven’t much time. Reserve status for a fiat currency is 100% dependent on morality, which the politicians have outlawed. The average life of a currency is around 40 years, the unbacked dollar is 38 years old.

    Wall Street has been in a self-destructive mode for at least 20 years. Chasing fast gains, which may be what happens in the middle ages of a fiat system, it became willing to destroy the country and everyone in it (and probably a lot of foreign investors who are quietly blackmailing the Fed since the US citizenry is too busy being mesmerized by the media to do anything about Our Big Problem the Fed which allegedly amassed $30,000 in debt for every man, woman and child in the US, so they can pay off a bad deal. What a lucrative business for crooks this is becoming.) Addicted to self-love and fame, the country’s head narcissist-in-chief, Mr. Obama, is unable to protect taxpayers or lead the country to economic safety.

    The Democrats have very little time to make a case that they are not a huge part of the problem. On a daily basis, they are missing hundreds of opportunities to right the sinking ship. One exception is Alan Grayson, a congressman from the south. He may have what it takes to get the country out from under the Fed’s wreckage. Look for him on youtube.

    St. Augustine said that self-love caused the destruction of the Roman Empire. Self-love is putting the love of the created before the love of God, the Creator. Secularism feeds the disorder. Engineering fooled men into thinking they could game the Creator’s system.

    Secularism is on its way out.

    Self-love caused the Wall Street gamblers to take over the Fed, it caused the CEOS and union leaders to pervert capitalism, it causes the blindness of the media, it has ruined the schools and churchmen, it is why Obama and all politicians of the day are so weak and peevish on moral issues.

  11. goddessdivine says:

    That sign is too funny. Some people are real idiots.

    It’s all about control. Next up? Health care.

  12. PattyW says:

    “If the liberals truly wanted America to break dependence on foreign oil, they would actively pursue drilling offshore, drilling in Alaska, and extracting oil shale in the continental United States.”
    Jeff, I was listening carefully and Obama never said this was to reduce our use of “foriegn” oil, he said it was to reduce our use of oil-period. Like that’s gonna happen!
    And it came as no surprise that Obama had the audacity to take credit for the great weather in DC today! Did you catch that little opening remark? I couldn’t believe my ears!

  13. hotpink12T says:

    I am horrified by the thought of the government controlling the types of cars produced. I only buy foreign used now and I have a Benz with 120K miles on it that I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off, but I concerned about what will the tax be on my cars. Also I drive vary far to work and school where I am earning a doctorate in a high need medical specialty — what is my incentive to drive there for my degree and then work for a socialized medical system???!!!?? Grrr… could everyone please reread atlas shrugged!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    @ I am gonna puke….

    Why must it be in the constitution that you must not litter or waste?

    As Conservatives are usually Christian, I would think that they would want to take care of the Earth that God has given them…. without having to be forced to do so by law.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha, let’s go over to “i’m gonna puke”‘s house and detail his stewardship. Let’s hope we get the right man in the WH next go round so we can dismantle this stupidity. And people wonder why there’ll be nothing left to retire on.

  16. NOBODY GETS ME says:

    I guess anonymous is too christian to pick up on sarcasm. Passed right over my 3 words “as I do”. I am 57 years old and have never thrown anything out my car window. Passing TDOT trucks with crews getting paid way too much for picking up litter really angers me.

    My constitution ‘joke’ was to infer exactly your comment. Thank you for doing it in a non ‘comical’ way.


    Play this scenario out Jeff. They DON’T GET OUSTED (and I am talking about all of em – no party love here) AND they continue to shred what this country is all about, on paper, and in spirit. Do we not go to defend our way of life as the Continental Army did, or do we all just fade into a nazi-like mindless state?

    If the very core of our nation wasn’t being violated I could see your approach. Wait every two years for the ballot box. Pretty soon it is quite possible the ballot boxes are going to be meaningless anyway.

    So at what point do we, move?, lay down, or struggle?

    If we as a country never get up the balls to vote the ENTIRE House out in one fell swoop they will never get the message.

  18. pwc says:

    If (and it is doubtful) I could save $1300 per year with the Obamamobile, and if I could buy one for $26000, the savings would break even in 20 years.

    I hope the Obama car companies offer a 20 year warranty.

  19. cal says:

    I think there is a typo in this piece in the third to last paragraph – But what happens to that offset when taxes on gasoline. – It seems like you did not finish the sentence.

    In any case, what people need to talk about with respect to these new cafe standards is that they are going to cost lives!!!!! People are going to die in these new cars as they are going to have to be much smaller and lighter in order to meet the mileage requirements. It is unbelievable to me what meddlers these liberals are. They have to literally control every aspect of our lives and they are more than happy to kill people in the process.

  20. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Thanks, Cal. It’s like my brain just shut off for a moment. Fortunately, it’s not like me to just stop mid-stream and forget to finish a


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