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Assigned Reading: Rasmussen and the Quietly Rusting Democratic Advantage
(FROM: Redstate)

This was included in the Daily Dozen yesterday, but I felt the need to expand upon it. Despite how things might look here in downtown Philadelphia, I DO think that the American people are going to wake up, wise up and stand up for their country. The Rasmussen numbers show that it may already be happening.

That’s why, over the next few days, weeks and months, I am going to dedicate this place for discussion about how to retake America. I picked a photograph of the Jefferson Memorial for a reason — not only is it my favorite architecturally, but the Jeffersonian idea as to the scope of our federal government is exactly what we need.

Right now, when I have a little time, I’m working on a piece about how the GOP, to succeed, must distill the conservative and Republican message down to its absolute core: role of government. Of course, we cannot forget about the War on Terror or the sanctity of life or any other specific issue or argument. Of course not. What will allow us to put forth that agenda is control. And what will garner control is a boiled-down message tapping into the core of conservative, Libertarian and Republican ideals, a message which will resonate with Americans turned off by one particular issue or another.

It’s coming. And it might just be good timing.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Why care about the GOP?

    What must be saved, should not, could not, will not come from anything presently established.

    There is no distinction between the agenda of the ruling parties.

    For example, the present California election, these issues should NOT be voted by the public.

  2. elspeth says:

    Whenever I read stories like the ones published in a recent Reader’s Digest about the struggles people overcame in their desire to live in America and enjoy our freedoms, leaving their families and homelands, establishing themselves as productive members of our society LEGALLY, it is very clear to me WHY we must defend our way of life, the freedoms we enjoy as a nation, and limiting federal government’s control.

    When we remember that America is where the world “escapes” to, we need to do whatever is necessary to keep our children from wanting to “escape” America. This is the land of choice, and the reasons why it is the land of choice should be what motivates us to keep it remaining so.

    When we as voters lose sight of that, we elect politicians who have lost sight of that, and we get a government who has lost sight of that.

  3. Gail B says:

    If we do not divide our own selves by bringing in issues such as abortion, whatever, but focus on principles upon which we agree, then we will be united. It’s one thing to fight issue by issue individually, but quite another as a party.

    When candidates start talking about conservative principles and constitutionality, the unity chord rings loud and clear.

  4. Linda says:

    I totally agree, Jeff: “. . .must distill the conservative and Republican message down to its absolute core . . .” They, and those on the side of reason and rationale to protect and preserve this country, must get down to basics and just point out the differences in philosophies and where each one will [historically] get this country. It’s fascinating to me how we in this country are bent on not learning from history. Looking forward to your article.

    P.S. Anonymous: Why shouldn’t the upcoming California issues be voted on by the public? The only thing wrong about the issues – and one of the main things that continue to be wrong about government – is that those making the rules never want to make cuts from the top on down; the cuts always have to come from the bottom up. We don’t need new cars for the legislatures – let them drive their own cars to work; they don’t need gas allowances nor maintenance allowances; they don’t need to have exhorbitant dinners and affairs at the cost of the taxpayers. They are the ones who have bankrupt our state with the programs for the illegals and their “entitlement” programs – not the voting and working public. Further, the measures on the upcoming ballot have been written so that one feeds off the other; if one runs out, they can borrow from the other without recourse and, well, you get the drift. If it means fewer teachers, so be it. Then maybe we won’t have to put up with the so-called “teachers” in our schools poisoning our children’s minds with their own agenda. It’s about time the fat cats stoppoed being given a free rein to make rules without any accountability. You cannot take the voice away from the people. Here again, historically, that’s not the basis upon which this country was built.

  5. cher-pa says:

    The Constitution is the CORE issue.It must be protected at all costs.

  6. Rix says:

    There is a nagging question I itched to ask for as long as I read this blog. With me being an atheist, my respect for human life only goes as far as the state law requires. Hence, my position on abortions is moderate at best, possibly reaching as far as “slobbering liberal” on assisted suicide. On the other hand, I see myself as a sworn libertarian on economy, in full sync with Tancredo on immigration, and believe Bush to be overly mild on national security. As such, should I even bother to call myself a conservative? Or is the “republican tent” not large enough for the likes of me?

  7. BE YOURSELF says:

    Rix, I doubt the “democrat tent” is large enough for you either.

  8. CAL says:

    I think the one thing Obama is doing is bringing patriotic Americans together – republicans and democrats. I have been involved in some grassroots groups in my area and people from different ends of the political spectrum are worried about the federal government not adhering to basic constitutional principles. When it comes down to freedom and following our founding documents, Americans of all political persuasions come together. Obama is taking this country in a radically different direction and people are sensing that. I think the republicans can build a coalition of conservative republicans and moderate democrats who believe in the rule of law and believe in our capitalist system. I think these are the issues we need to focus on now. The social issues will follow once we have people in office who believe in the core principles of America.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jeff; I have been trying to get traction on the Constitutional issue of natural born.Reasoned study of the constitution makes clear that the natural born is of two citizens born in this country. I suspect that the majority of concerned Americans do not relize obamas father was a British citizen. If this was made a public issue,what the Cons. intended,maybe we can get public backlash going.The Supreme court will respond and decide this glaring issue if enough American pressure becomes clear. Please respond to me at I need your knowledge and responce. Gods Grace.

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