Meet the New Crisis

Assigned Reading: Recession Hurting Social Security, Medicare

Why were the Democrats so vehemently against the privatization of Social Security? Sure, there’s the recurring mindset on the left that the government can better spend and save your money than you can, but I’m not so sure that was it.

My thought, as an ominous report surfaced yesterday about the floundering Social Security and Medicare systems, is that if social security were privatized, there would be no program to (a) pilfer money from for other projects and, more importantly, (b) utilize in terms of a crisis used to pass otherwise unpalatable proposals.

Here, we’re seeing the latter. The Democrats know that sweeping changes in the health care system may not be met with open minds and open hearts, as the prospect of rationing alone will turn many people off, so just as with the unpalatable so-called “stimulus” plan and pork-filled appropriations bill, crisis must be used as an excuse for radical action.

My fellow Americans, meet the new crisis.



  1. goddessdivine says:

    There was a story the other day on Fox about how we’ve gotten to the point where funds received for social security are just about even with the outgoing funds. This is 8 years earlier than predicted!

    Social security should be privatized.

  2. whats_up says:

    goddessdivine said…

    I dont know that the whole system should be privatized, had that happened earlier can you imagine the loss that would have taken place with the recent financial crisis. However some type of hybrid system where you can opt to privatize all or some of your funds I could get behind…with the cavaet that what gets privatized isnt guaranteed by the govt.

  3. sharon says:

    Democrats will never take care of social security.. They need as many people as possible drinking from the government bottles.


    Just issue us all a cyanide pill and two buzzards to keep in the yard.

  5. CAL says:

    I think the main reason democrats do not want to privatize social security is because they want control of as many pursestrings as possible. I do agree though that the recent news of social security’s impending bankruptcy is not bad news to the crisis mongers on the left whose main purpose in life is to scare and manipulate.
    I am just hoping that more and more Americans are going to become tired of living in a state of constant crisis and will say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They blame Bush for this mess but watch this video as the Democrats wildly cheer when it is mentioned that Congress didn't pass his proposal for Social Security during his 2006 State Of The Union address…


  7. Rix says:

    I’ll play the devil’s advocate here: what if the privatized Social Security funds find themselves in the hands of another Madoff? Moreover, who gets to decide who controls, oversees and, most importantly, profits from such a vast leverage source?

  8. PSYDOG says:

    I heard today that Social Security and Medicare systems will take up around 3/4 of the budget in a couple of years if the systems are not changed. These politicians need to wake up. They are killing this country and the masses are hypnotized by the media. Wake up America!!

  9. SHOW ME THE MONEY says:

    I’d rather Madoff get the money than ACORN.

  10. Dick McDonald says:

    The blueprint for the Republican Party is at

    There we privatize SS & MC and make the poor rich and the country wealthier, pay off the $55 trillion immediately, solve the current financial crisis – and much more – call me if you're interested at 818-998-6800

    Dick McDonald

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