Democrats, Newspapers, and the Fall of American Exceptionalism

A little more than a week ago, Sen. John Kerry and other Democrats disclosed that they have begun to explore options through which the federal government can assist the ailing and failing newspaper industry. Chief among those options was tax relief, including but not limited to providing such tax breaks that would allow newspapers to run as nonprofits, therefore reducing or eliminating the tax burden on struggling media outlets. Kerry and his colleagues touted the need for the media’s role as “watchdog,” and said that reducing the tax burden on media companies could help the struggling industry survive.

Yesterday, Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, a Democrat, approved a tax break that would allow publishers to take advantage of a 40 percent tax cut in that state’s primary business tax, a move which, according to the Seattle Times, mirrors similar breaks “given in years past to Boeing Co. and the timber industry.”

In doing their best to rescue the newspapers, Democrats are essentially admitting that reducing the tax burden on a particular business or industry can promote necessary growth and stability. At the same time, however, the very same Democrats are pushing cap and trade, a crushingly heavy tax on businesses large and small, all in the name of the manufactured crisis that is global warming. Furthermore, the very same Democrats have supported an increased tax burden on people making more than $250,000 each year, all in the name of social justice.

So, if the industry in question is an essential ingredient in the Democratic Party’s ability to force much of its counterproductive and contraconstitutional agenda, common sense triumphs and the industry is supported with tax cuts; if the industry is nonessential to the party’s perpetuation of power, taxes are increased, and that industry flounders.

How absolutely telling.

Knowing that the reduction of tax burden facilitates success, it’s fair to say that the Democrats are lying when they argue the purity of their motives, when they maintain that their efforts are all in the name of economic recovery. If they reduce taxes out of hope that the newspapers succeed, what does that say about their hopes with regard to the coal industry, to agriculture, health care, and nearly all small business? It should be as clear as day — the Democrats want American mediocrity, plain and simple. Examining their actions with regard to the newspaper industry, considering their zeal in pushing the envelope with regard to IRS tax exemption distinctions, and knowing that the Democrats do indeed understand the impact that a reduced tax burden can have on business and industry, why else would they pursue tax and regulatory actions which would further force business and industry overseas?

It’s almost laughable when you consider how much flak Rush Limbaugh received from the left for his well-publicized comments that he hoped Barack Obama failed in his quest to reshape America. Limbaugh, knowing that the Democrats are actively pushing for the end of American exceptionalism, was hoping that America would retain its place as the world’s superpower. The Democrats chided him for it. To them, American exceptionalism is failure. Mediocrity, social justice and global wealth redistribution is success.



  1. Bodenzee says:

    I believe that this nation’s obit is in preparation. At my age my obit may be published first, but I am still truly angered to see the government supporting the press financially. During the past few years the MSM has behaved reprehensibly. Now the government is supporting the media through tax reductions. The newspapers and the rest of the MSM
    have become whores. They have NO integrity.

  2. goddessdivine says:

    Of course they want to save the media. They love Obama. What would this administration do if it lost a chunk of its cheerleaders and puppets?

    Obama wants to ‘save’ everyone in his voting base: journalists, union members, ACORN, anyone receiving a handout, etc.

    (It would be interesting to see which publications are actually struggling, and which are staying afloat.)

  3. Michael says:

    Very, very good point.

  4. Gail B says:

    If the newspapers understood what journalism is, they wouldn’t be in trouble!

    By the same token, Internet sites for news are becoming more and more popular because people can find out what is going on in the world…and, people are not watching television news as they once did. Yellow journalism just doesn’t cut it.

    When “Meet the Press” Tim Russert died, I cried–I wept for the loss of a man I respected, liked, and trusted.

    Replacement David Gregory’s ratings are falling. He has shown himself to be right in bed with the MSM, and, quite frankly, slanted reporting becomes boring on television just as quickly as it does in the newspapers.

    No wonder so many people love AR with their coffee in the mornings! Thank you, Jeff and Friends, for your wonderful, truthful reporting of the news!

  5. Gail B says:

    Well, the liberal Democrats can’t very well blame this one on Bush! The newspapers weren’t in trouble while he was in office.

    (What’s that music?) Guess we’re in the Twilight Zone now, huh?


    Let the stupid papers fail. I hate this NANNY STATE.

  7. AR ROCKS says:

    I go straight to America’s Right; after a while I realize I have forgotten to check my email and Facebook. This is like a newspaper you can bitch back to.


    The only reason I need a newspaper is to line my African Grey’s cage. My parrot that says “Obama, Yo Momma”

  9. tm says:

    New media smells like a rotted piece of garbage that needs to be thrown out. Let them all fail. I want them to fail publicly. Journalism and the lack of it is dead when all they do is push policy for the political agenda machine – one sided is an absolute understatement. 50 yrs ago – this new media would have been considered something straight out of communist russia. It would have not been tolerated in my parent’s america.

  10. Rix says:

    That’s a cue ball. If it passes without a riot, prepare for similar legislation to be introduced on federal level. Isn’t Congress supermajority a sweet thing…


    Oh wait a minute, I just remembered I do need a newspaper!….. to use to start my bonfires out here where I burn cords and cords of wood from trees I am clearing out. Sorry Al Gore.

  12. Claudia says:

    I haven’t read or even picked up a newspaper in about three or four years now, because they are soooo corrupt and inept at really giving any NEWS that they are laughable. I used to put out a small weekly newspaper for my community and I did NEWS, not bias.

    I haven’t watched anything on the TV but FOX and I don’t get cable, so the FOX that I watch is a corruption of blending both News and Bias to the genreal public and I only watch that on Sundays AM, and then only grudgingly. Otherwise, I get all my NEWS and information off of the talk radio (listen to each day, except weekends) and internet sites that I visit EVERY DAY.

    IF the NEWS MEDIAS had to depend on my contribution or advertising buying for support they would have gone out of business a LONG TIME AGO, and that is where I truly think they should be: OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

  13. Gail B says:

    Claudia, your news sources described mine to a T.

    Go to this website, BOOKMARK IT, scroll down to USA, pick the one that the letters include your state, and go from there, to watch what you want.

    Copy and paste the WHOLE THING!)

    Also, you can search for C Span 1, 2, or 3 and watch what’s going on in Congress.

    (Really nice for me, now that I have a faster computer!) Fox News has stopped its live streaming, unless you pay to watch it at Glenn Beck’s site.

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