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Assigned Reading: Analysts Dispute Charge by Specter of GOP Moving Rightward
(FROM: Fox News)

They say it as though it’s a bad thing. Not only that turncoat Republican-turned-typical Democrat Arlen Specter, but Michael Steele and Michael Barone as well. For crying out loud, at a time when we are watching our government grow exponentially and our freedom and prosperity disappear by the day, I’d say that the Republican Party had better move rightward.

The GOP pollster cited in the article points out that this could, ideologically at least, be the same Republican Party from 2000, 2002 or 2004, and he’s right. But to say that the GOP hasn’t been shifting to the right recently, especially now in the age of President Barack Obama, would be to disregard the problems caused by a GOP with a big-government, spendthrift mentality during the latter half of George W. Bush’s second term.

And, I tell you what — we’d better damn well learn our lesson, we’d better acknowledge what we did wrong and learn from it. One of these days, hopefully no further than 18 months down the road, the GOP will once again be in the majority or well on the way to being there. And, while I’ve predicted for a while that 2010 could be like 1994 all over again, unless we’re willing to learn from our mistakes and nominate an actual conservative in 2012, we could end up with a repeat of 1996 as well, and with Barack Obama in the White House that just will not do.

To say that the GOP has not moved to the right, at a time where Republicans in the House and Senate have shown more cohesiveness and have stuck more to first principles than we’ve seen in a long while, is to overlook how the GOP fell to the left between 2005 and 2008.



  1. Let us move forward says:

    He has been reading the memo published by the DHS.

  2. tm says:

    Standing ovation.

  3. Gail B says:

    You tell ‘em, Jeff!
    Somebody say AMEN!

    We had 17 Democrats come over to the conservative side on today’s vote on the 2010 budget. SOMEBODY’S getting the message of what’s going wrong with liberalism and wasteful spending.

    This could be a good thing, though, because John Q. Public is unhappy with declining equity, rising prices, loss of retirement income, and the eye-popping national debt. Americans are waking up and getting thirsty for conservatism. I wish Michael Steele would wake up!

    Get some sleep, Jeff–you’ve earned it, and you need it!


    TO HELL with TEA PARTIES!, we need WHISKEY REBELLIONS! Get them so mad at us Barry mounts a white steed himself (like George Washington did) and comes after us. THIS is a war for survival people.

  5. YA THINK? says:

    “Deficits are future tax increases.” – Dr. Mike Munger, Economics Professor Duke University


    The photo: Such a beautiful building for such ugly goings on. They should be forced to meet in a Chuck E Cheese. Return the PEOPLES HOUSE to the PEOPLE.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, this is another example of why Michael Steele just doesn’t get it….he makes me very uneasy about the future of the Republican Party. I am not a registerd Republican so I will support the candidate who represents my beliefs and it may be a third party candidate. As far as Specter, the Defector is concerned, he has done this before because he does what is necessary for his self-preservation. Good riddance and the Republican Party needs to rid itself of others like him. We need to support our conservative values not try and water them down. As I listened to some of the ‘Great One’s’ interview last night (it was ‘enchanted’ wasn’t it)he keeps referring to ‘waterboarding’ as being contrary to our values…what values does he is ok to murder innocent babies but not dunk some terrorist under the water? What a hypocrite he is and no one ever asks him if he considers partial-birth abortion to be ‘torture’.

  8. Greg Goss says:
  9. Anonymous says:

    AMEN! Maybe if we just sit back and wait we won’t have to “clean house”. Looks like the RINOS are doing that for us!

    Get some rest Jeff. I have been praying for you and your family.

    LOL, word verification…unchill


  10. Anonymous says:


    Great article, but I would add that we must stop the debate from being hijacked by the meaningless terms of D and R, and educate people as to the CONTINUUM between TYRRANY AND LIBERTY! The Republican party needs to remind people that moving to the right means moving towards liberty and away from tyrrany!


    We will lose the battle if we continue to only focus on partisan divide.

    What’s more, they need to help people understand what losing national sovereignty means if we march towards globalism and transnationalism.

    Have you heard of the “hegelian dialectical process?”

    Lisa in TX

  11. Bodenzee says:

    I wish that I could believe that those that voted against the budget bill did so because they honestly believed it wrong. However, my cynical (usually correct) side tells me that knowing the bill would pass with, or without their vote chose to vote against it for purely political, self serving reasons. This doesn’t herald a shift to conservatism.

  12. Gail B says:

    Jeff, I have a question: Do you speed read?

    On top of your studies, your work, and EVERYTHING you read in the news, you write. Just wondered how you do it! Speed reading?

    (You’ve practically admitted to “speed sleeping.”)

  13. ALCATRAZ BOUND says:

    Once again, the plan, which if we ALL did, would work:

    1. Refile your W4 and state 10 dependents, increasing your take home pay (yeah) and lessening funds to the govt’s disposal (bigger yeah).
    2. Tax year 2009 1040 Just don’t pay the TAXES DUE… if millions and millions of us did this they couldn’t build enough prisons to hold all of us
    3. Big Brother would get the message we have had enough of being stolen from

  14. MATLOCK says:

    That National Grand Jury has such a sweet smell of constitutionality to it. Oh if only that could work, the people being listened to; what a concept. Merely asking to see some evidentiary proof of eligibility. Makes sense to me. But, life is not that simple, right Jeff?

  15. READING 101 says:

    Which is more pathetic? Barry glued to his left&right teleprompters?, or his being glued straight on to his huge teleprompter on the back wall, as in last nights 'press conference'. This guy is a sham.


    Anybody else notice last night that he never really answers the questions after rambling for 15-20 minutes per reply?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think there might be a slight bug in the comments section. It is allowing the deletion of any comment not made by a person with a Google blogger account.

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