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Assigned Reading: Howard Dean: ‘I Think We Had Quite Enough Capitalism’
(FROM: NewsBusters)

Ah, how I missed Howard Dean.

Comedic relief aside, this is what we are fighting against. The very same people who have refused to unencumber the free market are now saying that capitalism does not work. The very same people who put Barack Obama and the Democrats in power are advocating the swift departure toward socialism.

And people are listening. Somewhere in northern California, some crunchy little college student is gazing lovingly on the Howard Dean for President Sticker still stuck on their mirror, barely visible behind the bead curtain and years of bong resin. They hear Dean mouth off–as usual–and say to themselves, “yeah, that’s right, we did try capitalism.”

That’s what we’re fighting against. That’s why, when the GOP embarks on its so-called “listening” tour, I want to tear my hair out. Yes, our leaders need to listen, but they also need to instruct. Explain to people what is going on in Washington, and how it will affect their daily lives. Explain why Howard Dean is wrong. Unless we start doing everything we can to shape our message and explain it to the people, Americans will simply take things like Dean’s statement at face value. And when we have a Democratic Party power base that has no problem staring Americans straight in the eyes and lying–hi, Nancy!–face value could be all the Democrats need.



  1. Ian Thorpe says:

    CApitalism must shoulder some of the blame for its own downfall. The Gods of Economics do not tolerate the kind of hubris that causes people to create money in spreadsheets.

    Real capitalism, the capitalism of Ford, Carnegie, Mond and Courtald that understood the workforce are a vital part of any enterprise would not recognise what has gone on in the past three decades as capitalism.

    On a smaller scale the people who owned and manged the engineering shop, shipyard, sawmill, foundry were part of their communities. They felt a paternalistic responsibility to the communities that supported their success.

    it started to go per shaped for capitalism when the local busineses fell into the hands of investment companies, asset strippers, hedge fund operators etc. and the decisions tht affected the future of a community were made by people who lived in ivory towers and had never visited the towns they would ruin.

    Assigned Reading ;)
    Titus Salt – Wikipedia Titus Salt – a model capitalist.
    Titus Salt, the man who built a townRobert Owen – a Capitalist VisionaryThere is more to being a capitalist than just knowing how to make a fast buck. We need this older, more socially aware kind of capitalism.

  2. tm says:

    I agree, Stop listening.
    Start defending America.
    America does not need a listening tour right now
    America, and all it stands for is being destroyed.
    The country needs defending
    No matter who, or what party you belong.
    The message should be clear “Stop destroying our Country”.

  3. CAL says:

    You are right. Republicans need to be out making sure people are aware of all the crazy things this administration is doing. Releasing terrorists into the US is just one of them. How about the $900 million for Hamas and the $20 million to bring Palestinian refugees over here. How about rationing of health care, $10 trillion in debt in ten years time, billions of dollars to ACORN, and on and on. Republicans cannot rely on the media to cover this stuff fairly. They need to be their own media.

  4. Rix says:

    I utterly fail to comprehend why the art of calling a spade a spade is so difficult to master for top Republicans. Invoking the word “socialism” was a start – an insufficient one, because it is not a unfamiliar concept to most Americans, – but a start nevertheless. The next step would be to expose and trump another card from the leftist deck – like political correctness, for one. That would be a fight, I am absolutely sure, that most Americans will understand and support because noone but the most boneheaded liberals enjoy Orwellian-style thought policing. Naturally, the MSM will go bananas over it – but who cares, they’re going bananas anyway, regardless of what conservatives do. And Republicans, I am sure, could use a popularity booster right now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jeff: I have never agreed with you more! Listen=pander=placate!

    If I get the chance to get them to “listen” to me, they are going to get an EARFUL of reproachments and TONS of quotes from the founding fathers as to what their original role was and should be!

    My deepest fear is that these high level Republicans are part of the machine that hijacks capitalism to benefit the elite, and uses marxism undercover to amass permanent power.
    This is called COMMUNITARIANISM or the THIRD WAY. It’s not pretty!!!

    I don’t trust one name I see on this list of this NCNA group!

  6. Anonymous says:

    unless republicans wake up from the dormant state, we are in serious trouble¡¡¡¡

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think if the GOP were to go out and actually inform people of the core and TRUE nature of conservatism many minds would be changed. I think the differences between conservatives and liberals have gotten blurred and confused over the years, but the true natures absolutely lost.

  8. HOWARD DEAN says:

    Then we’re going to Califormia to choke kitties, then on to Nevada to choke kitties, then to North Carolina, South Carolina… WOOOOOOOOOOO

  9. Anonymous says:

    We need a Billy Graham of politics. Someone, human, but with real convictions who can explain things in a simple and convincing manner.

    But I believe a culture such as ours today would even rub that type of goodness in the mud.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ian Thorpe:

    Carnegie was a GLOBALIST!

    True capitalism has been dead for almost a century since the FED was created!

    The truth is: The international financiers, corporations, and industrialists HIJACKED our fee markets through the FED and pure greed!

    Capitalism in and of itself is not evil, it is the abuse of it by a handful of powermongers who are enabled by the politicians who are dependent on them.

    Communism can only work for angels in heaven, b/c it is also used as a tool of power for the few. Sharing and “the common good” only work in the absence of evil…thus, it can never work in an imperfect world!

    Lisa in TX

  11. Anonymous says:

    Off subject…

    As an animal lover, I’m concerned about the kitty in the picture.
    What point was he trying to make with that kitty??



    You want a CAT scan Arlen?, here’s your dang cat scan….. now choke on it. PhotoShop ROCKS!

  13. BAD CAT says:


    that little kitty was a strict constitutionalist and deserved what it got.


  14. Jackie Smith says:

    Yes the youth are being brainwashed and it is working… Jeff says…instruction is the means to ending this brainwashing….something John McCain was not good at….the reason the Democraps are so powerful today!!! Wake up conservatives before it is too late and educate your children against the LIBERAL NAZIs…My prayer is that it is not too late!!!

  15. LBPruitt says:

    This is it, isn’t? The Conservative Conundrum. Whether to rise from the Republican quagmire an enlightened moderate standing on the firm footings of fiscal responsibility, energy and national security (never to mention todays dirty little words like gay marriage and abortion) or to remain true to our core values and stand for all we believe in and risk loosing voters that could move our numbers to victory.

    Jeff your point is valid and I have, at times felt the same. At other times I have felt differently. I keep coming back to the feeling that if I ignore that part of me that holds those beliefs as honorable and worthy that I would betray those very things and a part of myself in the process.

    The Left has moved so decisively further left that it skews the views from where they stand. Must we compromise and move ourselves in their direction? Must we moderate to accommodate? I pray you are wrong.

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