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Assigned Reading: GOP Base Rips Cantor’s National Council for a New America
(FROM: Politico)

Before I completely blow my top, let me remind you that I am a social conservative. I understand the gay marriage debate (though think a constitutional amendment is the wrong way to go about it), and with a daughter who was born six weeks’ premature and spent time in the neo-natal intensive care unit, I am unequivocally pro-life.

Now, let me choose my words carefully . . .

If you are conservative, and your one issue is abortion, or gay marriage, that’s fine. I completely, totally understand your passion and beliefs. I feel it too. However, right now, without intervention at the polls, the far-left core of the Democratic Party stands to completely destroy every single aspect of your morality, and dismantle systematically every modicum of decency in which you believe.

We have a president that actively argued against providing medical care for babies born after botched abortion procedures. We have a Health and Human Services secretary who tacitly approved of butchering, in the womb, unborn children of any age. Listen to me carefully before writing your own argument or response — if you care at all about the lives of the most vulnerable among us, you MUST understand that, right now, in this political climate, the only issues that can doubtlessly bring the party of life back into control are (1) the economy, (2) national security and (3) energy independence. And right now, control is everything.

People around the country, Democrats, Republicans and Independents all, are watching in desperation as their income dwindles and their expenses skyrocket, and it’s about to get worse. They understand and remember what happened on September 11, 2001, far better than any of those in Washington do. And the vast majority would be more than open to the idea of drilling for our own oil offshore and in ANWR (not to mention the extraction of oil shale) if the issue is framed correctly — as a jobs and freedom program that has a side effect of better prices at the pump.

Yes, we are still a Christian nation. Yes, many if not most of us care deeply for our children, born and unborn. But NO, gay marriage and sanctity of life will not be enough to uproot the digging claws of the progressive movement. Not right now, when it means the most.

If you care for unborn life, if you want marriage to remain between a man and a woman, ripping Republicans and conservatives who choose to fight these Democrats through carefully-aimed shots at their weaknesses should be absolutely, unequivocally out of the question. Look at it this way: the Democrats did not campaign in 2007 and 2008 on the unfettered expansion of government, on the nationalization of banks, on the undermining of our national security, yet those were without a doubt some of the ultimate aspirations of the far left. They campaigned on an unpopular war and unpopular president, on the nebulous need for “change,” a need only there because people had begun to take their freedom and prosperity and security for granted.

The Democrats had their underlying goals, but knew that campaigning on them alone would be disaster. So they lied. They lied about transparency. They lied about war funding. They lied about the economy. They lied about everything, knowing that the only way they could have a prayer of advancing their contraconstitutional agenda would be to feast upon the GOP’s weaknesses–Bush, Bush and Bush–in order to obtain the power they needed.

We must do the same. Our ultimate goal might very well be a ban on abortions. Our ultimate goal may be the clear definition of marriage. But, right now, the Democrats are weak on the economy, weak on national security, weak on energy. In order to have a chance to preserve our freedoms and restore respect for human life, we must hit the Democrats where they are weakest.

No, I don’t care for John McCain, the politician. And yes, Eric Cantor has been wrong on several things. But right now, these people are doing the right thing in bringing people together so we can hit hardest where it will hurt the Democrats the most. Now, if they could only change the focus from a “listening” tour to more of an “instructive” tour as to the merits of conservatism, I could get completely on board.

In the meantime, I beg of each and every one of you to look at the big picture, to look at just how much the majority means to us. I beg of you to consider everything that has been done by this president and this Congress over 100 days, and think long and hard about whether you are willing to give them six more years.



  1. sharon says:

    I agree with you..totally

  2. Dee says:

    I just read about this. The Republicans have got to stop the infighting. I agree with you that we must attack this administrations weak points and continue doing that. We will never find the “perfect” candidate that meets everyone’s needs and expectations. We must stick together and if we disagree, then it should be kept among us and then we work together to resolve the differences.
    When my husband and I were house hunting, we looked at 50+ houses. None of them had everything I wanted. We then made a list of pro’s and con’s of each house. The one that had the most pro’s and least amount of con”s in the one we bought. When I think of a candidate I want to vote for, I know that none will be all that I want so I pick the one that matches my stand on important issues, such as the economy and national security, the most and that is who I will support.
    Now is not the time to point out each other’s weaknesses but rather what their strengths are, and surely it is not the time to let the biased media know that we do not always agree. United we will stand but divided we will fall.

  3. Greg Goss says:

    Well stated. The side issue is that all of this could spurn third party candidates and that would be disastrous right now. We need to come together as a party and vote acordingly.

  4. boatergirl says:

    I absolutely agree! We need to stop all the fighting and unite to take our country back. When we can take control of the government and start to correct the economy, security and energy issues we will be in a much better position to tackle the moral issues. Let’s start working together! Seems like we all want basically the same things we just want to achieve the goals differently and that’s counter-productive!

  5. Anonymous says:

    check out Not sure how to make a link on my new mac. Never had a mac before so am still learning the process. We’re trying to make a difference and we’re told it starts locally to get eventually to the big boys. I don’t think most people know of the whole process. It’s been a real eye opener for most people that have attended.

    Thanks Jeff, for all you do for us! Hope your exams went well!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree. If you believe that innocent lives being murdered is something we should shove aside for further review, then I would say that it is you creating a 3rd party and conceiving the future schism. Why is it so hard for people in politics to stand firm on core values and make them a core issue? Could it be that they have none and that is the reason they lost the majority and leadership? I believe that we need to go back to the roots, for it is the roots that support the tree, not the other way around.

    If you want to kill the tree, you need to kill the roots; this is exactly what the liberals are doing, as evidence of us talking about abandoning our roots.

  7. Uncle Rick says:

    Well put. I have been wondering how to approach uniting the GOP before it’s too late, and I think you have hit on it. Deceit seems to come naturally to Dems; they have the killer instinct to exploit any perceived weakness in their opponents (“It’s the economy, stupid”), knowing all the while what their real agenda is. GOP pols, God bless ‘em, are just kids in this game.

    How can we communicate this effectively to those who move the party? I’ll sure do my part.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ah, the choices we must make, Jeff, and I learned my lesson years ago when (do I have to admit this, because now it seems so foolish?) I voted for Perot and thereby (in my mind) became singlehandedly responsible for the election of Bill Clinton. I still blush to think of it.

    But at the same time, do you think that the Republican Party has to jettison the pro-life and gay-marriage issues? I would agree that, because I blieve that the Federal government should stay out of those issues and leave them up to the individual states, that the Constituional Amendment approach conflicts with that view, and hence I do not support it.

    As I’ve said before, as long as there are planks in the Republican platform that disavow abortion-on-demand and also voice support for traditional marriage, I’ll be there working hard for its success, but if it becomes such a “big tent” that, in essence, the party tacitly approves of those practices, I’m going somewhere else.

    Old Bob

  9. Rix says:

    It is the wisest political advice I could imagine. The horrors unleashed upon Israel by the leftist government in 1992-1996 were ushered in by the bitter infighting between minor nationalist and religious parties that were unable to unite. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that Libertarians and Consitutionalists will do the same: pull a Nader on Republicans in the name of “greater good”.

  10. Rick says:

    R.I.P GOP. The Republican party is dead. I actually had some hope about this “meeting” to re-invent the party until I heard that McCain and Bush were attending. If this is the best they can do for leadership, it’s over people. Listening tours may work for carpetbagging Senators but not national leaders. The more time you spend trying to fix something that doesn’t want to be fixed, the less time you will be spending on looking at the true problem in this country. It will take a strong third party candidate or an outright revolution to take back this two-partied corrupted government. You are all starting to sound a little childish with this slavish devotion to a Party that uses you like the Dems use the black vote every two years. I suggest you free your minds and your votes and support individuals not Partys.

  11. CAL says:

    The problem is that we do not have one person who is the definitive leader of the group. By offering invitations to some and not to others, people begin questioning motives. I agree that the focus needs to be on the economy right now, but I think having John McCain on board is very divisive and sends the wrong message. He did everything he could to distance himself from conservatives during the campaign and people are still mad about it. He tore the party apart and failed miserably in his campaign. For the good of the republican party and the nation, he should step aside and give someone else their day in the sun.

  12. Gail B says:

    Go to this link for the Democratic Party:

    On page 24, under Economic Stewardship:

    “Since the time of our Founders, we have struggled to balance the same forces that confronted Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson — self-interest and community; markets and democracy; the concentration of wealth and power, and the necessity of transparency and opportunity for each and every American. Throughout our history, Americans have pursued their dreams within a free market that has been the engine of America’s progress. It’s a market that has created a prosperity that is the envy of the world, and opportunity for generations of Americans. A market that has provided great rewards to the innovators and risk-takers who have made America a beacon for science, technology, and discovery.”

    See? The Democrats UNDERSTAND what they’re doing to deepen this recession!

    Sean Hannity, on the radio this afternoon, questioned why this recession has lasted this long, especially in view of tax dollars being pumped into the economy (in my cynical view, into somebody’s pockets). True, Hannity said, some of the results will not show up until later on this year. Nevertheless, he is deeply concerned over the astronomical, growing national debt.

    But back to the Agenda on the Dem’s website–as I scanned over it (looking for the quote above), I noticed that the Dems have taken a VERY INVOLVED look at virtually every aspect of EVERYONE’S lives, from childhood on through high school and college, to include income, housing, healthcare, and every other aspect imaginable.


    Didn’t I read where we were trying to get the Arabs to buy into America, to strike while the iron is hot financially? And, the Resolute Desk man is going to talk to the Muslims from Egypt. Wonder why?!

    I may be wrong (somehow I don’t think I am), but it appears that the liberals of the 111th Congress are willing to sell our Constitution and our freedoms at whatever price the Dems can get for control over our lives.

    If the United States were in Europe, we could not get into the EU because of our national debt. That’s how steep it is, and the usurper in the White House doesn’t give a (use your own word) how much more spending the liberals cause.

    We’ve over our heads, folks. We need for somebody to step up to the plate and challenge most of the liberal Dems’ agenda and the overreaching bills they have rammed down our throats. We need a lifeline–a CONSERVATIVE!

  13. Anonymous says:


    What I care about the most is not found in the long list of platform positions…that is SO shortsided it blows me away!

    I want presidential and congressional candidates who are there to support and defend the Constitution, and to make it their mission to remind America what the Constitution is all about and WHY it made possible the most prosperous and free country in history. This group has made it clear that we must not be nostalgic about the past. Give me a break!

    I want candidates who will fight the REAL battles: no leader can “fix the economy” in conjunction with Congress unless they expose the FED, refuse to fill their cabinet with Council on Foreign Relations and Bildeberg members. THESE GROUPS are the ones that run the economy.


    Why? Because they are ON BOARD with the global agenda, even though you might not believe it. There is plenty of proof of this if you will dig deeper than Fox News (owned by Rupert Murdoch, a huge globalist) and talk radio.

    I would be fine with supporting a candidate who is more fiscally conservative than socially… but remember, people? That was JOHN MCCAIN! That didn’t work very well!

    Finally, our “salvation” may not come from Washington, but from the increase of states asserting their sovereignty.

    Texas is taking the lead as is Montana, Utah, and Oklahoma.

    I won’t EVER AGAIN look to Washington to preserve our freedoms. It is up to each individual state, and it’s going to get ugly!!!

    To hell with the other 49…Texas will find a way to secede if it feels sufficiently threatened. Texans are TOUGH, not panty-waists!

    Lisa in TX

  14. Lilly says:

    Well, while they are on the “listening” tour, maybe they will “hear” us telling them that they should be instructing and teaching about conservatism instead! Well said Jeff!

  15. The Drum and Cannon says:

    Well said and cogent. I sincerely hope that our social conservative friends are listening. We are not saying that issues such as family values are unimportant. We are saying that those issues will not win an election at this time. Let’s focus on winning an election first, and once we do, then stress those social issues that are so important to so many.

  16. Gail B says:

    Lisa in TX–


    You have hit the nail on the head!

    And, as Dee said, Repubs have to stop the infighting.

    If the Repubs unite and support the Constitution, protect our freedoms, address the Fed, (if we get back in) put some honest people in place for cabinet positions, tax fairly, bring industry back to the United States, secure our borders from whatever, and fight TOGETHER to protect, defend, and PRESERVE our REPUBLIC, we would be miles ahead of their game!

    We’re going to need a new law school graduate to guide us along those paths, too! (Ahem–anyone listening?)

  17. lclinda says:

    To my way of thinking, unless Republicans wake up and disengage from all the battles over controversial and divisive social issues, the party is doomed to extinction. I, for one, do not appreciate being told how to think, or being ostracized because my beliefs about abortion, etc., may differ from the GOP social ‘platform.’ A party that espouses ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ should realize that ideology also applies to the freedom of its membership to have a different opinion about those issues without being alienated. What’s the problem with insisting that voters in each county or state should have the final say in determining the official position on those issues, based on the culture and mores of each community?

    Republicans need to be the party of fiscal responsibility, individual creativity, free market, strong defense, and limited government. We should not cloud these issues with all of the volatile social issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc., which have only served to muddy the waters, divide the party, and alienate Republicans who believe these issues are highly personal and should not be determined by the federal government.

    If social issues are to be decided by the ‘government,’ then that ‘government’ should be that of the communities or the state — not the entire country. A state government should allow its residents to determine, by vote, which social issues should be set into law. I believe if the GOP would stick to advocating for the non-social issues/principles and advocate for the states’ right to determine by vote, if necessary, the laws on social issues, it would attract significant numbers of voters back into the fold.

    The Democrats have been trouncing the GOP using all the social issues, leaving NO time for them to have to defend their position on the fiscal/government issues (where they always lose).

  18. Bobby K. says:

    Dems are funny people, they don’t believe in water boarding, but they will suck the brains out of babies to protect the rights of women. I personaly don’t agree with abortion, but the woman has a right to do what they want, but don’t go get an abortion then tell me it’s wrong to water board to keep us safe. Morals are not something you can use when they are handy. This is what I think, we should help people when they need it to turn around their lives, we should help people get back on their feet, not keep them living off the rest of us. We should secure our borders by whatever means. So Jeff I guess I very much agree with you.

    And did anyone hear today that POTUS cut spending on port security? Hope you did good on finals Jeff…

    And another thing taxing Oil companies is not the answer, did you know that in the last few months we have lost over 35000 jobs just from cuts in drilling, and that doesn’t include the service industry suppling the rigs, or the Oil companies, that is just the workers on the rigs.

  19. Rick says:

    It’s like watching a professional wrestling match and you all are saying, “If Hulk Hogan would only use the sleeper hold he could win this thing!!” The two party system is entertainment only folks. After the debate they head back to the dressing room and collect their paycheck from the same boss. It’s sad/funny to see you “strategize” on what the Republicans should or shouldn’t be doing to win elections. Put your faith in God and not in men or political partys. When enough Americans do this, the change will come. Until then, the Oligarchy has a house divided to play with and manipulate for it’s own enrichment of wealth and power.

  20. Sundae5 says:

    Our Pledge of Allegiance before June 4, 1954 did not contain the words “under God”. President Eisenhower is responsible for the addition in response to a sermon he heard while sitting in the Lincoln Pew in the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. Lincoln was the base for the sermon, or more accurately Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address which contained the descriptive words. The pastor, Dr. George M. Docherty said what made America great was the Spirit of Americans and the words “under God” captured what set apart our American family from all other countries in the world. Eisenhower himself stated ” These words [“under God”] will remind Americans that despite our great physical strength we must remain humble. They will help us to keep constantly in our minds and hearts the spiritual and moral principles which alone give dignity to man, and upon which our way of life is founded.”

    Now at this very precise moment in history, the very essence of Eisenhower’s words are threatened by the trampling of the spirit of America by those in power making every effort to “change” who America is and what she has stood for in the hearts of Americans through the last two centuries.

    Only by unity will the battle be won and by communication and education will the unity we need be found.

    It is the Spirit of America we need to save, for without it we are no different than any other country in the world. Eisenhower believed in the preservation of this Spirit, we need to freshly grow the seed so we can overcome and conquer.

  21. Marie says:

    I understand what you are saying but there is a difference between not running on the social issues and being “embarrassed” by and hiding from the social issues. As a party, we shouldn’t be afraid to promote candidates like Sarah Palin or others who are fiscal AND social conservatives especially when they do as Palin does. She isn’t strident about her pro-life beliefs but she embodies them in her own life. If we, as a party, place candidates like that in the back room and act “embarrassed” by them we aren’t being fair to the party base. On the gay marriage issue, it shouldn’t be a liability for a GOP candidate to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman since that’s what Obama says he believes and he got elected.

    On the issue of abortion, I think it’s possible for a pro-life candidate to win if instead of being strident, they simply emphasize the importance of each individual human life and set a great example like Palin did. Personally, I don’t think its so important for our candidates to be only fiscal conservatives and not mention the social issues as it is for our candidates to be good at articulating the positive possibilities of the total conservative package. Each human life is full of possibilities and we need to be the party that can articulate that for Americans– whether the possibilities involve giving every person the chance to be born or whether its giving them the opportunity to live out their dream through a free market system unfettered by big government–it’s a total package that is very positive, hopeful, and inspiring. People with the ability to convey that uplifting message are who we need as candidates in the GOP–regardless of where they stand on social issues. Remember, it wasn’t until McCain chose Palin as his running mate that he even had a chance with the grass roots GOP in 2008. Let’s not repeat history here.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think that some of the comments above show a misunderstanding of the political climate when they suggest that the Republicans are losing because some of us are too concerned with social issues. In reality, it is the Democrats who are using their opposing social issues to win. Therefore, what you are suggesting is that we simply capitualate to their views so that we can win. Isn’t that a form of deception – the very thing that we condemn so vociferously in the Obama administration?

    Those of you who feel this way may well be right, but I, for one, see no honor in giving way on the highest values in my life for the sake of winning in the political arena. Who ever said, and where has history ever shown, that hewing to what is right is not worth suffering defeat for?

    Pragmatism and faithfulness to what we say we believe – and what the history of this nation has demonstrated to be true – often do not make comfortable bed partners. Hence, we will all have to make some difficult choices in the days to come. Choose wisely, not expeditiously. There are worse losses than those that come from political defeat.

    Old Bob

  23. Anonymous says:

    Lisain TX / Gail,

    You should check out for information on the Federal Reserve Bank, Bilderberg Group and the Pilgram Society. She has alot of research done and provided. It is worth the time to read.


    I do agree that folks need to look at the bigger picture but how many times do Americans need to “choose the leaser of the two evils”. I am still not seeing agreement here regardless of how you and the other writers have presented the information. Too many folks are not seeing that gay marriage and abortion are issues being used against them. I am sad to see people still not getting it even as we watch “him” tear America apart.
    It has been a long, long time since we have had someone to lead America. I am not sure there is much left to lead…


  24. Gail B says:

    Thanks for the heads up; I will check out

    Have you checked out yet? It’s very educational, and they send e-newsletters on USA stuff!

  25. Anonymous says:

    RICK, GAIL, & ANONYMOUS 8:49 am….

    Are we the ONLY four people on this blog that know about the global oligarchy? It is depressing!

    But maybe if we keep informing, they will feel compelled to their own research (Jeff included…and I love Jeff).

    Lisa in TX

  26. Anonymous says:


    Don’t get me wrong…as a strict constitutionalist, I am fully in support of states’ rights and sovereignty.

    But to take your states’ rights philosophy to a logical end, that would mean that states could also decide if they would consider murder or polygamy lawful or not.

    Abortion is the taking of a life of another human being, thus a denial of inalienable, individual rights. Such is murder.

    Polygamy is rooted in sexual preference, as is gay marriage.

    Our Founders based our Constitution on NATURAL LAW, which is given by our Creator. Natural law is eternal, unchanging, and applies to every human, whether he believes in God or not.

    Our Constitution was drafted on the concept of Natural Law, not Man’s Law, as natural rights cannot be given by a government, only the Creator. That is what the Founders said, not me.

    Samuel Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other…if we are universally vicious and debauched in our manners, though the form of our Constitution carries the face of the most exalted freedom, we shall in reality be the most abject of slaves.”

    I couldn’t have said it any better!

    Lisa in TX

  27. goddessdivine says:

    ……the far-left core of the Democratic Party stands to completely destroy every single aspect of your morality, and dismantle systematically every modicum of decency in which you believe.Amen to that. It makes me sick just watching the moral decay of our society.

    Great talking points.

  28. Gail B says:

    Lisa in TX–

    Interesting day–went to a UDC meeting this afternoon and then had dinner with my younger son and his wife. Dinner conversation went from “What’s that pin and ribbon about?” to politics. (Oh, boy~!)

    I said that Soetoro aka Obama was going to try to take our guns away from us, and that he said he wanted to build a civilian army.

    “He can’t take our guns away.”
    “He can if he signs a treaty.”
    “What do you mean?”
    I explained about the 12-year-old CIFTA gun treaty and told him, “Treaty trumps sovereignty and states rights.”

    Rusty asked me about the armed civilian army–what was that about?
    I asked him, “Does the term BROWN SHIRTS come to mind?”

    I looked over at his wife, and I saw fear in her eyes. I asked if she has access to a computer. No, but Rusty does.

    Guess I’ll be emailing Rusty more now! Anita was delighted that I voted for every Republican I could find on the ballot in November. (And Rusty thought I was still a dumb Democrat!)

    Interesting evening. No one hears anything about any of this on the news. Duhhhh!

    Rusty said he was going to check AR more often now!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Gail B….

    Definitely an interesting evening! At least you were victorious over the MSM in informing. That’s what we have to do…one person at a time.

    I just read about CIFTA yesterday, and I found where in the Constitution it states that treaty trumps sovereign law. I just think this was a HUGE mistake by the Founders! Of course, they would not be able to FATHOM what these fascists are doing…wouldn’t have entered their patriotic minds!

    I just posted contact info on Sen. Lugar (IN) who is pushing for ratification and Sen. Barrasso (WY) who is fighting it. It’s posted under the Mother’s Day article at the top. We must ALL contact these men. It is our only hope!

    Let’s start a new support group:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  30. Bob McCarty Writes says:

    This so-called “rebranding” effort leaves conservative-first Republicans in a vacuum.

  31. Robowang says:

    I also disagree.
    It’s not about abortion to me.
    It’s about two choices, Conservative Principles in the GOP, OR another party has to emerge.
    I was on board with this opinion last election. I argued, to a point then quit, that voting for a third party lost the GOP the election. That as bad as McCain was, he was better than Obama’s far left agenda.
    Well, ya see where that got me.
    I held my nose and voted for McCain. And Obama won.
    NO MORE best of the worst!
    Either we get a true Conservative as a candidate in the GOP, or I go third party, and who’s in power when the smoke clears, be damned.
    Jeb Bush, McCain, Romney, Cantor, Cheney, Spector, Powell, Huskabee, and even Jindal (in my opinion), are too moderate. Liberal Lites. They DON’T speak for me.
    If we can’t reverse most of the damage Obama and the Dem Congress will have done, then WHY do we need to change the power structure in the first place?
    If these so called Conservatives want to do a “listen tour”, then they need to listen and GET IT!
    Conservatives don’t want ANY of these Dem Lites to be a DC politician.
    This is how I feel, and right now, I will not bend, even to run Obama out to bring Jeb Bush in.
    Ain’t happening.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So the GOP and the American public can only focus on 3 political issues? Didn’t Lincoln stand on the principle that slavery was wrong despite the nation being polarized? I bet after last weeks poll that more Americans are pro-life that the GOP-utilitarians are reconsidering the abortion issue. Let’s stand for something. It seems to me that the nominal Republicans want to change the party so that liberal members may become presidential candidates.

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