A Few Minutes at the Philadelphia Tea Party

Unfortunately, I could only steal away from work for about 35 minutes to spend at the Tax Day Tea Party Protest in Philadelphia (I have to earn money to in turn give it to Uncle Sam, after all). That was enough, however, to take in a remarkable sight — about 300 people came out at noon, on a work day, in a driving rainstorm, in liberal Philadelphia. I was amazed. Absolutely flabbergasted.

Eric Shawn from the Fox News Channel was there, as were representatives from several local television stations. The people were as energized as I’ve ever seen, the signage even more focused than I had even hoped. This wasn’t about Barack Obama. This wasn’t about liberal or conservative or libertarian or left or right or center — it was about right and wrong, it was about big government versus small. It was about America, as She was founded, and as She has been abandoned by our elected officials.

I had hoped, actually, that today’s reflective piece would be a little more than my account of a too-short period of time spent at the event. I had hoped, actually, that this space would be occupied with the text of a speech which stirred me to my core, which inspired me like I haven’t been in a long, long time. The speech was given by Jesse Civello, a 16-year-old high school student who, standing in his bow tie and his braces, absolutely brought down the house. With any luck, I’ll be able to get in touch with Mr. Civello, and you can read his words and feel his passion. His voice is one that needs to be heard, and his words, coming from his 16-year-old soul, are more than enough to provide a much needed shot of optimism in America’s future.

All in all, the protests in Philadelphia and beyond looked like a great success. But they will only be a success if they are the beginning of a movement, not its fruition. We need to stir passions not only on rainy Wednesdays in Philadelphia, but every day of every week in every town and city from sea to shining sea.



  1. Gail B says:

    Hooray for America!

    There were 12,000 pocket-size copies of the U.S. Constitution printed for the crowd in Atlanta, but THEY RAN OUT of them! Estimate is that 15,000 to 20,000 showed up at the Georgia Capitol Building.

    Fox News was great in its coverage all over the United States. It was more fun than watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve!

    CNN was at one where a woman asked a man why he had attended. When he mentioned that Lincoln was for liberty for the people, she cut him off and was virtually screaming at him: “WHAT does that have to do with TAXES?! yada-yada-yada” He just gave up trying to answer her question, which she obviously did not want to hear in the first place.

    I was amazed at how peaceful everything and everybody was. Angry over the events in D.C., but expressing in a civil, orderly manner–ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES!


  2. Uncle Rick says:

    CNN missed a brilliant opportunity to cover an even more raucous event at UNC when Tom Tancredo spoke there. But those were liberals making all the racket. Not the droids CNN was looking for.

    On a related note, Bill Rusher (retired publisher of National Review, for those who don’t know) years ago said that, to the mainstream media, ‘balanced reporting’ is putting out a story that’s somewhere midway between the truth and a lie.



    It must be so cool to live and work in such an historical city. I cherish my trips to Mount Vernon, Monticello, Williamsburg and Boston, but have yet to make it to Independence Hall. Ah, the history of such finer days gone by.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i was able to go to the Lancaster Rally and there were about 300+/- there in the cold and rain. Some of the speeches were really good but mostly it was heart-warming to see many with the same concerns and taking a stand on the same issues as i.

    Almost froze to death…but it was well worth it!

    Don’t lose the faith or the good work…keep it up everyone!

    A Dangerous Right Winged Exetremist, (ohh how that makes me laugh)

  5. cher-pa says:

    Yesterday was a proud day for America.I attended my first protest and was amazed at how many people showed up.

    Let’s not stop here.It has been suggested on other sites to take on the old-stream media next.DO NOT WATCH ANY LIBERAL NEWS OUTLETS STARTING TODAY!!!

    The buzz going around the net is to hold protests on Saturday July 4th at all local and national news networks across the country.Its time to hold networks accountable for not accurately reporting this grassroots movement.

  6. La Muse Poetique says:

    The one thing that really confused me was the people who championed the “teabagging” idea. I’m not sure that’s the best message to be sending.

    Or is that just me?

  7. Rix says:

    I was to Morristown NJ party and it was thoroughly unimpressive, except for the fact that a few thousand people showed up in the middle of a busy weekday to show solidarity with the cause that is in clear danger of “special attention” from the government. Some backwater Republican pols jumped on the bandwagon by mumbling some generic libertarian stuff to the crown that clearly expected more. The only pleasing fact was that they ran out of merchandise 5 minutes into the party, which obviously means they expected much less people to show up. I shudder to think, however, how many “protesters” are going to show if ACORN were to organize a similar event, regardless of the cause.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should send our definition of a Right Wing Extremist to Janet Napolitano:

    If you are EXTREME-LY Patiotic,
    If you are EXTREME-LY disgusted
    with Politicians,
    If you are EXTREME-LY nauseated by the MSM,
    If you are EXTREME-LY proud of our military forces and VETERANS,
    If you are EXTREME-LY concerned with the defense and protection of the UNBORN,
    If you are EXTREME-LY alarmed by the mindless spending by Washington bureau-RATS,
    If you are EXTREME-LY proud of our country and our heritage and EXTREME-LY unconcerned about what Europe or any other country thinks of us,
    If you are EXTREME-LY ready to rid Washington of career POLITICIANS and replace them with PATRIOTS,
    If you are EXTREME-LY thankful to God for His blessings on this nation,
    If you are EXTREME-LY committed to The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and upholding the laws of our land when participating in orderly protests,
    If you are EXTREME-LY ready to step up and do whatever you can to put our government in the hands of the PEOPLE,
    Everyone needs to make up their own list and send it to all our elected officials.

  9. suek says:

    Re: Acorn attendance…

    My guess is that they severely underestimated attendance. If people do in fact plan a repeat performance on July 4th, I’d be willing to bet that Acorn will be more aware and will attend with every intent of disruption…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Jeff. I believe this is what people are looking for. Great collection of tea party youtube videos. I told you, the revolution is brewing on the internet. If the politicians want to keep their jobs, they had better start paying attention to the comment sections of the blogs of both parties. The patriots are online, nonpartison, and hoping mad. Obama is in big trouble. P.S. This movement will not be corraled by the GOP. If they try, they will either be shut out, or they will derail it. I went to a tea party with over 3,000 people, and when somebody tried to start the chant “GOP, GOP”, they got crickets. You don’t go to somebody elses party and start running the show. If the GOP tries to hijack this movement, they will loose the dems and independents. “We the people”, and “USA” chants drowned out the speakers. Of course, the media was booed, soundly, as they so richly deserved.


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