GOP, Rolling Up the Sleeves

Assigned Reading: Are Republicans Finally Uniting?
(FROM: Redstate)

This is encouraging, and I like that Republicans and conservatives aren’t waiting for Michael Steele and the RNC to take the reins and ready the GOP for a trench fight. Yes, I’m a little wary of Arizona Sen. John McCain being included among the Republicans involved, but Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are there to round things out, and according to the letter which went out today (read it at the Redstate link), I like what the National Council For A New America is saying.

Listen, no matter what Barack Obama and the Democrats do to this country, there is still a large number of Americans who are susceptible to superficiality and a good message, so the Republican Party must close the technological and overall message dissemination gap. The NCNA is a good start, as is a project I was e-mailed about yesterday from someone in a House GOP office.

That’s all. Just wanted to bring the letter to your attention. Read it when you get the chance.



  1. Rix says:

    While the list of Republican icons in the signature is fairly impressive – even with McCain onboard – I failed to spot a few key names. Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul (is he still a Republican?) and, most notably, Jim deMint, the politician for whom I have the highest hope in 2012, are among the missing. Joining later, perhaps?

    In any case, this might be a great first step to consolidate the conservative front and let a new political leadership emerge – before Michael Steele does to RNC what George Bush did to the rest of the party.

  2. COME TOGETHER (BEATLES 1970?) says:

    I agree, you throw a little technology at this task of bringing all disenfranchised people together, what a block that would be! A database here, a website there, some bumperstickers everywhere and we can bring sanity back to this REPUBLIC!! If they can win with two empty words HOPE and CHANGE we could kick ass with some real intellectual enlightenment of the masses.

    verify word: grating (What Soetoro is doing to our nerves)

  3. CROWD CONTROL says:

    Don’t make us open up this can of CS gas on ya. (COMMON SENSE)

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  6. CAL says:

    I do not know why McCain needs to be included in this. I am suspect of anything he is involved with as his first inclination is to side with the democrats and make republicans look bad.

  7. Ladalang says:

    As long as Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and McCain are leading the movement, it will never succeed against the Democrats. Now if they start acting like true Conservatives and not Neo Cons the party may have a chance,

  8. tm says:

    It’s not about the candidates – it’s about cornering younger, and independent voters. This is where the party has to differ from the dim-ocrats. It’s not a popularity, cult of personality contest to rally around one candidate. This is about showing we are the party of yes and forward with strong solutions.I applaud this effort.

  9. Anonymous says:


    I am TOTALLY turned off by the presence of McCain and Bush on this list! We certainly don’t need their names ANYWHERE NEAR this organization!!! I know we have to do something, but there are so many other great sites that are activating and informing people…however, if this is an opportunity for me to contact them and let them know what they HAVE to do to get back on track, then I will participate to the point of being heard. Hope this is not just some phony, re-branding BS.
    I admit I have become a bit cynical and suspicious, but it’s from being betrayed and also from doing my own research as to what is really going on in this country!

    Lisa in TX

  10. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    I know. Me too. I don’t like their names being anywhere close to it.

    Unlike McCain and unlike the former president, Jeb Bush is a solid conservative. Also, I think it was Eric Cantor today who mentioned that the NCNA is trying to woo Sarah Palin.

    Plus, I didn’t see much of anything objectionable in the letter.

    Listen, anything here is good. I see what Newt Gingrich is doing as well, but Newt sometimes rubs me the wrong way — he seems to always be promoting himself and his Web site, and I’m not so sure the American public will perceive him as anything other than old-time politics.

    Outreach is key, and if the NCNA helps with that, we’re better off with it than without it.

  11. RoBoTech says:

    Jeb Bush is an Amnesty Hound.
    He’s married to a Mexican!
    GW has said many times that he was for Amnesty because of his sister in law.
    PLEASE know who you are supporting!

  12. Anonymous says:


    You don’t have to take the time to comment, but not only is RoBoTech right, but also the entire Bush family is totally into the New World Order deal. They have a huge empire to protect. I used to support the Bushes, but I no longer can. We’ll see…time will tell! Thanks for the response! I always feel so honored when you respond!

    Lisa in TX

  13. Anonymous says:

    Agree w/ Robotech and Lisa. I don’t like the looks or smell of this.

    Also where are the social issues of life and marriage?

    I think what I’ve been figuring out since the election of 2008 is that I’m not a Republican.

  14. NO PARTIES FOR ME says:

    I, like George Washington, don’t believe in parties. Ever since Jefferson and Hamilton the parties have been a distraction.

  15. END THE DYNASTY says:


  16. Anonymous says:


    BTW..did some more research on this upcoming forum, and I found another person I am absolutely against!

    It is my very own senator, John Cornyn. He has been such a traitor, voting for TARP, many of the awful cabinet appointments, and THEN, two weeks ago came out in full support for the re-election of Arlen Specter! I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN…HE IS A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!

    This is looking more disappointing all the time…sorry to be a downer.

    Lisa in TX

  17. Lynn says:

    So Romney, McCain, Jindal, et al. finally decided it’s time to actually LISTEN to real Americans? (gasp!)

    Yeah, and curling is a real sport.

    One of the things I’ve come to like about Gov. Huckabee is, if you read his books, you will find they are FULL of fresh ideas and real, workable solutions. You’ll also find a bona fide fiscal AND social conservative. Try one of his books. You can get them at any library. Let the man speak.

    In the spring of 2008, when Congress was handing out (borrowing? printing??) free money for the so-called stimulus, Huckabee suggested that we spend some stimulus funds to widen I-95 on the East coast (where a huge chunk of Americans live). He proposed using American steel, American labor, and American cement. He reminded that for every $1 million spent on infrastructure repairs, what # of jobs were created and industries helped. The faster, more efficient traffic flow would help keep American commerce moving, as well as tourism…and give people more time with their families.

    And McCain? He was ABSENT the day Congress voted on the first “stimulus” plan.

    Romney? Wholehearted supporter of the TARP and other bailouts.

    Give me a major break! The “New America” road show is just a publicity stunt. NO listening will take place, I guarantee it. When they get asked their first, tough questions by REAL American tax payers, this show will fold like a lawn chair.

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