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America’s Right asks . . .

. . . how are you celebrating this Earth Day?



  1. Anonymous says:

    Earth day, smirth day. I’m spending like I do every other day respecting the planet I live on and trying to leave a better world for my children.


  2. Claudia says:

    I always celebrate the earth, every time I see a sunrise or sunset and beautiful clouds in the sky or a wondrous flower. I take pitures of them. I have always been sort of a “naturist” and take a certain amount of pride in doing everything I can in my own scope of usage to maintain and reuse everything that is possible as much as I am able to do.

    However, I do NOT force my own opinions and choices on others, nor do I push my reusing of old furniture, dishes, clothes, and just about every product that is reusable on anyone other than myself. My children sort of hate me because I DO NOT BUY NEW unless it is electronics or food, rather I search until I find something that I want that is a used article of the same or better quality than I could have afforded in a new item. I have been doing that all of my life, though not for the generally accepted premise of “earth day” as I do it mostly for economic reasons. Those reasons flow over to the earth day concept of not being wasteful on all counts, and that is the way I run my life. Besides, shopping at thrift and second-hand stores is a buncch of fun, you never know what you will find for a very little amount of money. Kind of like a treasure hunt, and I enjoy that sort of stuff.

    Other than my own personal non-wasteful philosophy, I DO NOT PRACTICE ANYTHING LIKE WHAT THEY THINK IS “EARTH DAY”……

  3. GiveMeSanity says:

    What I find most amusing is this:
    1. I recycle – because it’s required where I live
    2. I minimize electricity – to save on my electric bill
    3. I minimize water use – to save on my water bill
    4. I do not litter – because I think it’s rude to make someone else clean my mess
    5. I reuse certain items – because it keeps me from spending more money for brand new items. Plus, it makes for great craft time with the kids without breaking the bank.
    6. I plan my routes to minimize fuel consumption – again to save money.

    Notice NONE of these reasons are to “save the planet.” Disney, Nick Jr, and Noggin try to teach my children that this is all about mother earth. I say, teach your children common budget saving sense and common courtesy. The rest takes care of itself.

    To answer your question “How am I spending my Earth Day?” Like I do every day. It’s still Wednesday to me, except I plan to keep the TV off not only to “save on electricity cost” but also to avoid the Earth Day hoopla.

    I still love the Earth (after all, God made it), but we should focus on saving babies before trees. There, I’ve said my piece. Enjoy your Wednesday. : )

  4. Linda says:

    Re this video: YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!!!!! HOLY COW!!! AND YIKES!!

  5. Gail B says:

    Oh, GEEZ! What about our WATER? Nothing is being done to protect our water, and the government keeps allowing industry to dump waste into our waterways and rivers. Penalties are too much to ask, and the cost of cleaning up the water is prohibitive. Only now and then do we hear of where the government has penalized an industry or company.

    Did you see all the chemicals–lithium, opium, etc.–being dumped into the river and bay up in the New England states?

    I worry about the Amazon Rain Forest being mowed down for raising sugar cane. That’s a sin and a disgrace.

    North Carolina is copperhead country. The tree lovers will find them, too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i bet they do not cry aver a dead child or an elderly, they probably have a green way of getting rid them

  7. Anonymous says:

    I dunno, maybe these hippies will smoke enough weed to dress one of the trees in swim “trunks”, photoshop it to make it look like a “mighty Oak” and place a little “Acorn hat” on top so they can enter it in the next election?

    This video “cracks” me up! I think I need to go take a long walk now…lol


  8. TIMBER! says:

    I spent the day cutting many, many blades of grass in half, and then felled several trees in the holler I am clearing to make my little corner of GODS CREATION even prettier than HE MADE IT. And, I am sure He was smiling down on me as I did it. Me and God are tight.

  9. George 8+1 says:

    And a Happy Lenin’s B-earthday to you. Green: It’s the new Red.

  10. tm says:

    I will do what I always do -
    Make fun of a gore loving liberal.

  11. PLACE PAPER HERE says:

    We should applaud Barry for hastily recycling his Kenyan birth certificate.

  12. GREEN AND MEAN says:

    Green, the new RED! I like that!!

    Dasvidanya comrades!

  13. Anonymous says:

    When the hippie woman in the video dies, will the trees wail for her?



  14. BORN TO BE WILD says:

    Kenya should market saplings with baby-tree birth certificate included! It would be a marketing coup! If Cabbage Patch dolls have certificates, so can baby trees. I’ve given up on the ‘sitting President’ having a certificate.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I mowed my half acre yard with a gas powered riding lawnmower. I tilled my garden with another gasoline powered device. I gathered up dead branches for a little campfire this weekend. If the earth ends up being burned to a crisp this year, I’ll accept full responsibility.

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