Another Shining Example of Obama’s Solipsism

***Note the update below***

Assigned Reading: Obama Bans the Commonfolk from Normandy
(FROM: Breitbart’s Big Hollywood Blog)

While at Wal-Mart this past weekend, I spotted a World War II vet a few spots behind me in the crowded line. All he had on him? A package of decaf Folgers. I made sure he got through with us, and didn’t have to pay for the coffee. He protested a little bit and offered to hand me the five dollars but, noting his hat, I told him that he had done more than enough for my wife, daughter and I.

I had a few minutes to speak with him and, while it was not nearly enough, I understood that he had been in the Pacific theater. And while this particular man was certainly sprightly considering his age, on the drive home I could not help but think about how many of our WWII veterans are leaving us with each passing day.

Then, I see this article. Now, I will say that it is NOT sourced but, if true, this administration has sunk to a new low. The most telling part of the piece, to me, was a certain anecdote and comparison with former President George W. Bush:

The 65th Anniversary of D-Day is fast approaching. Barack Obama will attend the events on June 6th as George Bush did in 2004 for the sixtieth memorial service. Here is the rub, as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day. Obama is very important you know. This is an unprecedented request. I hope the French come to their senses and deny it.

Compare that with 2004. Security was tight as President Bush and other world leaders were in attendance, but the event was still open to all. A friend relayed the story of waiting in line to use a port-a-potty (a French port-a-potty no doubt, yuck, believe me.) She looks to her left and who he is in the next line waiting patiently? President Bush. Sure he had Secret Service nearby, but he waited like everyone else.

Contrast that with Team Obama not even allowing regular people near Colleville-Sur-Mer that day. A shame indeed. Especially as the last of our WW II vets are expiring.

To borrow a comment from an acquaintance of mine, a man certainly smarter than myself:

“He’s not fit to walk on the dirt those men are buried in. If he goes, he should have to come ashore under the same conditions my father did. I’ve been there. I’ve walked Utah and Omaha. I crawled under the fence and set with my legs dangling over the edge at Point du Hoc. That this embarrassment and disgrace would go, and make demands for his own comfort and safety, pisses me off.”

I couldn’t agree more. This speaks volume for the president’s disdain for the military, ambivalence toward our freedom, and ignorance of the sacrifice needed to allow our nation to provide, for a man such as himself, the opportunity to sit in the office which he now desecrates and govern the very country he may very well destroy.


Note the following, from the Breitbart site:

UPDATE and CORRECTION: Barack Obama deciding to come to Normandy at the last minute, after his return from Egypt, has forced public tour companies to cancel their bookings for June 6th without warning. My original source blamed this on the US State Department when in fact it was the French government itself that made this decision.

I have learned from a follow-up source, that while it is unprecedented for the late notice, this would have most likely been the protocol in any case.

A bit less scandalous than first reported.

So, my apologies to the president (as if he reads this Web site, anyway!), and my apologies to all of you for following a source without knowing for sure. It’s not something I do often here, if at all, so that’s the reason I made specific note of my misgivings. Nevertheless, it certainly says something about President Obama’s character when such a slight would not seem out of character, and as the American president, his attendance at Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day should not have been any sort of afterthought.



  1. Claudia says:

    When Obama was in France during his APOLOGY TOUR around the world, he was asked by Sarkozy if he wanted to go to Normandy and he preferred to go to Turkey and have Town Hall Meetings with Turkish people rather than to go visit the place where so many men died for France in the name of America…. and now he wants to visit it at a time that is sacred and many of those surviving soldiers plan to make the annual visit (or possibly their ONLY VISIT there since coming home) there and he wants to close the place down so that he can be there by himself, HOW RUDE of him…. how callous and indecent of him, that he would have to shut the whole place down so he can visit it, some of those men only have a very short time to live anymore life, as they are mostly in their late 70′s to mid 90′s now, how stupidly rude of Obama….. to deprive those families and men (soldiers of America) who gave life and limb to save another country and stop the madness of a few men in the process, how utterly without compassion or consideration and feeling of Obama to put his own self gratification before those people’s.

    It is all about Obama and his NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and his own greatness in his own mind, but certainly not in his heart.

  2. Linda says:

    OMG I hate this arrogance. Every day brings me closer and closer to intolerance. I have been told by my very Christian friends that I shouldn’t hate this person, but my goodness – his disrepect for those who made this country what it is (or maybe was by now) so that he could get to where he is (legally or illegally) is abhorent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    he is like a spoiled brat, everytime he gets away @ something , next time he trys something bigger and outrageous

  4. Gail B says:

    “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Once again, I am shamed by his representation of the United States of America! Your friend is correct, in my opinion.

    Not only is Obama big-headed, he is AFRAID!

    Oh, here’s a good word for him: the word to verify — SQUEEP! (That one is as good as “weaslturd” from some time ago!)

    Question: Can he just ONCE behave like the person he is SUPPOSED to be? Does he always have to act like a dork? Those are OUR HEROES in that soil!


    Obama, shame on you.

  6. goddessdivine says:

    And this is surprising because……

    C’mon. Obama is THE most important person in the world. It’s his way or the highway. When he says ‘jump’, we’re supposed to say ‘how high?’
    (major sarcasm included)

    Sick display of narcissism.

  7. goddessdivine says:

    By the way, I bet that vet was really appreciative of your gesture. Unfortunately we live in a time when most people don’t seem to give a flying leap about the military. They need to be honored.

    And hearing things like Bush waiting in line just makes me like him even more. A lot of people may not like his politics, but at least he has some humility.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Re:Linda’s comment at 7:13 PM.

    As a Christian, I’ll have to confess that there is a very fine line between my “righteous indignation” and the feeling that you express. I’m working on it and trying very hard not to lose touch with the concept of the sovereignty of God.

    I’m also reminded by your piece, Jeff, of the quote from the Nuremburg war crimes trials: “The essence of evil is the absence of empathy.” Narcissiom and empathy, by defintion, are mutually exclusive. Hello, Obama. Which term best descibes you?

    Old Bob

  9. CAL says:

    That is an amazing story – President Bush waiting in line for a port a potty. He is a good and decent man and we were fortunate to call him our President. I was not happy with a lot of his domestic policy – too much spending – but he kept us safe and he had tremendous respect for our military. I hope more of these stories get out over time and people appreciate what he did for this country.

  10. Momathome says:

    My father had many friends who fought in WWII and several who didn’t come home. (He was just barely too young to go but joined up at 17 just after the war ended. He was active through Korea.) His greatest dream for his whole life was to go to Normandy and pay tribute to those who gave everything for his freedom (And all of ours!). Two years ago, he finally got the chance when he and my mother took a European cruise to celebrate her 75th birthday. Tragically, he contracted a Norovirus on the ship and died on the floor of their cabin where he had been quarantined, in front of his wife of 53 years, who kept asking the medical staff to come and check on him! The last photos that I have of my dad are of him standing on the hallowed ground above the beaches and there are tears in his eyes. Barack Obama has NO RIGHT to even suggest that the public be kept away so that he can get his “photo op”! There are many men, such as my father, who may have waited for fifty years to pay homage to their friends and their fellow warriors!

    Why won’t ANYONE in the press call this guy out for his inexcuseable anti-American actions?! We know that he has no shame but I would hope that someone in the VFW or another veterans group would get hold of this story and start shouting it from the rooftops!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The article’s been updated and corrected; it turns out that it wasn’t the US State Department but rather the French Government that decided to cancel public tours on June 6th.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The French government was probably fearful that someone would outdo O. at this precious site, plus they were probably fearful of the possible security risks for the “narcissist-in-chief.

    He could care less about this sacred and hallowed ground where young men gave everything that he might have what he possesses right now. Such an antithesis.

  13. Jake says:

    Romano is a good reporter, I’m glad for the update and correction. Something rarely seen from the other side.

  14. Ian Thorpe says:

    In view of the correction, nothing to say on the story. Port – a potty had be thinking a minute before I realised it was a Portaloo.

    As thisstory centres on France it is worh noting the connection of the term “loo” with the French language. The term of choice for those who deem themselves too polite to say “can” or “bog” it is said to have originated in medieval Edinburgh. Shortage of building land in the “auld toon” forced developers to build tall narrow houses, of possibly five or six storeys. For the same reason the streets were very narrow.

    Plumbing was non existent of course and sanitation was basic to say the least, a bucket at best. To avoid having to descend all those flights of stairs in order to walk to the middden and empty their waste, the servants of families living on the upper floors (the higher your social status,, the higher you lived) would open the shutters, shout, “Gardez, l’eau” and empty the bucket’s contents into the narrow street.

    Naturally l’eau was contracted to “loo.”

    So you see, medieval living would make even the prospect of a French port-a-potty a charming prospect.

    Anyone visiting Edinburgh should take one of the ghost walks through the old town, You will see the tall houses and narrow streets
    and hear some great stories too.

  15. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Jeff -
    Thanks for letting that dear veteran know that somebody cares.
    I read the update – he’s still “not fit to walk on the dirt those men are buried in.”


  16. Gail B says:

    Who said it wasn’t the U.S. State Dept. that asked the French government to cancel the tours?!

    It would take the bad light off the U.S., wouldn’t it?

    Is canceling the tours a normal procedure?

  17. Dale in Flyover Country says:

    “He’s not fit to walk on the dirt those men are buried in…”This remark interestingly echoes the note I sent to a few friends recently, on the day the nation enthralled itself in frenzied pagan love-fest celebration over “The One’s” First Hundred Days. My remarks:

    “… I’m spending the day on a much nobler thought than America’s collective ‘Obamagasm.’

    “Today is my dear late father’s 90th birthday. My dad — a modest and humble citizen, a member of the Greatest Generation, war hero, survivor of the Great Depression and the Bataan Death March, first member of my family to get a college degree, faithful wedded partner to my mom for over half a century, head of a conservative family that raised three kids the old fashioned way, gentle and soft-spoken but uncompromising in defending his views and honoring his values. We honored his memory by sponsoring a splendid floral display on the altar last Sunday.

    “As far as I’m concerned, ‘The One’ — the Apologizer-in-Chief, who goes around the world blaming America for everything — the America my dad suffered and nearly died defending — is hardly qualified to tie Dear Old Dad’s shoelaces.”

  18. OMAHA BEACH says:

    Oh for their spirits to rise and haunt the grinner-in-chief to an even higher state of insanity.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “it certainly says something about President Obama’s character when such a slight would not seem out of character”

    If anything, this false article, its correction and then your backpedal suggest YOU’RE a poor judge of character.
    You made an assumption, wrote about it, it was wrong and despite this you stick to your guns saying it’s just like Obama.
    Perhaps you’re so wrapped up in finding skeletons in his closet, you’ve forgotten to clean out your own?


    On June 4, Obama will be KISSING ass (the Muslims) in Egypt and from there he travels to the beaches of Normandy, where we KICKED ASS, on June 6.


    The good old days, where in less than a year we went from saying “Bon Jour’ on the shores of France, to “Guten Tag” as we rolled into Germany, and finally “GUILTY” in the courts of Nurenberg. God Bless America! Let’s fight wars to win em, can we please?

  22. JUNE 6, 1944 says:

    Let me please highly recommend the D-Day Memorial and Museum in Bedford, VA. It is incredible and you will leave a very changed person. To actually stand in the doorway of a granite landing craft as you look forward to the beach and your comrades that have not made it before being hit, as ‘bullets’ actually ripple the water around you…. it is very humbling and moving. And the town it is in is quite deserving as they lost 19 young men in just the first few minutes of that landing and 3 more as the campaign continued. Remember these fine lads!

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