Oh God … Love ‘Ya … Joe Does it Again

Vice president slips, reveals existence and location of secret bunker

The day was June 15, 1992. At an elementary school spelling bee in Trenton, New Jersey, Vice President Dan Quayle corrected–albeit strenuously–a student’s spelling of “potato,” maintaining to dropped jaws around the room and country that the popular tuber actually is spelled with an additional “e” on the end.

William Figueroa, the student, soon thereafter appeared as a guest on David Letterman’s late night television show during its last year on NBC, and was asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at that summer’s Democratic National Convention. Quayle was ridiculed endlessly, and to this day eats only tortilla chips and julienned vegetables instead of potato chips and french fries.

Okay, so that last part was a complete fabrication. The truth, however, is that current Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. makes former Vice President James Danforth Quayle III look like Albert Friggin’ Einstein. When it comes to President Obama’s second-in-command, the wheel may be turning, but the hamster is dead.

During last year’s presidential campaign, among other fun items, Biden (1) maintained that “jobs” was a three-letter word, (2) misstated the provision in the Constitution governing the role of the vice president, (3) introduced the man at the top of his ticket as “Barack America,” (4) argued that “when the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed” (FDR wasn’t president at that time, and TV was still in experimental stages), and (5) told a wheelchair-bound state lawmaker to stand up.

I will never, ever tire of seeing this video clip. Ever.

Since taking his position as Vice President, Biden has (a) been unable to recall the “Web site number” for one of the administration’s Web sites, (b) caused panic by warning people to stay off the subways, (c) dropped the “f-bomb” while on a live microphone because he was late to an event, (d) mocked the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court for an Inauguration Day blunder, and (e) substituted “Stewart” for “Stevens” when addressing the Associate Supreme Court Justice of the latter name.

Today, Fox News is reporting that, during the recent Gridiron Dinner, Biden actually revealed the existence and location of the secret, fortified bunker developed and used by his predecessor in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Yet he continues to get a complete pass from the mainstream press, the same people who likely still joke about Quayle if given the chance, the same people who dismissed and derided Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin–who Biden famously said was only lieutenant governor–as being intellectually incapable of holding the vice presidency.

Obviously, some people are incapable of keeping their mouths open for a significant period of time without stuffing a loafer past their tonsils. Biden is one of those people. Quayle was too, as his blunders were not limited to the “potato” incident. Honestly, nobody is perfect–even the liberal Messiah needs a TelePrompter–but perfection doesn’t even enter into it: all I ask, all the people deserve, is for the treatment of these people to be the same regardless of political ideology. Stupidity and the inability to conjure up a complete sentence, after all, knows no political party.

In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be poking around in the vice presidential bunker now that I know where it is — it was built by Dick Cheney, so there must be some good scotch or something down there.



  1. Lilly says:

    The gift that keeps giving!
    We were away from computers and tv for a long weekend. Came home and this was the first story that I saw! You just never know what is going to come from this administration next!

  2. Gail B says:

    If Obama stays in office as president, we’re in trouble.

    If anything happens to Obama as president, we’re in trouble.

    Oh, you do remember when Obama introduced Biden as the “next President of the United States,” don’t you?

    I think we’re in trouble.

    Jeff, if you happen to run into Cheney in the bunker, and if he asks you to go bird hunting with him, REFUSE! And, don’t ride in a car with Ted Kennedy, either.

  3. goddessdivine says:

    And we have a president who once claimed we have 57 states. Personally, I think that’s the worst gaffe of them all (pales in comparison to a spelling word). Actually, Biden’s FDR one is pretty bad too. That’s a close second. Hmmmm. Where’s the MSM on those?

    I think Biden must have a quota of gaffes to fill. I wonder how he likes the taste of rubber soles–his foot is always in that mouth.

  4. Bodenzee says:

    If anyone from the same CIA that our current government likes to disparage had done this they’d be looking at up to 10 years in jail, USC 18 ยง 798.

    I doubt that the President declassified the information about this bunker before Biden disclosed it. Why isn’t Biden facing the same penalty as anyone else?

    Is stupidity now a defense?

  5. Mike says:

    Ha. I love Joe.

  6. Mike says:

    Actually goddessdivine our former had the best gaffes, and they will be missed.

    “It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.”

    “The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country.”


  7. tm says:

    Maybe because I’ve been in dc too long – but me thinks ol joe should really lay off the bottle, since after all these years he has a “purpose” (sarc). The botox doesn’t do anything for booze wrinkles.

  8. NO LIKEY MIKEY says:

    I guess Mike hadn’t violated parole, he’s backkkkkk. Can’t defend these buffoons in power so he takes shots at the last buffoon in power…. at least that buffoon kept us safe for 8 years….let’s see how well this one does.

  9. WHAT A DORK says:

    Joe Biden: living proof that a ‘high’ IQ doesn’t really mean anything.

  10. THE TRIPLE FROWN says:

    United States Presidential succession

    1. Barry Soetoro
    2. Joe Biden
    3. Nancy Pelosi

    This country is a joke.


    I just love how Joe revealed the location of the SUPER TOP SECRET bunker that had been created to protect the VP….. what an ass!
    See news report below:

    Vice President Joe Biden, well-known for his verbal gaffes, may have finally outdone himself, divulging potentially classified information meant to save the life of a sitting vice president.

    According to a report, while recently attending the Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, an annual event where powerful politicians and media elite get a chance to cozy up to one another, Biden told his dinnermates about the existence of a secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, which is now the home of the vice president.

    The bunker is believed to be the secure, undisclosed location former Vice President Dick Cheney remained under protection in secret after the 9/11 attacks.

    Eleanor Clift, Newsweek magazine’s Washington contributing editor, said Biden revealed the location while filling in for President Obama at the dinner, who, along with Grover Cleveland, is the only president to skip the gathering.

  12. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    United States Presidential succession

    1. Barry Soetoro
    2. Joe Biden
    3. Nancy Pelosi

    This country is a joke.The Triple Frown! HAHAHAHA!!

  13. Claudia says:

    well, the one good thing out of this is IF we have another terrorist attack, they now know where to FIND good ol’ Joe…… follow the VP to his home and then dig a hole….. and walla there he will be, PRICELESS

  14. Anonymous says:

    Triple Clown Succession:


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