Hey Janet — Your Barn Door is Open, and There’s a Horse Peeking Out

By Rick Saunders
America’s Right

Well, if you didn’t have any concerns about the spread of swine flu in this nation as a consequence of Department of Homeland Security flack Janet “It’s-H1N1, Not-Swine-Flu” Napolitano’s decision to keep the border open to travelers from Mexico–including those who may have swine flu symptoms coming here for treatment–don’t watch her Thursday press conference.

On second thought, gulp down a bunch of super-strength Tums, then go ahead and take a gander. It’s nothing short of amazing. Her performances in these press briefings give new meaning to the term “semantic gymnastics.”

Then, consider how the Customs and Border “Protection” (CBP) folks in DHS disclose, on their Web site, this particular gem:

CBP officers and Border Patrol agents are responding to guidance from health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are monitoring the health of incoming travelers and taking all appropriate precautions. CBP collaborates with CDC and local health officials to assess potential threats, including referring a person with [swine flu] symptoms to a CDC quarantine station or a local public health official for evaluation.


After allowing persons into the country traveling from swine flu ground zero–Mexico–the feds are now referring people to a CDC “quarantine” station? And what happens there? Well, according to Napolitano, a screening process takes place and most people are “cleared” within a couple of minutes. That’s lovely. A mere couple of minutes to assess whether a pandemic virus exists in the subject? It probably goes something like this:

[English translation of Spanish CDC/DHS "screening"]

CBP Agent: “Ma’am, you don’t look so good. You just coughed and you look pale. Are you feeling okay?”

Juanita from Mexico City: “Oh, yes, I’m okay. I just have a bit of a cold. No fever. Trust me, I’m fine, really.”

CBP Agent: “And your son there, Pablo Juan Diablo Montoya Napolitano? He looks like he’s under the weather, too. Is he okay?”

Juanita: “Oh sure, he’s fine too. He’s just waking up from the flight here. Really.”

CBP Agent: “Okay then. Adios. You’re outta here. Have a nice visit. Next!

A hypothetical scenario, of course, but certainly on par which anything else the federal government does, right? Don’t you feel safer already?

On the other hand, if in fact a person being screened admits to feeling sick, what happens? Is that person denied entry into the country? Fools! Of COURSE not. Instead, that person is referred to a “local health official for evaluation.” That means, of course, that if he or she is diagnosed as having the flu, he or she will likely be given–at taxpayer expense, of course–the full panoply of medical services available. In the case of our little hypothetical, that would include Juan Pablo Diablo Montoya Napolitano, too. This is, after all, somehow the Republicans’ fault, isn’t it? That being the case, who cares about the cost?

Now, if this scenario is repeated, say, twenty . . . or two hundred . . . or two thousand . . . or twenty thousand more times in the next few months, what we will have is a government and government system not controlling the spread of the disease into this country but rather the invitation of the disease into LAX, O’Hare, SeaTac, DFW, Hartsfield, Logan, Kennedy, Reagan National, or any other American airport. And all because, in Napolitano’s view (based, of course, on the opinions of “expert epidemiologists”) that, since the disease is “already here,” it makes no sense to close the borders. To use Napolitano’s lame analogy, it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped.

No, it isn’t: a horse leaving a barn is quite unlike hundreds if not thousands of horses being invited and herded into the barn, many of which equines might have unpleasant diseases. To use an analogy with which the current administration might be more familiar, it is as if they are saying that gays can stop practicing safe “relations” because HIV and AIDS are already here. Nonsense.

The folks in charge at DHS are now, literally, placing their concerns for political correctness ahead of offending Mexico and Hispanics in general, and above the health and safety of the citizens of this nation. But then again, when the motto of this administration is “never let a crisis go to waste,” did you expect anything different?

Of course the jury is still out as to just how devastating this variation of influenza can be. It’s still early. However, even if this is just a test of our federal government’s response to such a concern, all Americans should be concerned about their priorities.

Rick Saunders is a freelance writer who splits his time between endeavors in southern California and the American southwest. He began writing for America’s Right in December 2008. Jeff Schreiber started America’s Right in January 2008.



  1. tm says:

    And judging from Ms. Napalitano’s record as governor with her border problem She makes sure they sign something saying they are all card carrying dim-o-crats for the next election cycle. This woman is a joke.


    Not only WHAT she said. Watch that presser… her delivery is downright FREAKY….. what the hell does she stare up to the ceiling for? can’t look us in the eye maybe, like Soetoro???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeff, excellent post. Just want to add the Obama governament just gave away 400,000 doses of the life saving antiviral drugs from the USA strategic stockpile to Mexico to help Mexicans. Why doesn’t Mexico have their own stockpile? Why do American taxpayers have to fund Mexican public health? This semi-pandemic doesn’t seem to serious yet but God forbid America is ever several hundred thousand doses short.

  4. Bodenzee says:

    This nation, since its inception has been a welcoming nation, but not an ignorant one. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Ellis Island welcomed a multitude of immigrants. But, they were examined to make sure that they didn’t bring disease into the US. Quarantine and, if needed, treatment occurred.

    Today, officials like Janet Napolitano fail the citizens of this nation by not protecting us from illegal immigration and the diseases that they may bring with them She is practicing the world’s (2nd) oldest profession…politics in extremis. In Texas we know her kind as the Eastern end of a Westbound horse. She needs to go!

  5. Gail B says:

    I’m almost afraid to say anything–the word to verify is “glists” as in — government lists?

    Border patrol agents have been told not to wear protective masks while inspecting cars coming across the Mexican border to California.
    Here’s the link to that video:


    Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA-50) has spoken to people in D.C. and to Homeland Security about it. Notice in the video what “screening measures” are taken! It appears that Rick’s scenario is more than hypothetical, unfortunately.

    Wonder how many agents will be calling in sick with the flu next week.

    Thanks, Rick. I can sleep well now, knowing that our ever-expanding Department of Homeland Security is on the job and keeping watch over us rightwing extremist terrorists!

  6. Anonymous says:

    GD ,this woman, is awful, her body language is terrorific

  7. Anonymous says:

    Like Savage said…NAPOLITANO FLU coming soon to your neighborhood.

  8. goddessdivine says:

    Thanks for the chuckle; I needed it today. The insert of ‘Diablo’ (which means ‘Devil’) in the long Spanish name was just coincidence, right? ;-)

  9. Bodenzee says:

    If you want a real scare look at what the ultra liberals in Maine are planning on. Allowing non-citizens, aka illegal aliens, to vote.


  10. Anonymous says:

    In the space of two days, this blog has managed to characterize Swine Flu as both 1) A pandemic virus that may well be lurking in every Mexican and will certainly kill us all thanks to the Dept. of Homeland Security’s criminal incompetence, and 2) A false crisis that has been manufactured by a combination of the Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media cabal in order to distract everyday Americans from the manner in which the country continues to slide into a socialist abyss.

    I suppose you’ve got your bases covered now, but I’m curious: What will it be tomorrow? A particularly delicious kind of cheese?

  11. Let us move forward says:

    She didn’t want to close the border and counldn’t do it anyway. How long have we been trying to close our border with Mexico? We even started to build a fence. Remember?

  12. tm says:

    OT Carefully listen from about 1:50
    It's Unbelievable !


  13. Gail B says:

    Bodeenzee, the United States is becoming a freaking joke! No one but a Mexican citizen can buy property on their shores (and maybe anywhere in Mexico, not sure about that), yet we’re going to let them VOTE here?

    Where was Homeland Security when the Mexicans crossed the border with the Swine flu, tuberculosis, and other diseases? Oh, excuse me. –”Right this way. Free medical care that is better than that in your country is right down the road.” I’d be surprised if the Dems haven’t thought about building a hospital right at the border.

    Pardon my rotten mood. I have been emailing back and forth to the classmate and Girl Scout troop member for TWO days about this administration and its agenda. I finally told her that she wasn’t trying to understand. Then, when she sent another one to argue, I told her to give it up. We were wasting our time. She’s supposed to be an intelligent person, too.

    I tried. Am tired. Have had it for one day. Good night, y’all. Tomorrow I’ll write some more thank you letters to the sensible Democrats who voted against the budget bill for 2010.

    Oh, good grief! “snesive” (And this is on the flu story!)

  14. doogle says:

    Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary is going to be several pages thicker at the next update with all the new terms Webster will have to add that Janet is coming up with.

  15. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Anonymous said…

    In the space of two days, this blog has managed to characterize Swine Flu as both 1) A pandemic virus that may well be lurking in every Mexican and will certainly kill us all thanks to the Dept. of Homeland Security’s criminal incompetence, and 2) A false crisis that has been manufactured by a combination of the Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media cabal in order to distract everyday Americans from the manner in which the country continues to slide into a socialist abyss.

    I suppose you’ve got your bases covered now, but I’m curious: What will it be tomorrow? A particularly delicious kind of cheese?Two different writers, two somewhat different opinions. I see the difference just like you do, but read Rick’s piece as more of an indictment of governmental response than the overresponse of the mainstream press.

    Here’s the way I look at it: I want the government to overreact and take extra precaution, such as closing the borders (which should be closed anyway); I want the media to NOT blow things out of proportion.

    And, yes, a slice of cheese would be nice as well.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Remember FEMA is still scheduled to have their bio-terrorism training exercises in at least 7 states, I believe, July 27-31. It’s on their official website. PART of their training for this bio-terrorism drill is rounding people up for mass (forced) vaccinations and or hauling them off to be quarantined. Or, if THEY determine you can be self quarantined, they just slap an ankle bracelet complete with alarm…you know…just like the ones worn by those that commit crimes.

    Meanwhile ACORN received $5 billion dollars of our hard earned money to buy new toys for their new project. They are going door to door the get GPS coordinates on EVERY front door in America by July 30. What’s the big rush? The census isn’t until 2010. These GPS coordinates just so happen to work with these ankle bracelets.

    Now, I’m not saying these two things are connected, but sure seems suspect to me.

    Google Acorn receives $5 billion for GPS, to read more details.

    The powers that the Patriot Act and other Executive orders Clinton and Bush put into law gives Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA unbelievable powers. When they are in charge, all state and local governmental powers are suspended. They’re completely impotent. And…look who’s in charge.

  17. Anonymous says:

    ANONYMOUS 9:02…

    Have you forgotten Rahm Emanuel’s favorite strategy for governing?

    “Never let a crisis go to waste…it allows you to do things that you might not have been able to do before”.

    It is used by all rulers who are intent on taking away personal liberties! Read some books by Alinsky, Marx, Engels, Hegel. You might get a peak into the administration’s playbook!

    BTW: Bush also used crisis to shred our Constitution! This is not a partisan sentiment…it is a tyrrany vs. freedom one.

    Lisa in TX

  18. Anonymous says:

    H1N1. Does anyone else read this as “heinie”? Quite the descriptive word for those responsible with the name change of this ailment.


  19. MISTER ED says:

    As long as that dictionary doesn’t have her picture!! That title about the horse has me thinking she just might have one down there. YUCK

  20. CAL says:

    It just shows the extent to which they will go to keep the border open.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are we SURE that Ms. (Title mine!) Napolitano is not Janet Reno’s sister? They really resemble! But then that would make Janet 1 and Janet 2….kind of like Thing 1 and Thing 2!

    Just sayin’…..

    Lisa in TX

  22. Anonymous says:

    While we discuss all this, I want to warn good Americans: Do NOT trust Dr. Orly. She has repeatedly asked for updates on the lawsuits she claims to be filing and about the documents she claims to have handed to two SCOTUS judges personally. In every case, she has refused to respond and has moderated the questions out of the comments.

    This is a woman who asks people for money and even personal information. People are developing the opinion that she is either just stealing the donations or working as an operative.

    Please be warned and spread the word. Try asking her yourself and see what happens.

  23. chi iron says:

    Have a great day.

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