The Awakening of a Sleeping Giant

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

Who do they think they are dealing with, anyway?

In 1986 an American conservative icon, Barry Goldwater, retired from his senate seat. John McCain–a true American war hero–defeated Democrat Richard Kimball by 20 points to assume Goldwater’s seat. He went on to win again by large margins in 1992 (56 percent), 1998 (69 percent), and in 2004 (77 percent).

But things might not go so smoothly for John McCain in 2010.

Ben Smith of breaks the news that Chris Simcox–founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps–has resigned from his position with that organization to run against McCain in the Republican primary leading up to the 2010 general election.

It’s not hard to see why Simcox made this call. John McCain may have assumed Barry Goldwater’s senate seat, but he has clearly not assumed Goldwater’s mantle of conservative leadership.

To the casual observer, this will appear to be one more fracture in the sinking ship that is the Republican Party — but, in this case, the casual observer could not be more wrong.

The narrative form the mainstream press and intellectuals from all sides is that the Republican Party is dying for one of two reasons: either they got too conservative, or the conservatives got too rowdy and split the party. The commonality is that the Republican Party is on the ropes and conservatism is to blame.

More broadly, the message is that progressivism is inevitable. On fiscal issues: capitalism is dead. The financial melt-down proves that the era of free markets is over. On social issues: gay marriage is inevitable. Embryonic stem cell research is the wave of the future, and thus abortion is also solidified. On energy issues: global warming will roast us all if we don’t return to the Stone Age. And on defense issues: the age of American exceptionalism is over and the Apology Tour is under way. You can almost hear the academic disdain: “Why don’t you troglodytes pack up your bags descend quietly into the tar pits of history with all the other dinosaurs?”

It turns out that rumors of the death of conservatism, as they say, have been greatly exaggerated.

A recent Rasmussen poll came out showing that only 53 percent of Americans favored capitalism over socialism. Progressivism on the verge of winning, some interpret the poll as saying. But if you change the question to free markets vs. the market as managed by government, the numbers change. Suddenly, 70 percent of Americans are in favor of free markets and just 15 percent are in favor of markets managed by the government. Clearly this is a question of branding — not substance.

As far as gay marriage is concerned, we’ve had one state–one–legalize gay marriage through the legislative process. The rest have gone through an activist bench. Furthermore, how many states have taken the much more difficult step to amend their constitutions to ban gay marriage? If this is what a rout looks like, I need to buy a new dictionary.

Let’s move on to embryonic stem cell research. On a recent issue of Oprah’s show, regular host Dr. Oz dropped a bombshell that shocked Oprah and Michael J. Fox: “I’m going to say something that’s going to be a bit provocative . . . I think the stem cell debate is dead.”

He went to explain the superiority of adult stem cell treatments to embryonic stem cells, and said that we’re “single digit” years from getting applicable treatments based on adult stem cells for Parkinsons and other major diseases. Meanwhile, as far as abortion goes, Obama’s least popular moves so far have been related to the life issue. He rescinded the Mexico City policy and, according to a Gallup poll, 35 percent of Americans approved while 58 percent disapproved. He has moved to have the Department of Health and Human Services rescind the conscience protection clause that allows doctors to refuse to participate in abortions without fear of being fired and, subsequently, a staggering 87 percent of Americans oppose removing this clause, and even a majority of self-identifying pro-choice poll respondents opposed removing the protection.

And, on this Earth Day — how many Americans believe global warming is caused by human activity? Only 34 percent. Just wait until wallets and pocketbooks are hit by this administration’s “green” legislation, then ask how many Americans care.

On the foreign policy front, Obama has racked up a truly impressive number of gaffes in a very short time. From offending our closest allies, the Brits, to bowing before the King of Saud, to sitting through a one-hour anti-American harangue, there are already signs that the president’s soft-on-everyone policy is failing to impress Americans.

So where is the liberal majority now? Where is the progressive juggernaut of public opinion?

On the other hand, if Americans are so decidedly conservative, why did the Republicans get trounced in 2006 and again in 2008?

The answer is that the mainstream media has enticed GOP elites to swing left, and they have complied. Republicans have lost their way by acting like Democrats. This trend has impacted all forms of conservatism, from civil liberties (the USA PATRIOT Act in implementation if not in theory) to the size and scope of our federal government (No Child Left Behind) to immigration (McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Bill) to deficit spending (former President George W. Bush) to free speech (McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act). One resounding failure after another has convinced the genius GOP elites that what the Party really needs is more liberalism, so much so that the mainstream press has recently crowned liberal Meghan McCain as the shining light of the new GOP, and a top McCain adviser has recently called for the GOP to embrace gay marriage. ‘Cause, you know, it’s gone so well for us over the past few years.

Conservatives can argue amongst themselves about any one or two of those particular items (and the list is by no means exhaustive). I’m not trying to make my own rigid definition of conservatism and foist it on everyone else. But we can all agree that, taken together, this is a list that no true conservative could tolerate. The siren call of big-name endorsements like the one the New York Times gave to John McCain [only to, almost overnight and as predicted by myself, turn on him by running a sourceless, front-page hit piece accusing him of infidelity -- Jeff] has been too alluring. GOP leaders have been listening to the intellectuals of this country instead of their constituents, courting the coastal cities instead of the heartland, and that has led to a fractured party. The fractured party has, in turn, proved utterly incapable of mounting a robust campaign at the national level.

We lost because we’re split, and we’re split because the leadership left their posts. They traded their principles for the bright lights of media adoration.

But things are changing.

First of all, mainstream media is crumbling. In part, this is due to the credibility crisis after they all but added the Obama logo to their publications during the 2008 campaign. But, as poetically just as that would be, the real problem has nothing to do with politics. Media companies make money distributing ideas, and modern technology has taken all the profit out of that business model. Everybody from the RIAA to the New York Times is teetering on the brink because they are based on a business model that simply doesn’t make sense anymore. Regardless of the apolitical origins of this crisis, it will change the political landscape by reducing the power of the left-leaning mainstream press. Those bright lights just don’t shine as brightly any more.

The second thing is the resurgence of conservative populism. While the mainstream media was dominant, the progressive agenda acquired an air of inevitability. This isn’t hard to do. Cover every anti-war protest you can find, and then ignore or belittle every Tea Party in existence and–for anyone who gets their news from the mainstream press, at least–the liberals appear to be the voice of America.

Obama drew crowds for his “Hope and Change” tonic-water, but the Tea Parties are only the beginning, and quite frankly this country hasn’t seen what conservatives look like riled up, because conservatives don’t often get riled up.

But now they are. And like David Banner, you don’t want to see conservatives when they’re angry.

Liberals, by their inclination, like to work in media and intellectual fields. Who were the drama kids? Liberals. Who were the English, journalism, and philosophy majors? Other than pre-law, liberals. As a result, the chattering classes of America are overwhelmingly liberal. And since they listen to each other, they have the false sense that they speak for the country.

Look at Janeane Garofalo telling MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann that the Tea Party folks were “nothing but a bunch of teabagging [racist] rednecks.” This is a woman who doesn’t just “not get it,” she’s not even aware that there’s anything to get.

Emboldened by their echo chamber and dominance at the peaks of media distribution, and emboldened by the corruption of the Republican Party over the last decade, the liberals have been ascendant. Reveling in their false sense of majority, they have been pushing too far too fast.

Reality is about to kick in.

And the reality is simply this: Americans think liberals and progressives make great entertainers, but we don’t like their policies or ideologies. We’ve largely tolerated the banal statements of rock stars who never grew past high school and the antics of actors like Garofalo who wouldn’t know a real conservative if she was spitting one in the face, but recently they’ve been getting out of hand.

We have a president who is openly antagonistic towards the principles of the US Constitution and who thinks the only two options when responding to economic crisis are (1) doing nothing and (2) selling off our children and grandchildren’s futures. Aside from nominating tax cheats and lobbyists, he decides it’s a good idea to sign a bill with over 9,000 earmarks after campaigning against them. He also apparently thinks Americans are too stupid to realize that cutting $100 million from a budget of over $3.5 trillion is like buying a yacht for your family vacation, but then making swim suits out of trash bags and duct tape in an effort to “save money.” We’ve got leaders in Congress who believe Americans can’t be trusted with firearms. We’ve got journalists who will spit on the ideals of journalistic integrity to heckle demonstrators at rallies they don’t like, and newspapers that will quash stories that might upset their favored candidates.

Last of all, we’ve got Republican leaders who are scrambling around trying to figure out how to save their careers rather than being concerned with the country.

Clueless liberals who point out that the GOP isn’t really a great alternative to the Democrats don’t get it. We–the conservatives–already know this. We’ve learned our lesson with third parties, so we’re trying something different this time. A little simpler, and a little more straightforward.

We’re taking our damn party back.

So to conservatives out there who have been demoralized by the way the Republican party has depended on us to scurry out on Election Day to vote for the lesser of two evils rather than actually have someone to represent our ideals and stand for our principles, I have only this to say: It’s time we took matters into our own hands. Simcox has the right idea, and if we aren’t actively participating in the effort to cleanse the GOP, then we’re part of the problem, not the solution. We don’t need every candidate to be perfect on every issue. We just need them to be rooted in the principles of conservatism and out of the pocket of the media elite. We’ve been sitting around waiting for the ideal spokesman to show up like Lancelot and rescue us from distress by leading the Party to victory in 2012 — Maybe someone will show up. Maybe not, and the country will slide into socialism to the sound of a few million conservatives whining.

Or, maybe it’s time to stop waiting for a top-down solution to save our party and our country and start working from the bottom-up.

And to all those liberals, progressives, and Democrats who think they are going to be running against the same demoralized, degraded, and defunct GOP in 2010 and 2012, a word of warning: You have no idea who you’re dealing with. You won’t like us when we’re angry.

Robert Wallace has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Right on, Robert. Right on.

  2. Lilly says:

    Robert- This one sentence says it all & I see it happening more & more every day!
    "We’re taking our damn party back."

  3. Robert Wallace says:

    “A great article, if a wee bit naive.”

    From the rest of your comments, it looks as though you see the option as either naivete or fatalism.

    I’ll take naivete, thanks.

    In terms of practice, however, it’s clear that your fatalism would be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    What you take for wide-eyed innocence I take for a simple political reality: all governments require the consent of the governed. Whether this consent is achieved through a systematic republic and the accompanying moral authority or autocratic threat of force doesn’t matter: citizens must either acquiesce to their rulers or the rulers can’t rule. They might be able to slaughter wholesale their opponents, but they won’t be able to rule.

    Ruling requires cooperation.

    Given this simple fact, the avenue to change remains open. America is 2/3rds conservative. We can either docilely follow our elite masters, or we can reject the political-media hegemony.

    Comply or don’t – the option is ours.

  4. Robert Wallace says:

    To your specific points:

    “conservative voices will be muffled”

    This ignores the central point I made with regards to media power: it is crumbling. Even if the gov’t does bailout the NYT and company it doesn’t matter because these media dinosaurs are empty vessels. They no longer command the respect or attention they once did.

    Before Rush there was no alternative to the MSM. If the Fairness Doctrine shuts down the AM radio waves do you honestly think conservatives will be too pathetically incompetent to find a new alternative method of communication?

    “Second, the Second Amendment will be subjected to the death of thousand cuts, using tightened regulation and excessive taxes where legislative push fails.”

    There is no political appetite for a new AWB, and the “death of a thousand paper cuts” is something that would take many years of of legislation and litigation to accomplish. They have 2. Maybe 4. It can’t be done in that time frame.

    “Third, the next Census will greatly increase the electoral weight of urban districts and, aided by some gerrymandering, geographically targeted governmental jobs and legalized immigrants’ votes, completely redraw the political map.”

    You are right. But look at the numbers again. 60% of Americans self-identify as conservative. 70% favor the free market to gov’t controls. No amount of census number-finagling can compensate for that gap.

    *IF* conservatives actually rise up and vote (and my post argues that we’re seeing that happen right now) we will overcome the handicaps imposed by the 2010 census.

    “And fourth, the whole new system of propaganda and indoctrination will emerge in public schools, where teachers union, strengthened and emboldened by government-assisted decline in private and home education, will eagerly promote the liberal agenda.”

    This is utterly irrelevant over a 2 – 4 year timeline.

    Make no mistake: NOW is a critical time. If we fail to make significant, lasting headway in 2010 and 2012 I will join you in your emo despair :-) . But I’m not ready to give up yet.

    Idealism is always vulnerable to charges of naivete. In 2009 as much as in 1776. You think my belief that we can win with a 60 – 70% majority is naive?

    Try taking on the greatest imperial power in the world with a ragtag bunch of shoeless farmers.

    My naivete has *NOTHING* on the Founders.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Never give up this fight. Remember the blood of millions that was shed to keep us free…remember the founding fathers…remember…remember…remember and then move forward.

    If our party can’t be taken back, then we form a new one. If Obama and pals try to cancel the next elections, then we find a way to fight back and hold them anyway. Brush up on all the underground activity that’s happened throughout the world and learn from them. If they could do it so can we.

    “Reality is about to kick in.”

    You’d better believe it.

    PS. Robert – thank you for this article – i needed it today!!!

  6. GET IT STRAIGHT says:


    news flash, he’s not black, he’s mulatto.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great article,

    All of this may be a moot point based on a recent warning from Alan Keyes.

    Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and Presidential candidate issued his most dire warning yet at a reception in Fort Wayne. He says the Obama administration is preparing to stage terror attacks, declare martial law and CANCEL THE 2012 ELECTIONS. He says, “it’s obvious they will stop at nothing.”

    Read the article and see the Youtube video at this link. Unfortunately the quality of sound/video is poor, but you can hear the words coming out of his mouth.

  8. Rix says:

    A great article, if a wee bit naive. These days, the liberals do not count on the “silent majority” to remain silent – they are doing their bloody best to eliminate that majority.

    First, the conservative voices will be muffled, using a three pronged combination of Fairness Doctrine, newspaper bailout and the recent bill (co-sponsored by a Republican, no less!) that gives the government powe rto shut down Internet or any part thereof.

    Second, the Second Amendment will be subjected to the death of thousand cuts, using tightened regulation and excessive taxes where legislative push fails.

    Third, the next Census will greatly increase the electoral weight of urban districts and, aided by some gerrymandering, geographically targeted governmental jobs and legalized immigrants’ votes, completely redraw the political map.

    And fourth, the whole new system of propaganda and indoctrination will emerge in public schools, where teachers union, strengthened and emboldened by government-assisted decline in private and home education, will eagerly promote the liberal agenda.

    Please note that the legislative work has already started – openly! – in all four directions, and given the experience with “stimulus package” and apparent success of Minnesota’s new comedian (oops, I meant senator), will enjoy a smooth voyage onto Obama’s table.

    With all that afoot, slogans of 2010/2012 comeback sound empty and hollow.

  9. Claudia says:

    I ust fear that it is already too late, as in we should have done it YESTERSAY, taking back our party, I mean…..

    I fear that there will NOT BE ANOTHER ELECTION of any kind in this country either in 2010 or 2012for any office other than twon, city, county and possibly state level.

    The insane are in charge of the nuthouse now and they will terrorize any who have a moderate sense of values until we start keeping our mouths shut, and let them run the game.

  10. goddessdivine says:

    Great piece.

    If people want the GOP to become more progressive, then they’re in the wrong party. I think people have a taste for angry conservatives (ie Rush Limbaugh); but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time we show our frustration in the voting booth, by voting for those who actually represent conservative principles.

  11. Dee says:

    Robert,great article. I met some of the "liberal elite" while on vacation last fall. They spent the dinner hour at the B&B attempting to impress each other with how smart they were and how smart their children were (the one couple's son, an Ivy league grad, does very important work in studying the movement of a fish's gills). They talked of their boats and planes. After dinner, the 4 of us, all retired professionals, conservative in thought, attempted to talk to them about the upcoming elections. When I told them I was for McCain and Palin, the women literally started making gagging noises and jumping up and down and saying how terrible Palin was. I pointed out that Palin had more political experience than anyone in the room. I was stunned at their behavior. They would not talk to us. The one woman later apologized for their reaction and I told her that she knew nothing about us and apparently did not care to learn anything. If these are the lliberal elite, I feel sorry for them.
    We do need to take back our country.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Robert, I think that “Rix” struck a nerve with you. In defence of him, I construe his comments to be merely an attempt to be realistic, not a choice between “naivete and fatalism”.

    In my opinion, his conclusions are perfectly plausible.

    Old Bob

  13. Seth says:

    Great article, and I certainly hope you are right.

    One minor, or maybe not-so-minor correction though:

    It is not entirely true that the MSM is losing its hold. Only the the liberal MSM is, while the conservative MSM (what little there is) is actually prospering. See:

    Conservative Newspaper Circulations Surged As Liberals TankedApparently, the masses are ditching the MSM mainly due to its inherent and obvious bias. But when a newspaper (or TV news, or radio talk-show host) is willing to tell the story without the liberal bias then that is actually good for the bottom line, at least for now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    we can not be naive & think that due to the audience´s drop, MSM bias are going to change or disappear even with 0 advertising, they will stay, as long as the boy is at wh, they would be fed with the porkulus
    we all should read about paul joseph goebbels, big lie tech, hiltler youth militia, etc, what is going on is not new…

  15. Gail B says:


    news flash, he’s not black, he’s mulatto.

    He’s a Muslim.

    Robert, I am glad to see an article by you–you’re good, too! However, I’m going to wait until tomorrow to read it. I’m still reeling over being thought of as a rightwing extremist terrorist by my own government.

    That reminds me of this question: With all the extreme leftism that’s going on under the Dome, has it occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe, they don’t know what the heck they’re doing to us? But then, after some thought, I have to say, “Unfortunately, yes, they do.”

  16. tm says:

    Don’t even get me started about the GOP’s version of caroline kennedy: Megan MCain – just like her father she really needs a new career. How about a Andy Warhol countdown to irrelevance chart and put this girl at the top.

  17. PREVIOUSLY ON 24 says:


    Thanks MOSTLY to YOU, this season of 24 really, really SUCKS. Stick to comedy and keep your infantile political views to your damned self.

  18. Rix says:

    Dear Mr. Robert Wallace,

    I deeply appreciate your detailed response and profoundly respect your ideas. However, I refuse to condemn the conservative movement to the choice between naivete and hopelessness. There is no victory in desperation, I fully agree with you on that, but idealism leads to the same bitter destination. Just look at the Russian democratic opposition these days, look at their pathetic efforts to inspire the public, while Putin’s tyranny enjoys electoral support that American liberals can only dream of.

    First, on the specific points.

    1) The crumbling MSM power is, unfortunately, an illusion created by the fact that their vitriol, lies and blatant propaganda became obvious to you, me, and other conservatives. The majority of the population still listens to NPR and watches nothing but CNN – or, worse, American Idol – because they are blissfully unaware that alternatives exist.

    2) There will be no another AWB, I’ll grant that. However, a massive regulation of small firearms, a sharp increase in license costs and a wave of class-act lawsuits against manufacturers may effectively achieve the same goal – and Obama wields more than enough power to enact them all.

    3) While 60% of Americans identify themselves as conservatives, this number will be dwindling steadily during hard economic times. People who lose their jobs in private sectors will join the ranks of state employees or remain unemployed – and having a vested financial interest in strong government may drastically change one’s political view. Also, bear in mind that urban districts are easier to organize, not to mention that much of the Democratic sheeple don’t go to work, which helps to “vote early and vote often”.

    4) While I agree that the school and university propaganda might not yield results within a short time span, it has been spreading its poison for decades. Take a look at the electoral support Obama enjoyed among young voters, add another 2-4 years, and here goes another chunk off that “conservative majority”.

    Back to the choice conservatives face: there is a third way, the way that the Founders have chosen in 1773, the way of an open refusal to submit. It does not have to be violent – simple refusal to pay taxes by at least half American businesses will bring Washington to its knees within weeks – but when the government uses its power, the people must be ready to respond in kind. All it takes is for one leader – like George Washington – to emerge, find courage to inspire people, and lead them into the new Republic. Alas, I see no such leaders right now.

    PS: I apologize in advance for any errors in the comment; I’m no match for the eloquence of Jeff and other blog contributors and English is only my 3rd language.

  19. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Rix –


    Wow. My third language is sammiches. I love me some sammiches.

    All kidding aside, I’m liking the interplay between you and Robert. Both of you have some great points.

    Now, I do for the most part agree with Robert, but you make some good points as well. I must say, however, that conservatism will GROW in hard economic times, as people will understand that the only way they can make it, individually, is through fiscal conservatism in their own lives. See, the vast majority–VAST–of people out there hold fiscally conservative values, or at the very least know that the tenets of fiscal conservatism lead to success — hard times only reinforces those judgments.

    (Geez … I can’t get my words out as nicely as I’d like … and English is my FIRST language. I need to get a sammich and go back to the law books. Anyway, keep ‘er going, guys. What makes me happy, at the end of the day, is that both of you want the same thing and will do what is necessary to get there.)

  20. Robert Wallace says:


    I’m really enjoying reading your posts, and I want to make sure we take the time to understand one another. For instance:

    “However, I refuse to condemn the conservative movement to the choice between naivete and hopelessness.”

    That’s not the choice as I see it. From my own point of view, my original post was not naive, but your post did seem excessively fatalistic. I realize, however, that while you did focus exclusively on reasons why you did not think that conservatives could win through traditional means you do believe in an alternative, and thus your points are not so fatalistic after all.

    For my part, I desperately want to avoid the kind of nation-wide pandemonium that your third way would unleash. I don’t way that by way of criticizing you. I applaud the fact that you’re not entertaining thoughts of violent insurrection. But it must be said that the kind of total government collapse you suggest is the equivalent of dynamiting our political infrastructure.

    Who’s to say we’d be able to pick up the pieces again?

    My belief is that if we can’t win through the standard democratic means, we’re extremely unlikely to be able to reach a peaceful, stable resolution after the kind of complete governmental explosion you’re talking about. It is safer for the stability of the nation – and our duty as citizens in a democratic republic – to exert every effort to work within the system before we start talking about tearing it down.

    And I don’t think we’ve done that yet.

    I could not in good conscience support a movement to bring down the government – even non-violently – until I believe we’ve exhausted every reasonable means to work democratically.

    Frankly, Simcox running against McCain in the primary is the FIRST sign of a significant attempt that I’ve seen. We need to see d0zens of fresh faces running at state and federal levels – and local! – to replace Republican hacks and rejuvenate the Party.

    If we don’t even make that attempt, we have no right to talk about a tax boycott or other destructive means.

    Have you run for office? I haven’t yet, so how could I join such a movement in good conscience? I can’t.

  21. Celia in TX says:

    See, this is why I don’t mind calling myself a Republican. Many, many conservatives such as myself left the Republican party to go on to other conservative parties, but what I think really needs to happen is that REAL Republicans need to take their party back. I believe the conservatives leaving to 3rd parties has really only served to further the liberals’ agenda.

    A guy gave a speech at church a while back that for a while he was a little leery of calling himself a Christian because people he had known who professed to be Christians were anything but, and it left a foul taste in your mouth. The same thing has happened here.

    But just as people need to start seeing a mental picture of real Christians (as per my analogy), they need to see an accurate picture of a Republican.

  22. Anonymous says:


    She's the living example for me to teach my children what people with tattoos typify.

    I wish this clip showed Maher's response to Garofalo's defense of Democrat tolerance as she hoped that Republicans be shot. If he has a 'limit.'

  23. Anonymous says:

    When the evil boxer went all out to punch the good boxer and almost knocked him out, the good boxer’s resolve was so aroused that he summoned up all his strength and struck back with all his might and won the fight!!
    The liberal progressives are punching as hard and as fast as they can now. The conservatives are almost exhausted, but wait, they are awaken, adrenaline pounding through their veins. They summon up all their resolves and raise the hardest punch they have ever mustered. The liberal progressives fall in defeat without realizing what just happens!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Robert, do you think for a minute that the present administration is going to allow the U.S. to return to the ways of free-market capitalism, constitutional nationalism, and any semblance of states and individual rights?

    I believe that, as a result of demographics and naivete, we have passed the historical deflection point, politically and morally speaking, and I doubt, short of a cataclysmic national upheaval, that “deflection point” can be reversed.

    Obama was undeniably the most unqualified presidential candidate ever fielded by either political party, but he won on the basis of “charisma”. And in winning, he assumed a position of power from which he can control virtually every aspect of our lives, which is what we have been seeing in the first 100 days of his administration.

    If you believe that there is an eternal cosmic battle going on between Good and Evil, he is the Evil One’s dream come true, and He won’t let it slip out of His hands without an unbelievably fierce fight. In fact, if the truth be known, I believe that Obama and his proponents are doing everything within their power to provoke a showdown, so be careful.

  25. Gail B says:

    I have just figured out what we need to do!

    If all the conservative states secede from the Union, that will leave all those “gimme” states left with their own bills to pay!

    Poetic justice!

  26. sharon says:

    Fantastic article, well written and factual. I appreciate the positive outlook and I too believe your message to be correct. If we look at the millions that voted against the current president, it was accomplished without the medias help…..

  27. Rix says:


    I would not even dare to voice such an extreme idea that would potentially bring great harm to the country, if not for the following two factors.

    The first factor is that a similar choice has already been done once. In 1773, the colonists threw a gauntlet at the King of the largest, most powerful empire ever to exist on Earth. The Crown offered an orderly rule and a relative prosperity but not economic or political freedom – and that was enough to spark the war for independence. The war exacted a heavy toll in blood and suffering, yet we consider it justified.

    The second factor, much less “inspirational”, is that in four years there might be no country left to conduct free elections in. Look at the pace in which Obama and his legislative machine is destroying everything that is America – and that in first 100 days! The idea of bringing AmeriCorps on par with the regular army is enough to get worried. And when (if?!) it comes to elections, ACORN voting fraud and Al Franken’s recounts might look like a child’s game in comparison – I have seen the “technologies” in Russia and Israel.

    All that said, it would of course be so much better to win an election…

    “Rix”, a.k.a. Max

  28. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the birth certificate? Is it so dead and buried six feet under, that it can’t be ressurected?

  29. Rix says:


    Let us leave the “crisis factor” aside for a moment and look at the general trend. Until very recently, I also believed that the country is, quoting Sen. DeMint, “having a buyer’s remorse”, the conservatism is on the rise, and Obama’s steady approval ratings are a figment of liberal imagination. Unfortunately, it is not so, even though our eyes and ears clearly perceive it and our minds are happy to follow. The likely reason for this self-deception is the growing political polarization of our society. As we choose information and communication channels that express views close to our own (one of them being this awesome blog), we often fail to notice that these channels are getting narrower in political scope.

    To give an example, I used to read both CNN and FoxNews prior to the elections but CNN bias disgusts me so much these days that I gave up even opening it. As a result, my interaction became limited to FoxNews crowd who mostly express political preferences similar to mine. Hence, I get the impression that more and more people are in sync with my conservatism.

    Not surprisingly, my less-than-conservative friends confirmed my theory by expressing honest (they are my friends, political platform notwithstanding) confidence that Obama’s support among Americans is growing rapidly.

    So, while the “subjective” trend component appears to be unclear at best, the “objective” one – union members, state employees and welfare recipients grow in numbers and are likely to follow their wallets rather than hearts – favors the Democrats.

    “Rix”, a.k.a. Max

  30. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Max/Rix —

    Definitely understand your logic, but I’m still not sure it’s true.

    One thing that might make you feel a little better … read this:

  31. Robert Wallace says:

    Rix (and at least one of the anonymous posters) -

    What it really comes down to, then, is a question of how far you think America has gone down the road towards irreversible socialism. Whether or not we have – as anonymous put it – reached an inflection point.

    While your reasoning regarding political polarization is dead-on, there are other reasons to suspect we simply haven’t reached that inflection point. Honestly, I don’t think we’re even that close.

    The polls I cited in my original post are the main reason. On social issues, Obama’s support is practically non-existent. On fiscal issues Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to gov’t-managed markets. On national defense issues the public is clearly split when it comes to – for example – enhanced interrogation techniques. Look at the most recent NYT article on the subject:

    And that’s from the NYT!

    There’s a new poll out today which finds that more Americans think we’re on the right track than on the wrong track:

    But it also finds that “Nearly 80 percent believe that the rising federal debt will hurt future generations, and Obama is getting mixed reviews at best for his handling of the issue.”

    All of this leads to one fundamental conclusion: Liberal leadership is in a precarious position. Their views are *NOT* reflected by the vast majority of Americans. Most Americans – by an overwhelming majority in many cases – support conservative principles. They are socially conservative, fiscally conservative, and conservative on foreign policy issues.

    Liberals can only lead as long as they can con the American people. This was possible in 2008 due to unprecedented media bias and the fact that Bush had led an unpopular war and the GOP was split (as I described).

    So the liberal leadership can only continue as long as:
    1. the media can prop them up
    2. the GOP remains incompetent

    If the MSM crumbles and the GOP is cleansed then *overnight* this country will swing so hard right it will make everyone’s head spin.

    Now the MSM isn’t going down without a fight, and the entrenched GOP won’t either. So it’s not a sure thing.

    But we’re still in a country where the fundamentals are this: we’ve got a fringe left leadership clinging to subterfuge to hold onto the reigns of power over a center-right nation.

    We can fix this.

  32. Rix says:


    I agree that the country has not yet crossed the threshold beyond which full-fledged socialism (or worse) lies. We are, however, quickly approaching it.

    First, do not count MSM out any soon. They might have lost trust with the conservative half of the population but it leaves the other half to prey upon, not to mention international auditory. Ask a Russian about a Western news agency he or she knows and BBC and CNN combined will break 90%. As for the MSM’s commercial viability, a regime that openly handed $6B to ACORN and $800M to HAMAS will undoubtedly find a way.

    Second, it will take a significant time – possibly beyond 2010 and even 2012, I fear – until Republicans shrug off RINO past, find common ground for all conservative wings (social, fiscal, and foreign-policy), and promote a leader with charisma to rival “the Messiah”.

    And third, the perception that socialist ideas have no support among Americans might be, as I pointed out before, a self induced illusion. But even if you are right (and I, a very secular person, will gladly pray that you are) about the conservative majority, it seems to me that the Democratic leadership does not exactly care. They emprace the scorched-earth partisan tactics because every liberal concept (federal tax, estate tax, Social Security, Medicaid and now universal health care, to name a few), once rammed down the country’s throat, instantly becomes an establishment fixture that cannot be eliminated because large population groups are dependent on them.

    Again, I apologize if my views come across as overly perssimistic. I have witnessed Israel’s crumble that started in 1992, and recognize the same telltale signs here. Forewarned, you know, is forearmed.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Win something, then.


    GOP, Grand OVERHAULED Party !
    Let’s do it. Our grandchildren deserve it. STOP THE MADNESS.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps when I used the term “deflection point” I was thinking more in terms of where we are in time, not in terms of the general population’s attitudes.

    My main point is that we have an administration whose goal is not to govern the country according to the Constitution but rather to revolutionize the both the U.S and the world. In other words, these (the Obama administration) are zealots for a cause (a new world order) and therefore will not let the traditional political process derail a cause that they, and their fellow-travelers, have worked for decades to achieve.

    If you haven’t noticed the shift in the atmosphere since inauguration day, you need to turn up your awareness dial. So far, we have seen the national indebtedness (read “bondage”) explode and a president who goes around the world apologizing for the existence of the country that most of us revere.

    Read the signs. Don’t be like the Jews in Germany in the ’30′s who finally had to confess that “we didn’t believe that it could happen here”.

  36. Anonymous says:

    What I admire about the participants (at least most of them) in this forum is that both sides of serious debate make good points. What more can you ask for, Jeff?

    As for the realities of “rebellion”, I totally agree with your latest posting. A good perspective on this subject is “The Great Upheaval”, a book that covers that period in Europe following on the heels of the American Revolution that engulfed France, Russia, and Great Briton. One would not have liked to live during that period – particularly in Jefferson’s much-beloved France.

    My view is that the revolution in the U.S. has already started – by the Obama administration. The question is not whether the Constitutional Conservatives will start a violent revolution – they won’t, and if they did, I wouldn’t be a part of it – but rather one of “how far will the Obama administration have to go to produce the social and economic environment in which the suspension of individual Constitutional rights appear to be the only reasonable means of preserving civil order?”

    I’m sure that when that time comes, Lincoln’s suspension of heabeas (sp?) corpus will be used as a precedent. Obama has already taken pains to establish a favorable comparison between himself and Lincoln. He will continue to do that. Anyone as steeped as Obama is in the message and the goals expressed in “Black Liberation Theology” pretty much seals the deal for me. I know that I repeat myself, but you have GOT to understand that “theology” if you want to understand Obama.

    Hope that I’m wrong and that it dosen’t happen that way, but there are just too many “first steps” and uncertainties at play, on both a global and a national basis, for me not to seriously engage in “preparation”. I’m not a Mormon, but I think that they have that part right.

    Old Bob

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