Behold, the Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act

So much for “the party of ‘no’.”

House Republicans today unveiled the Keep Terrorists Out of America Act, legislation which (1) ensures that strict certification and procedural requirements be met, and (2) would require prior authorization from individual governors and state lawmakers, before any terrorist or War on Terror detainee were to be released into that particular state.

The political left has accused Republicans of obstructionism (I’d argue that it takes an obstructionist to know an obstructionist) and of simply shooting down ideas without providing some of their own. I was among those who were more disgusted than surprised when President Obama caved to pressure from the far-left and signed an executive order mandating the closure of the detainee facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without even having an idea of where the detainees would be placed.

Republicans took a stand. Their alternative to the closure of Gitmo was simple — don’t close Gitmo. Then, one by one, we saw measures introduced in state legislatures which would bar detainees from being housed or transported in those states. Now, we have this.

And this sort of thing, protectionism when we need it most, as Eric Cantor says, is something that a vast majority of American can get behind. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a Republican, Democrat or Independent — not many folks out there would be okay with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed doin’ hard time in the prison on the outskirts of their sleepy bedroom community. This sort of thing, along with the basic tenets of fiscal conservatism, are ideas which bridge ideological gaps, ideas which the new GOP–”new” in the sense that they should return to advocating a Jeffersonian model of government–should come together and support.

Bravo, fellas. This is what we need to see.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely right!

    This is the sort of thing that Romney Republicans and Palin Republicans and Gingrich Republicans and Huckabee Republicans can all get behind!



  3. tm says:

    Bravo – Someone heard us !

  4. Anonymous says:

    …and independents,Ron Paul supporters the Constitution Party and the Libertarians…let’s see what we can all do when we UNITE!!

  5. Anonymous says:
  6. Anonymous says:

    It is not related to the wonderful news Jeff is reporting on, I wanted to share with the readers the following article, to inform you how Obama plans to rescue the U.S accompany:
    First he bankrupted the country, than he asks his fellow Muslims for a bail out. Next U.S assets and controls will be shifted.

    Obama’s SOS to Gulf emirs: Invest in US and global economies

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

    May 7, 2009
    A secret American delegation was sent by US President Barack Obama this week to solicit Saudi Arabian and other Gulf rulers for hundreds of billions of petro-dollars of investment in the US and global economic stimulus plans, DEBKAfile’s exclusive Gulf sources report. They came away empty-handed.

    The chilly welcome received by the delegation, which met finance ministers and the heads of banks in Riyadh and the five emirates, was generated by wide disapproval of the US president’s policy of engagement with Iran. Two other US missions had just been and gone, headed by defense secretary Robert Gates and special adviser to the US secretary of state for South Asia and Gulf affairs, Dennis Ross. Both failed to allay Gulf anger and trepidation over this policy.

    Our Gulf sources report that the third delegation, which unlike the first two was unannounced, argued that since US economic recovery was not expected to turn the corner before 2011, Gulf investors still had a unique opportunity to partner the US in helping the world economy out of its doldrums. The general message was that if they Gulf rulers fail to invest in US and international markets at this point, they would miss out on the rewards of the recovery.

    Not all the data presented to the Gulf officials matched the figures published in Washington and other western countries. They were informed on the quiet that Federal Reserve Governor Ben Benanke had been “premature” in his optimistic forecast of “slightly positive” growth in the second half of this year, particularly in the fields of banking and construction, and a recovery that will “strengthen” next year – even though US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Wednesday, May 6, it was “a good, independent, credible forecast.”

    The Gulf states were urged to help the global economic back on its feet because, according to US data, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) would by the year 2018 rank as the world’s fifth-largest economy after the US, China, Japan and the EU. “As major players in the world economy, you cannot stand on the sidelines,” they were told.

    President Obama’s discreet approach figured in general terms at the GCC meeting of heads of state and finance ministers meeting in Riyadh Wednesday, May 6, which was convened to establish a regional central bank. But no decisions were taken.

    According to our sources, the negative vibes between the Gulf and Washington over the Obama administration’s policy of favoring Tehran have made these Arab rulers doubly wary of responding to the US president’s appeal for a Gulf stake in US and global economic recovery.

  7. cal says:

    Now they need to get out and tell people about this and not expect the press to cover it. They need to run ads and get on TV and talk about this issue. We let the left define us and this has to stop.


    Ahhhhhh, once again, there is that smell of common sense. The aroma that beats even Starbucks.


    Right on, Cal. Every two weeks or so, each GOP congressman should arrange for a town hall-style get-together in his or her district. Answer questions. Explain what’s going on.

    Let’s get people involved, and not just in election years.

  10. Greg Goss says:

    That one has a huge loophole in it. They are not called “terroist” any more!!

  11. StuckInMI says:

    Sadly, former Governor Engler is pushing for terrorists to be housed in Michigan and our current sitting Governor is stupid enough to go along with it regardless of the outrage Michigan citizens have expressed. All she’ll hear billion dollars. That’s what Engler thinks we’ll get if their housed in Michigan.

  12. Bodenzee says:

    Let’s watch the competition for terrorists by these terrorist lovers:

    -Michigan (Gov. Engler),
    -Johnstown, PA (Rep. Murtha),
    -San Francisco (Rep. Pelosi), and -Searchlight, NV (Sen. Ried)
    All deserve an equal opportunity to house terrorists in their own backyard.

  13. whats_up says:

    I would have no problem with any of the terrorists being held in the super max prison located I beilieve in Colorado, thats exactly what that place was built for. However I have no problem with getting permission of a state govenor before housing in a state prison. Federal prisons I dont know, arent they run by the Federal govt?

  14. Anonymous says:

    stealth Jihad wise we still leak like a sieve.The state dept is bringing in jihad as fast as possible through resettlement visas plus ZERO reversed another fraud visa/Jihad program this week.
    Somolis train abroad and fly back in.WE NEED TO STOP IMMIGRATION FROM JIHAD NATIONS PERIOD!!
    Join Act for America and see what you discover in your neighborhood.

  15. Claudia says:

    I sure as HELL don’t want them in Nevada…. even out at Searchlight, which is way the rattlensnake hell out in the desert… Reid can keep his property all to himself and if he really wants thoe ‘inhumane” dregs as his neighbors, let him get the border of Nevada changed so that they are somewhere in CA and the Mojave area. Actually Searchlight is right on the border of CA, and I think that any Mayor of Las Vegas would have a cow about putting those terrorists that close (about 40+- miles) to Las Vegas.

    Pelosi can have them as Alcatraz is already set up to accomodate (with a certain amount of retrofitting) terrorists. At least they would be separated from SF by about 6 miles of very nasty ocean, currents and waves.

  16. Anonymous says:

    big deal.

    we got what? a 100 terrorists locked up in Cuba. But what about the 100,000 muslim student visa’s we are giving away to any terrorist who wants to come to the Great Satan to get an “education”. They stay beyond the visa time and spread more hate.

    You want to impress me, close the door all the way, not just a little window in the back.

    and don’t say “well, at least it’s a start”, it is not a start because the will never progress any further or finish it. We are less safe than we were 10 years ago and everyone keeps falling for the nicely timed distractions to make it look like something is being done.

  17. Larry Walker Jr says:

    Well stated. I can get behind this.

  18. Anonymous says:

    if terrorist are not called any more terrorist, & present day wh´s lexicon
    terrorist are those who dissent with the present wh´s trend , then those who dissent in word,deed or thought might end up in the arabs emirates as terrorist prisoners

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 6:16…

    The thing that scared me in your article was that they are meeting to plan for a new regional central bank over there! This is a further step towards globalism and a New World Order!

    BTW: Can anyone help me learn how to cut and paste a website link from a Mac onto a blog comment? I need someone to help me with this…I am tired of not knowing!


    Lisa in TX

  20. Patricia says:

    Terrorist cells are already present within the USA. Why would they not make plans to liberate their comrades no matter what type of secure prison they are in. The government will most likely announce just where they are and with a little planning, the terrorists within the US can plan a massive attack to destroy walls and overwhelm the prison guards. Gitmo is a remote location with well trained military to guard against any attack. Cubans border Gitmo with their military and I don’t think Castro wants them roaming free in Cuba. Escape via the ocean is less likely than even Alcatraz.

  21. sharon says:

    With all the talk of “crisis” these last eight months it pails in comparison to the true crisis of 9/11.

    I remember that day well, I remember the sadness, anxiety, fear, and the gut feeling in my heart that our country would never be the same. My children were younger and I truly believed at that point their future looked bleak. I knew also that day peace time was over and we would be going to war somewhere for some reason I honestly did not understand. I understand the threat of Islamic extremism now.

    When I look back to that time it is clear to me that we had the best leader at the helm for the “crisis”. We should have experienced the economic downturn we have today during that period, but we really didn’t. Sure, we had a slight recession but with the Bush tax cuts and his positive attitude, we followed his lead. I understood what he meant by ” go shopping” He was encouraging us to go on as normal and not give in to the terrorists. He grabbed the smartest people he could, he learned, he listened, he reacted. All the while we were living our lives as normal because he had it all under control. What a sharp contrast to what we have today.

    Today we are just “trying” different things to see if they work. Fulfilling a political agenda instead of what is in the best interest of our country. Spending money like there is no tomorrow…. Now I believe the future looks bleak for my grandchildren and I do not see a positive attitude to follow from this leader, nor do I see a plan..

    I remember thinking on Christmas day following 9/11 how impressed I was at how almost “normal” we were. We were moving forward in spite of the terrorists, and in spite of the fact some of the smartest individuals in the world died that day at the hands of the terrorists when all they did was go to work that day.

    This president must not remember that day the same as I do.. And he is the same age as me. He most likely believes we are at fault for that too, but would not dare say it… Not now anyway. The fact he would even consider releasing these terrorists is proof to me we are not on the same page, is he attempting to have us “forget” 9/11? When we swore we never would.

    Should we be attacked again on that level, where will we get the money to fight? How will we recover when the debt is so large? How would we possibly carry on as normal. If we got through the true “crisis” with Bush in the lead, how could we possibly overcome as a country with this president.

    What a contrast in true leadership vs the inexperience of an individual with an agenda, problem is, it’s HIS agenda, and this economic thing really is not a crisis at all.. It’s really not to hard to fix it if you do it the right way.

  22. Gail B says:

    Thanks, Jeff! Good one! Regardless of which party you're affiliated with, the idea of preventing Gitmo's terrorists from being housed in anyone's state will pull these people together.

    Lisa, are you asking how to make a hyperlink?

    (SUBSTITUTE < WHERE THERE IS A * because it thinks the hyperlink is broken.)

    I penciled this under my screen, and it works. Remember, however, that the only space is placed after the first two characters *a :

    *a href = "http etc" > name for the link */a> It is all written together except for the space after the first two characters.

    If you don't get it right, a message will come up under the comment box to let you know, so you can fix it. Someone explained how to do it in a comment a while back.

  23. Dee says:

    Sharon, I agree with you completely. I will never forget that day. I was working in a large hospital on 9/11. No one could believe what was happening and the place stood still. Everyone, black, white, asian, became one America and stood together. My husband was out of state on a business trip and I could not remember his flight number. I frantically called my daughter and asked her to go to our house and look it up. My youngest son was in the Navy, stationed off the coast of Seattle. We had no idea what this would mean for him. The first thing his brother and sister asked me was “how is Jeff”?
    I don’t think BO remembers any of this. I do not think he has our country’s best interests in mind and appears to want everyone to love him. I feel that he is a danger to our country and I hope we survive until the next election.
    We will see how far this administration goes with this.
    Thank you, Jeff, and to all the others.

  24. says:

    Over two centuries of attacking our enemies until they are defeated and now we’re supposed to coddle cold-blooded killers. If these people were in charge during the 1950s, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg would’ve been given the Medal of Freedom for helping the Soviets get the A-Bomb.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Gail B! You are the nicest, most helpful blogger around! I will try!

    Lisa in TX

  26. Gail B says:

    Thanks, and good luck.

    (I try to be helpful, but I worry the dog mess out of Jeff at times; but he understands that I’m doing my best to fight this overreaching regime. He is very forgiving.)

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if you all ever listen to what you're saying. First, you're saying that we cannot keep terrorist here in America because it's too dangerous. So, are you calling our judicial system weak and our prison systems faulty? How often does any person of any persuasion get out of(escape) a maximum security prison? Secondly, you do realize that by sending them else where they have a better chance to escape and plot something worse than the horrible tragedy of 9/11. Your fight is the wrong one. Please take some time to think of the implications your statements are making about the strength and power of our great nation.

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