Budget Bill Passes House

A quick round-up, as I’ve got an exam in four hours:

Earlier today, a bill setting forth the congressional budget for 2010 and budgetary levels for 2001 through 2014 passed the House with no Republican support. The vote was 233 to 193, with 17 Democrats cutting against the grain. Those Democrats:

  • John Barrow (GA-12)
  • Dan Boren (OK-2)
  • Bobby Bright (AL-2)
  • Travis Childers (MS-1)
  • Bill Foster (IL-14)
  • Parker Griffith (AL-5)
  • Frank Kratovil (MD-1)
  • Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)
  • Betsy Markey (CO-4)
  • James Marshall (GA-8)
  • Jim Matheson (UT-2)
  • Mike McIntyre (NC-7)
  • Walter Minnick (ID-1)
  • Harry Mitchell (AZ-5)
  • Glenn Nye (VA-2)
  • Gene Taylor (MS-4)
  • Harry Teague (NM-2)

So, if your representative is a Republican, call him or her and say thank you. If your representative is one of these 17 Democrats, call him or her and say thank you. Yes, even Dennis Kucinich (I like Dennis!).

At $3.55 trillion, Barack Obama’s budget is gargantuan, and will from here go to the Senate for final approval, and then on to the president, where it will likely be signed into law. I received the following statement from North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones, very much a voice of reason when it comes to matters of fiscal conservatism:

During difficult times, American families and small businesses make sacrifices and do what they can to tighten their belts and reign in spending. Most people expect the federal government to do the same. Sadly, Washington has chosen to go on a spending spree and ignore the pressing demand for fiscal discipline. Rather than scale back wasteful spending, this budget resolution is projected to nearly triple the national debt over the next 10 years.

The spending in this budget resolution calls for a $1.23 trillion deficit for 2010, which will lead to unprecedented borrowing from China, the Middle East, and other foreign countries that own our ballooning debt. Problems that have been caused by too much spending and too much debt simply can’t be solved by more government spending and more federal debt. The fact that April 26th was already “Debt Day” – the day in the fiscal year when federal spending surpasses revenues – obviously hasn’t registered in Washington. This Congress needs to wake up and realize its moral obligation to avoid passing on a mountain of debt to America’s future generations.

While our nation continues to suffer amid a faltering economy, this budget includes $1.5 trillion in tax increases over the next 10 years. It not only imposes new taxes on corporate businesses but raises income taxes, harming the most successful small businesses that pay taxes at the top two individual rates. This budget also includes a new national energy tax that will cost every American household. Hiking taxes during an economic downturn will only hurt small businesses and slow job creation.

With its fast-track ‘reconciliation’ procedure to push through sweeping policy changes like government run-health care and its expansion of the federal government through huge increases in spending, taxes, and deficits, this budget resolution will plunge our nation further into debt and keep us from getting back on the right economic track.

Perhaps, after exams are done, I’ll have the chance to track down Congressman Jones for a comprehensive interview on the first 100-plus days of this new administration and congress. He’s always been gracious in the past, and I’m fairly certain he’ll be equally so in the future.

In the meantime, we need to continue to stand up and let our voices be heard. Barack Obama’s policies, if there is a silver lining to be found, seem to have helped Republicans in the House and Senate wake up and remember their values and ideals. We will be stronger for having endured this presidency.

And if not, we secede. (That was a joke. Okay, sort of a joke.)



  1. goddessdivine says:

    Unbelievable…..and totally reckless. Just, wow.

    Thanks for all you do Jeff, keeping us aware of everything. It certainly does not go unappreciated.

  2. WALK THIS WAY says:

    Secede, hell, we evict!

  3. GiveMeSanity says:

    Before sending a “Thank You” to my Democratic rep, is there a site I can view his voting records? I’d rather thank him based on a consistent fiscal conservative stance, as opposed to a one-time “NO” on a spending vote. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My congressperson voted against this but I still fear that she is under the power of darkness and will not support the bills for transparency.


    WALK THIS WAY said…

    Secede, hell, we evict!LOVE IT.

    GiveMeSanity said…

    Before sending a “Thank You” to my Democratic rep, is there a site I can view his voting records? I’d rather thank him based on a consistent fiscal conservative stance, as opposed to a one-time “NO” on a spending vote. Thanks.
    Check out OpenCongress.org (.com?), but please — even if it is a one-time “no,” perhaps the praise will get through.

    I’m potty-training my daughter right now. Honestly, she goes nine times out of ten in her diaper still (kind of like Robert Byrd), but you’d better believe that on that tenth time, on the potty, we whoop and holler as though she just did a triple-flip.

  6. DEPENDS says:

    Robert Byrd’s diaper!!! R O F L

  7. amomx4 says:

    LOL! Jeff, not only are you smart and conservative, but funny too! When are you available to run for elected office?

  8. NOT SO GREAT IN TN-8 says:

    Hey John Tanner (TN – 8), KISS MY BUTT you Pelosi lackie

  9. tm says:

    I agree – it’s time for the eviction notices. Really wish we could potty train everyone in washington – because I’m tired of getting pooped on.

  10. GiveMeSanity says:

    I think it’s hilarious that you compare praising politicians to potty-training. : ) I’m not sure a politician will receive praise the same way as a toddler, but I guess it’s still worth a shot. If they are trainable, its the least I can do. : ) I’ll check out the site tonight. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    And if not, we secede. (That was a joke. Okay, sort of a joke.)

    Well, I’m not joking. If the federal government has determined that it can exceeded its constitutional boundaries, then it has, in effect, seceded from us. In that case, all bets are off.

    Take care of your exams, Jeff. Brilliant fellow that you are, I’m sure you will roll! Oh wait, that’s not the right expression to use with an Auburn man, is it?


  12. Anonymous says:

    I know that I keep raining on everyone’s parade, but I’m totally convinced that the Saul Alinsky/George Soros progressives WILL NOT relinquish the power that they now possess by historical political means.

    This is the first-in-history opportunity to radically “re-make” America, and that is exactly what Obama (the point-man with a “gift”) is saying is “his” mission.

    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, starting with the run-up to the 2010 election, but we should be prepared for an all-out blocking effort by the Obama administration. Time will tell to what extent the public will be manipulated and the opposition restrained prior to that election. If there is a significant errosion of the existing power stucture in 2010, Katy bar the door for 2012.

    Old Bob

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for the info. I’ll get those thank you’s out to these dems you listed.

    Old, Bob, I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt we see a 2012 election.

  14. Gail B says:

    Thanks for the time away from pressing matters to give us the breakdown.

    Re: Secession vs Constitutionality
    I don’t understand why somebody hasn’t challenged a bunch of this overreaching legislation in courts yet.

    As for state sovereignty, I asked myself why it should be necessary for individual states to pass sovereignty legislation, as we are supposed to be protected from the federal government under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. (I listened very carefully, but I came up with no answer.)

    Thanks again, Jeff.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know this isn’t on the subject, but it’s a disturbing look into the not-so-distant Muslim future around the world:



  16. Gail B says:

    Just took a closer look at the list–there are FOUR names on it that I wrote to a couple of months ago asking them to be cautious about being used by being led by the Pied Piper, or thanking them for voting against a bill. (Can’t remember which now–I’ve written so many!)

    I heard a man on the radio tonight, and he sounded absolutely SICK. “I’ve lost ALL the equity in my home; I’ve lost a lot of the value of my stock; and the price of gasoline is rising again. Obama is not doing what he said he was going to do. We don’t want all this spending. This is not the change we wanted.”

    I thought, “HOORAY!!! He said, ‘This is not the change WE wanted.’ They’re getting the message!”

    Keep those “cards and letters” going, folks–they’re doing some good!

    (restort – restart? On a different path?)

  17. berkshire says:

    Why do you like Dennis Kucinich? I am one of his constituents and have not and will not ever vote for him.

  18. Lilly says:

    TOTALLY agree with WALK THIS WAY!

  19. Anonymous says:


    I think you are referring to the youtube clip “Muslim Demographics”. I saw that, too, and I am freaking out! Then a friend told me about a caller on Rush who is lives in America and is a former Muslim. She told Rush that people are stupid if they don’t understand that it is the goal of the entire Muslim population to take over each country, and that it will happen by them being the majority of population. This is a FORMER MUSLIM trying to tell Americans that they need to understand this truly is the goal. If you watch the clip and listen to that imam saying, “We will not need terrorism or homicidal bombers to achieve world domination”, it becomes very clear that this is what is happening!

    Everyone needs to watch this video!

    Lisa in TX

  20. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    I like Dennis because he reminds me of a Hobbit, because he actually admitted that he saw a UFO while standing on Shirley MacLaine’s porch.

    The man is just funny. Can’t stand his politics, but it’s nice to know that there is, at least, semi-intelligent life out in the universe, and that they too can come here, run for office, and marry someone way out of their league.

  21. Anna Leigh says:

    These characters who continue voting for more and more debt have no conscience. They are in it for themselves and the glory they gain among their compatriots. The people they represent no longer matter – it’s all about them, power and Washington. They make me sick.

    I come from a state that supported McCain last year. My congressman and senators are all Democrats. Not one of them considers how the state’s votes were cast in 2008. They hear from me constantly and no longer respond. I’m off their radar.

    Everyone who votes to saddle future generations with unsustainable debt should be held responsible – if they think it’s such a grand idea, let them personally take care of the repayment.

    When Americans awaken and the adulation stops, I think there will be millions who are as irate and disgusted as I.

  22. PFC PATRIOT says:

    Jeff, I would gladly serve under your command in a Whiskey Rebellion. I salute you. Long live America. Here’s to our children’s and grandchildren’s futures!

  23. JACKS ARE WILD says:

    Since most congressman are ‘cards’ we should refer to this congress as a House Of Cards. It is going to fall people, wait and see.

  24. OH JEFFREY says:

    Did Jeffrey violate parole? Haven’t heard from him lately.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Lisa in Texas”

    I agree that everyone needs to watch this video, but I would also recommend that everyone read “Hurtling Towards Oblivion” by Richard A. Swenson. It’s the same story, but it goes into more detail.

    We can speculate on a lot of different scenarios which may or may not come true, but this is one that you can take to the bank. If the world lasts that long, there is an unavoidable war between Islam and Western culture coming (primarily because, whether some would like to deny it or not, our life-style is based in Judeo/Christian values).

    It may take 20-50 years, so that may not sound too scary to most of us old folks, but if you care about your children and your grandchildren, you SHOULD care and take it with deadly seriousness.

    Old Bob

  26. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob:

    That is EXACTLY about whom I think…with tears in my eyes, no less! I have to keep reminding myself that our God is sovereign, and He will be faithful. Hard times ahead, though.

    I am wondering how the Muslim population explosion will be dealt with by the NWO, as it is their goal to reduce world population by 66% eventually. I agree that there will be a huge conflict sometime in the near future. Remember, the Muslim end of the world is supposed to happen in 2012, and Ahmadenijad thinks he is the chosen one to cause mass destruction which would bring about the return of the “mahdi” (their messiah).

    Ahhh….another must read book! I am turning into a total nerd!

    Take care,

    Lisa in TX

  27. berkshire says:

    lol, yeah I see what you mean. His wife has a good 2 feet on him and I remember when he was elected he stood on a chair to thank everyone but probably still wasnt as tall as me.

    its less funny, however, when he represents your district and we have serious issues that do not get attention.

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