Too Early for the 2012 Republican Primary?

I like Gov. Mark Sanford. Anyone who has spent any time reading about him at America’s Right knows as much. Still, I must admit that I need to learn more about him, but from everything I’ve read, heard and seen, he strikes me as a man with excellent political instincts, and solid conservative values.

This video, to me, looks like a campaign video for 2012. It’s a little early, of course, but I’m fairly certain that his gubernatorial term is up in 2010, and I am absolutely positive that he is looking to sell his beachfront house on Sullivan’s Island, right outside of Charleston. Add everything up, and it looks to me as though the governor will indeed be running for president.

We’ll see how it looks from here, and we’ll see how he does if I’m correct.



  1. NOT AGAIN says:

    The thought of another election depresses me. Lets see; ALL incumbents get reelected, any vacant positions are filled with Obama skirt riders, etc. I just can't take another one. We have failed ALL 28 principles in the 5,000 Year Leap and I don't have the HOPE & CHANGE of a democrat to try and right it. Surely the apocalypse draws nigh.

  2. tm says:

    Excellent video. Personally, I think this is a good ides just get multiple voices out there. A quote comes to mind :
    I don’t know who will lead us, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society.

  3. GiveMeSanity says:

    Jeff, I personally hope Gov Sanford runs in 2012. I’ve lived in SC for years and have seen many governors come and go, and I can testify that Sanford is the real deal when it comes to fiscal responsibility. One of the biggest inspirations for me came when I read an article about him and his wife years ago before he became governor. His wife was a very successful business woman in NY, and she gave up a $500K job so she can stay home with their 4 boys. Granted he made a good living in real estate, but they chose to reduce income for the benefit of their children. I, myself, gave up a great paying job as a business analyst so I can stay home with my son (and future son — end of May) and I don’t regret one moment of it.

    If Gov Sanford does run in 2012, he will have my vote in a heartbeat. Thanks for posting. I absolutely love your site. Take care. Hope your exams went well.

  4. Ayamo says:

    Rather than thinking about the 2012 election the Republican Party and it’s members should focus on the 2010 elections. They are crucial!

    Considering the fact that Franken will be seated (what a shame!) there is absolutly NO WAY that the Democrats can be allowed to grab even one more seat in the senate!

    Rasmussen says that the GOP is catching up, but right now I have little hope.

    Regarding the 2012 election … I’d love to see Sarah Palin as POTUS but I doubt that she would stand a chance against BHO and his MSM corps who kiss the ground where he walks on.

    Let’s see what the futures holds in store.

    Thank you for this oustanding site. I appreciate every article (althoug I beg to disagree with you on the one with the pirates).
    Keep the good work up


    P.S: I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m German and not American

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