Ulterior Motives?

Less than ten days ago, Specter seemed intent on remaining a Republican, facing Toomey for re-election

Something is up. Something is definitely up.

Yesterday evening, as I was driving along Market Street on my way home from work, I spotted former congressman and current Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Pat Toomey giving an interview on the sidewalk outside the studio at Philadelphia’s local Fox affiliate. It was only a few minutes ago, taking a little break from studying on the eve of one of my exams, that I went to look for video of the interview.

Instead, I found an article from Monday, April 20. Last week. It was written following an interview with Sen. Arlen Specter on Fox 29′s “Good Day Philadelphia,” during which he discussed, among other things, Toomey’s recent announcement of his candidacy and the upcoming challenge for Specter’s U.S. Senate seat in 2010.

It was only days before that Fox interview, almost two weeks ago, that Toomey formally announced his bid, obviously driven by a 4,000-vote loss in the primary leading up to the election in 2004 and citing Specter’s vote on Barack Obama’s so-called “stimulus” plan. Toomey had called the stimulus vote “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” and last Monday, Specter was in-studio to respond.

Here’s an excerpt from the article. Pay close attention to Specter’s words (emphasis mine):

“Listen,” Specter continued, “I’ve voted 10,000 times in the United States Senate. I don’t expect everyone to agree with every vote. In fact, I don’t agree with all of the votes at this time. But to try to unseat someone who has been in 30 years over one vote is a little extreme. But then again, this guy is very extreme.”

Specter said Toomey’s political views are farther to the right than those of former Sen. Rick Santorum, who lost his campaign for reelection in 2006 by a double-digit margin.

Hitting themes that are likely to run throughout his campaign, Specter added, “If Toomey is the nominee, the Democrats are going to have 60 senators, and they’ll be able to cut off filibusters. … The Democrats will be able to pass card-check, the big spending plans, raise taxes, and it’s the last check and balance that we Republicans have.

“He’s a sure-fire loser in November,” Pennsylvania’s senior senator said of his primary election challenger.

I don’t know about you, but it sure doesn’t sound to me like Arlen Specter was even considering making the transition from turncoat Republican to typical Democrat — and that was less than ten days ago.

By now, we all know that it was only a little more than a month ago, on March 17, that Specter all but ruled out a party switch, citing the need for “checks and balances” and what he felt was his “important role” in the Republican Party. Fast forward to April 20, and his language was very similar, even after Toomey announced his candidacy. Specter again noted the need for checks and balances, spoke of “we Republicans,” and lamented what could happen if the Democrats reached the threshold of 60 votes.

Yesterday, Specter admitted that he had been courted by Harry Reid and the Democrats for more than five years. Yet he had remained steadfast, even so recently as the month between March 17 and April 20, in his desire to stay a Republican. What exactly happened over the eight-day span between that “Good Day Philadelphia” interview and yesterday’s announcement? What facilitated such a shift?

Around town, I’m hearing that local congressman Joe Sestak isn’t too pleased with the news of Specter’s party switch. Sestak, a Democrat, reportedly has senatorial aspirations of his own and by all accounts has been weighing heavily a run in the general election against Specter in 2010. In doing so, Sestak was surely counting on the support from President Barack Obama and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell — both of whom, now, have vowed to support “new” Democrat Arlen Specter during that race.

What is going on that, after five years of courtship, Harry Reid and the Democrats have decided to sweeten the deal enough to have Specter pull the trigger now? With this administration so well versed, even after only 100 days, in sleight of hand and making the most of [manufactured] crisis, I cannot help but wonder what is coming down the pipeline that the Democrats so desperately need Arlen Specter in their ranks at this moment. What is so important that it’s worth alienating a solid, supportive, fairly popular liberal Democrat like Admiral Joe Sestak in favor of the highly unreliable but extremely malleable Specter?

Nothing happens by accident. Not in this administration. Not with everyone following in lockstep with the Leninesque “the worse, the better” mentality. Obviously, Arlen Specter is not exactly known for his principled decision-making, and for him this was certainly more about self-preservation than anything else. Still, given that even just nine days ago it seemed as though he was intent upon facing Toomey head-on in the Republican primary, I cannot help but think that something is up, that Specter is being used, that somebody else has a few ulterior motives.



  1. GUESSWHAT says:

    Maybe this is what Obama has up his sleeve!!
    I just received this from a member who cannot post to MeetUp from work, this is what she sent!

    From the Desk of:
    Steve Elliott, President
    Grassfire.org Alliance

    Back-room deal this week will put socialized healthcare on
    the fast-track. Please see below and alert your friends.


    We have just been alerted that House and Senate leaders are moving
    very quickly to put socialized healthcare on a fast-track THIS WEEK
    as part of the revised Obama budget.

    Members of the House-Senate conference have struck a deal with
    Harry Reid and the Obama team to require just a simple majority
    vote in the Senate to pass Obama's massive socialized healthcare

    Our contacts are also warning us that Obama's oppressive $2 trillion
    global warming Carbon Tax also may be fast-tracked!

    Lauren, your grassroots pressure forced the Senate to remove
    this procedural trickery from the Obama budget just a few weeks ago.
    But now a handful of Congressmen and the Obama team are sneaking the
    fast-track language back in the budget!

    + + We have just a few hours to stop socialized healthcare
    and the oppressive Carbon Tax!

    The House-Senate conference is meeting NOW and Obama's supporters
    want to pass the revised budget this week in time for the conclusion
    of Obama's first 100 days in office.


    Democrats know they cannot get 60 votes in the Senate to pass
    socialized healthcare or the Carbon Tax, so they are manipulating
    the process to require only 50 votes later this year.

    + + Fax Congress Now And Say "No" To Fast-Tracking
    Socialized Healthcare and the Carbon Tax

    We have set up our FaxFire to target the eight members of the
    House-Senate conference along with your two Senators and your

    We must flood these offices with faxes TODAY and
    tomorrow. Go here to schedule your faxes for
    immediate delivery:


    As always, if you would prefer to send your own faxes, please do so!
    We provide all the contact information and sample letters for your
    convenience at the above link.

    + + Classic Political Misdirection

    Here's how this all happened…

    A few weeks ago you helped Grassfire expose the Obama budgets
    $2 trillion in new taxes and the plan by Democrats to fast-track
    pet socialistic programs. The Senate removed the fast-track
    language and it seemed to many that we had won this part of
    the debate.

    As a result, the liberal media — and even the conservative media –
    dropped the issue.

    Then, after the Spring recess, Rahm Emanuel went to Harry Reid's
    office and struck a deal to put the fast-track provisions back in.

    Now, we have just hours to stop this. So…

    After you send your faxes…

    Please call these key members of Congress:

    Call your two Senators:

    Sen. Hutchison 202-224-5922
    Sen. Cornyn 202-224-2934

    Call your Congressman:

    Rep. Green 202-225-7508

    Again, this is classic D.C. back-room politics. We must take a
    stand. Please schedule your faxes and make your phone calls.
    Then, alert your friends.

    Thanks for taking a stand at this crucial time.

    Steve Elliott, President

    P.S. If we lose the battle over socialized healthcare, more than
    half of all Americans will earn their living off the government!
    This is the tipping point — the point of no return — when our
    country will become a socialist state like much of Europe.

  2. Anonymous says:


    The Senator and the Unicorn
    How Arlen Specter helped a murderer skip bail.


    Ira Einhorn “Unicorn” help create “Earth Day”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: This national review link doesn’t work. Please check and advise. Thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    Liberalism is alive and thriving, conservatism is dead.

    (like it should be in this age).

    60 seats, can’t stop us!

  5. Anonymous says:

    In this age of Socialism?
    America as we knew it is dead, unfortunately all great things eventually come to an end. Stupidity will be credited with the cause many, many years from now.
    Mike I got two tickets to mexico for you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    To Mike,
    This is not a conservative or a liberal issue. This is your money and your future. Every new program that is passed costs and who will pay it? The rich? Has this ever happened in the history of this world? The answer is and emphatic “no” simply because this is “the world” and it is not perfect and most people do not have the intention, the education or the the common sense to reason this out. Obama is using the old “shell game” and anyone knows who plays this game you lose. It will turn out as well as his Airforce One photo shoot – not well thought out and a public disaster. This country is in serious trouble without checks and balances. This rush to pass everything on the President’s agenda will end badly and you don’t need to be a psychic to predict it. We are slowly losing our position as a leader among nations. If we cannot lead, we will be doomed to accept what other nations want for us. This is sad for our country and for those who offered so much of their lives to make her strong. It is also sad for all of us. Look at history, if you cannot lead other predators will take up the cause – Persia fell, Greece fell, Rome fell…all have paid prices for their failure to remain strong and vigilant. It is a human failing to sit back and enjoy comforts and entertainment and let someone else do the work and pay the bills. Others see what they have and want it and take it and the cycle begins again. I only hope this country wakes up before it is too late.

  7. COMRADES says:


    I think you meant ‘communism’.

  8. GEEZERS says:

    If not TERM limits, AGE limits. HOSPICE HILL IS AN EMBARRASSMENT. Camera whores.
    535 – 535 = A Fresh New America.

  9. CONCORD says:

    Ballot boxes aren’t the only place to stop the death of a country.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here it is again:

    The Senator and the Unicorn
    How Arlen Specter helped a murderer skip bail.


    (For some reasean the last part after the period didn’t copy)

  11. sharon says:

    I am with you Jeff, something is up. I have felt that way since Bush asked for the TARP money in September. As I watched him with my jaw to the floor realizing there would be no republican response because HE was the republican, I knew in my heart at that point we were screwed. Never in my 50+ years have I been so scared regarding a sitting administration.

    In regard to the filibuster, it is a joke anyway. There was no filibuster for the stimulus, the omnibus budget, the increase in child heath care for the children, and not now for the ultra ridiculous budget. I will continue to fight for my grandchildren’s future, but it is currently a losing fight…. for now…

    Something interesting to ponder… I spoke with a gentlemen last night that told me he has not voted for president since the GOP while in power did not remove Bill Clinton from office for perjury when they had the power to do it. He stated he wanted to vote for Palin, but could not get behind McCain. I asked him if he was happy with the alternative and he said absolutely not,but his non vote is a protest dissent vote until the GOP get their act together.. interesting, wonder how many others there are out there.

    One more note… A friend of mine received word from her employer on Monday that her children will not be covered under her employer health plan beginning in January 2010. They are eligible for the government health care plan. Perhaps people will begin to catch on the more this occurs, she currently has a wonderful plan with her employer.

  12. Callmike2 says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Specter has disappointed conservatives for several years. How is socialism going to help our society? As private property rights are stripped away, as the bill of rights is dismantled, as term limits for the president are removed and the election process aligned with that of Cuba and Venezuela, maybe Americans will open their eyes and realize their freedoms are gone. There’s nothing new about this brand of Socialism. At least Arlen Specter has shed one layer of hypocrisy.

  13. doogle says:

    To Mike,

    Don’t count your chickens before the government gives them to you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mike, I suggest you watch “The Obama Deception” (with an open mind if you can), and then get back to us. Be careful though – it’s long and I don’t know if with your sesame street attention span you can get your narrow mind around something that’s longer than 2 minues.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If the Dems already thought they could count on Specter’s vote, why would they feel the need to offer him a deal just get him to officially switch parties?

    After all, if the “something” that the Democrats have in the works is so outrageous that Specter wouldn’t have voted for it as a Republican, you can safely assume that he’s not going to vote for it as a Democrat either. Just as he never bought into the theory that his vote should be dictated solely by the (R) following his name, there’s no reason to think he’ll feel any more obligated to the (D).

    Also, I loves me a nice helping of vague paranoia as much as the next guy but seriously, roughly ten paragraphs to convey the theory that “something is up” and “somebody” may have ulterior motives? Thanks for the update, Mulder; “the truth is out there” indeed, now if only it weren’t curiously devoid of details and verifiable facts.

    C’mon Jeff! Why so coy all of the sudden??? You’ve never been afraid to throw a little baseless speculation around in the past. Consider your medium and remember your readers: There’s no such thing as accountability here! Go crazy! If you need help getting started, how about CallMike2′s prediction that presidential term limits are going to be eliminated? That seems like good stuff. Run with it!

  16. Gail B says:

    From an AP story:

    Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., said that in a private meeting with Republicans, Specter “gave a purely political explanation. … He said: ‘I’ve looked at the polls. I can’t win as a Republican, I can’t win as an independent. The only way I have a shot is to be a Democrat.’”

    As recently as late winter, Specter was asked by a reporter why he had not taken Democrats up on past offers to switch parties.

    “Because I am a Republican,” he said.

    ellaxica = almost Exlax + America

  17. tm says:

    There is something going on here. Specter knew he was done – He ws promised by VP Plugs they would campaign for him…. what happens when this backfires in Specter’s face – Dimocrats say one thing and do another.
    Holding on for dear life…..at all costs. Think maybe they see the writing on the wall with the tea parties……. Specter too –
    The bumbling idiot – dear leader is starting to show his own party how ill equipped he is to handle all this. With them in total control it’s all : BLAME THE DEMOCRATS. Anyone remmeber when the honeymoon ended with carter? It wasn’t on the MSM it was in the voters – It’s all about the bottom dollar and the power – they know it’s going bad. Why are they still slamming the tea parties, Palin and the GOP? For the first time since November I feel we have a perfect opportunity here to magnify the damage inflicted on the country and show some real remedy. Don’t get me wrong it will be bad, horrifying …but… guess what?it’s really not that long till 2010 and WE WILL OVERCOME them.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” So said an early twentieth century poet of the leaders of his time. It seems to fit now.

    To Mike @ 2:50 AM, the 60 seats will only last for about 18 months. After that, many of the men and women who have done such damage to our laws and economy will be thrown out. Then will begin the slow, costly undoing of all their efforts. It’ll all have been for naught, Mikey.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Specter is looking out for Specter: no one else. He knew that after his vote on the trillion dollar stimulis bill that the republican party would not support him. They were throwing their support to his opponent. Either way, I say the RINO must GO.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This clown is nothing but an opportunist… Just by the very statement “I’ve cast 10,000 votes in the Senate” is a CLEAR example of the necessity for TERM LIMITS for these life-sucking leeches! two terms House, ONE TERM SENATE! This is exactly what the Founding Fathers warned of. They posited that a Congressman or Senator would not pass a law that would inhibit their own ends, that is deny their own freedom. Instead, we have a ruling class of Leeches like Specter (or should we spell it “Spector” as in “Dr. No” Freedom), who will pass these UN-CONSTITUTIONAL programs without them EVER applying to them. Do you honestly think that any Britain/Canadian-esque health care system will apply to them? Uhh… I’ll bet you they will have their OWN state-of-the-art hospital for past, current, and retired Presidium, er.. Presidents and Members of Politburo…er.. Congress. Banana Republic Cronie Capitalism, aka. Socialism has finally achieved full infestation in America.

    And btw… Assault weapons ban? Just what are they afraid…Hmmm??? Sounds like Germany 1938 all over again.

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