Notes: Gay Marriage, FEMA Camps, the Federal Reserve, and Bovine Flatulence

By Ronald Glenn
America’s Right

As most of the recent news cycles have been centered around the fate of three Somali Muslims threatening an American with an AK-47 to his head (where I’m from, those are called “terrorists”), some stories have slipped through the cracks or have simply worn out their welcome after dominating news cycles last week.

Here are the most recent tidbits and mish-mash I feel compelled to share. Now, I will restrain myself from commenting on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, since I have found there is great danger when one stands between a lover and his or her beloved. We all like or dislike people for different reasons, but one thing is for certain — regardless of whether a break-up is necessary, unfortunate or inevitable, those involved need to do it on their own.

Watch Your Carbons at Every Meal

Eco-Eating. It’s the newest trend that extends from the Al “The Enviro-messiah” Gore and his pseudo-science, and is based on the notion that everyone in the world needs to eat not a low-calorie diet, or a low-fat diet . . . but a “low carbon diet.”

To bring about a low carbon, eco-friendly diet in your own life, you are supposed to calculate exactly how much carbon is used to put the plate of food you eat on your table. This includes the ecological carbon “cost” of fertilizers, pesticides, and whatever fuel is used in preparation, packaging, transportation among anything else that comes to mind.

It becomes increasingly apparent in each article on the subject that it is necessary for humanity to move closer and closer to a vegetarian diet. After all, the single-greatest enemy to mankind and our planet is, you see, a gas-emanating bovine — known by most of us as a cow that farts. Gore and his devotees seem to believe that these generally inert, rotund mammals have done more damage to the atmosphere than all the combustion engines and vacuous speeches by Nancy Pelosi combined.

No word, by the way, as to whether the carbon “cost” of bovine flatulence should be accounted for in calculating the environmenal impact of your t-bone steak, nor about the possible adverse effects from veggies like broccoli or cauliflower, which may seem environmentally friendly on the consumption end, but cause similar flatulatory emissions in eaters on the other side of things.

It is unclear to me how the calculations are to be made on a regular basis at all. How does one discern the carbon difference between a potato chip and a pretzel? It also never seems to occur to anyone that all this ridiculousness is being pushed on everyone on the basis of a global warming theory that actually may not be true to begin with! The whole “green” movement in general reminds me of the custom of leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus — it has more to do with making the giver feel good than helping the designated recipient.

A feel-good mechanism or not, watch out for the economic and cultural effects of this growing practice. Look for the beef and pork industry to come under increasing attack. Look for increased government intervention in the form of food production regulation, all based on ecological concerns. And watch out for the likelihood this diet will be taught in public schools and be used as a guide for what is served in school cafeterias from coast to coast.

The Federal Reserve as God

Many of the young people I talk to treat the Federal Reserve as if it is God, in the sense that it has the power to create something from nothing. In conjunction with the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve has supposedly spent over $12 trillion in the last six to eight months (actual numbers are difficult if not impossible to come by, as the Fed isn’t talking). Meanwhile, the gross national product for 2008 in America was $13 trillion. Regardless, younger Americans like those I speak with have the attitude that this spending does not affect them since they are not contributing any of their own money. Instead, the Federal Reserve is creating it. From scratch. Like the Heavens and the Earth.

This may be the most extraordinary attitude to emerge from the bailout. One young man even told me the Federal Reserve should mail everyone $100,000 a year so nobody would be poor and so everything would be okay. Alas, the relationship between work, value, and money may be in the process of permanent destruction.

Mom, I Want To Go Home.

The internet has found itself concerned lately about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) building camps to house dissident Americans. This is normally labeled “paranoid.” Even radio and television commentator host Glenn Beck, himself often deemed “paranoid,” has even addressed the issue.
[As far as I know, it has been debunked, and much of the videos and information which started the rumblings have been proven to be years old and recycled from other purposes. -- Jeff]

Regardless of the veracity of the rumors, the underlying reason for this discussion has to do with the fear governments experience when they face the possibility of a collapsed economy. I do not doubt for a moment that the American government has had discussions in the Pentagon and within FEMA about what course of action should be taken if a large number of families in America became homeless.

It is the function of a government agency that is doing its job to make contingency plans. I think it is important for us to understand that America is not a nation that is used to high unemployment, and it is difficult to gauge what the reaction of this nation would be to a period of unemployment in some regions that could push 20 percent.

It is equally important to remember that recessions do not always attack the nation equally, that sections of the nation weather economics storms differently. It is very possible that much of the pain and suffering will be concentrated in California and the old midwestern industrial belt. If that’s the case, how does someone live through a homeless winter in Detroit? The answer: with help.

Wedding Bells

Vermont legalized gay marriage this week by a vote of its legislature instead of waiting for a decision from its Supreme Court. I wrote on this issue last week for America’s Right from the perspective of the internal struggle within the Republican Party. This time, I’d rather comment using a different philosophical perspective.

My attorney acquaintances have pointed out to me that a great deal of legislation and court rulings in the modern era are based on assumptions that were not held a century ago by the leaders of the Judeo/Christian west. Social laws stemmed from a belief that the world had a given order that the state and its citizens needed to follow. If that order was grossly violated, the society was doomed to failure. The core center of this natural order was the traditional family unit of husband, wife, and children.

Of course, this has all changed under the enormous social pressures of the last fifty years. The point is, the lawyers tell me, this had led to the belief that all laws of a society are artificial, man-made creations (athiests have their own idea of social order) which can be altered at any time at the behest of the government, not only allowing the government extraordinary leeway, but putting government in the position that it is expected and required to rule on every aspect of our lives since the social order cannot be taken for granted.

As trivial as it may seem, when President Bill Clinton was asked under oath if he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, he asked the questioner what was meant by by the word “sex.” The left, see, is in the midst of re-defining American life in its own terms and by its own values, and it is important to remember that these may not be the same terms you thought we all had in common.

Those who believe in natural law must feel as though they have been abandoned. Meanwhile, only forty-six more states to go.

Ronald Glenn has worked in real estate and law for more than twenty years. He now works in Philadelphia, and lives outside the city with his wife. Ron has been writing for America’s Right since January 2009.



  1. Anonymous says:

    You are suspiciously sounding like a “right wing extremist.” Go see Malkin’s post of the day with the official DHS flyer targeting conservatives!

  2. Mike says:

    There’s no need to mention ‘somali muslim’ here. We don’t go around discriminating based on religion. And we don’t teach our kids to do either. Somalis are not using religion or the name of religion here.

    If you are short on clever puns or just filling space or writer’s block, get some sleep.


    Maybe symmetrical politics is needed; extremism vs extremism. We don’t want to be this way but when our country is going down the toilet it takes gusto. And this is not even dem vs repub anymore. Extreme common sense is being called for.

  4. ALLAH ACHBAR says:

    Call me a bigot, but it’s hard for me to visualize a Somali christian pirating.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Jeff, I’m surprised that you used Glenn Beck’s feeble attempt at debunking FEMA Camps to put fears aside. Yes, he did pick an OLD Internet video AND a Popular Mechanics reporter to say, without a shadow of a doubt, they don’t exist. PLEASE….how much research do you have to do for your college research papers?

    He picked a KNOWN and old video of a camp that had been discredited long ago. Alex Jones, who has read all the GOVERNMENT’S own documents and filmed various sites around the country offered his extensive research up to Glenn Beck and they declined.

    These camps are REAL. They do exist. Some have been used as prison labor camps while others sit empty, but VERY heavily guarded 24/7. Beck, at the very least, could have sent his own crew to film FEMA camps. Don’t you think it strange that he didn’t get a government official to appear on his show to debunk this? I do.

    FEMA, created in 1979 by the stooge Carter, operates under the Nat’l Security Council. A past FEMA director was Zbigniew Brzezinski. Other members of NSC also belong to CFR and Trilateral Commission. You didn’t hear Glenn mention any of this, did you? FEMA is NOT our friend. Look at how they handled Katrina.

    Add to this, the government’s purchase orders for the bazillion plastic coffins that are now being delivered in the dark of night to several Veteran’s cemeteries across the U.S. Put that together with Dept. of Homeland Security’s inquiries recently sent to a number of cities asking them to show they have space for “spill over” of bodies SHOULD a pandemic or catastrophe occur. Indiana authorities exposed this recently. Google it!

    Yesterday, another official Homeland Security document meant for state and local law enforcement eyes only was revealed to the public. It’s about the government’s NEW view of a terrorist, and it isn’t Osama!!! Based on that report, we’re all terrorists! Even your website, Jeff, would fall into that category.

    Look at THE BIG PICTURE. Read headlines collectively. Listen to alternative news reporting. While I happen to like Glenn Beck, I don’t depend on him for the truth. You have to remember, he is still controlled by corporate media.

    If you want the TRUTH about FEMA Camps, visit Alex Jones has researched this extensively. Then decide for yourself if they’re real or not. I happen to think they real.

    The defining moment that shifted this radical government take over into high gear was sadly, 9/11. The govt investigation was, in my opinion, an insult to my intelligence. The real investigation continues. In fact, a Danish scientist released a report this past week about his findings of nano-thermite materials found in the dust from the World Trade Centre, (WTC). You can read the report (and other related stories) at

    Read The Patriot Act(s)
    Read The John Warner Defense Act – PDD 51
    Read Bush’s Executive Orders
    Read Obama’s Executive Orders

    The Patriot Act expires this December. We can NOT allow them to renew this. This act serves to further enslave us. Contact your representatives now.

    Now you see why I don’t believe the issue of FEMA Camps have been debunked. Perhaps you’ll also see why Glenn chose to dance around this subject. Popular Mechanics…give me a break!

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Mike said”

    I think that thou dost protest too much (re: your comment on “somali muslim”(sic). If you know of any Christian Somali terrorists, let us know.

    Get a life.

    Old Bob

  7. Anonymous says:

    Al Gore is the source of most of the BOVINE FLATULANCE….Tax Him!!!

  8. Marie says:

    Drudge report headline says “WAKE UP CALL: TEXAS GOV. BACK RESOLUTION AFFIRMING SOVEREIGNTY” I guess that makes the governor of Texas a right-wing extremist according to Janet N.

  9. GATOR-1 says:

    Ron said: Alas, the relationship between work, value, and money may be in the process of permanent destruction.

    I agree 100% my friend, that to me is one of the biggest problems we face. It sure would be easier to sit back and wait on a Free Payday than to work for ones money.

    I have even caught myself calling my own kids the “Entitled Generation”…..Now, is it their fault that they were born into the computer and gadget world?…NO

    It will however be MY fault if I let them grow up to believe they are entitled to such things without working for them.

    Thanks for your imput here Ron, it is greatly appreciated.

    As for the snipes in these comments…They are just like “Skeeters” irratating and never going away but pretty much meaningless.


  10. Gail B says:

    Here’s a good one: A friend made the comment about the Somali pirates that North Korea should be allowed to use them for target practice with their missile launch program! ROFL!

  11. Ian Thorpe says:

    As 99.999999999 per cent of what we eat is derived from carbon based life forms (animal or vegetable) a low carbon diet sounds a bit like planned anorexia to be. Oh well, Sidi Obama is well past halfway there already so I guess if its good enough for him its got to be good enough for us.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh. Just read on the Drudge Report about the latest warnings from the DHS about “right wing radicals”. Check it out.

    The interesting thing to me is that the report keeps mentioning one of the causes of the rise in “right wing radical activity” is the fact that Obama is “the first African American President in history”, as though that’s what has our ire up. Like I said in an earlier comment, when arguments fail, call the opposition “racist”.

    Personally, I’m delighted that we have, at last, a non-white president. I just wish it could have been a J.C. Watts, a Michael Steele, a Thomas Sowell, a Shelby Steele, or a Bobby Jindal; someone who didn’t come with all of the anti-American, racist (I have the documentation to make that charge, so don’t jump the gun and call me a biggot) baggage that the Great One comes with.

    Anyway, as the precinct captain used to say as the patrol officers headed out for their shift on the streets, “Be careful. It’s a jungle out there” (and the DHS is watching you).

    Old Bob

  13. Remy says:

    I posted here once before on the topic of gay issues. I’m a lesbian (don’t hang me). It distresses me to come to this blog, which 95% of the time, I resonate with so greatly. I am for strong defense, fiscal conservatism and free markets.

    I have asked here once before what people would have me do: remain lonely my entire life, or marry some guy I don’t love. How awful that would be for the guy. Yet, closeted gay people marry people they don’t love every day, to follow God’s law and natural law.

    Don’t think I don’t realize the Bible says gay sex is a sin. This is why I know longer go to church.
    What would the Bible say about people born with both sets of genitalia? Or severe hormonal imbalances? Maybe the people who wrote those verses pertaining to homosexuality were not well-versed in the biology of people.

    I believe children suffer far more from broken homes than from being raised by two people of the same gender, who love each other and the child unconditionally. I happen to think Jesus would think so too.

    Adultery/divorce tears down stability. Marriage builds it up. Why conservatives don’t encourage stabilizing unions is beyond me.

    Leave “marriage” in the churches and call all of our unions “civil unions.” It’s fine with me if a church doesn’t want to marry me.

    By union, I mean a union between two consenting people who are citizens of a country. Dogs are not citizens.

    Some of you guys really make it hard for me to go down the road of non-liberal politics. I feel so distressed after reading these comments and many from the April 6 posting from Glenn that I’m considering not going to the Tea Party in Albany tomorrow. Maybe I have the wool over my eyes, and most conservatives really do think gay relationships are sinful.

    There may be no political party for me right now. I get cold feet when I read comments pushing ancient societal Biblical issues, or the words of one man (St. Paul) — not even Jesus Himself — claiming a lifestyle is sinful. I think, “Do I really want to be associated with people who think my essence is a perversion and a sin, and who negate the love I share with my partner”?

    I have never committed a crime, manage my relatively meager earnings well, and try to give back every day. I’m sorry my being is so offensive to some of you that you’d rather I live a lesser life than you live.

  14. Remy says:

    Maybe I should have posted my previous comment on the older thread. You guys can probably put it all together…

  15. Sundae5 says:

    The part of the DHS communication that is most frightening to me is:

    the federal government “will be working with its state and local partners over the next several months” to gather information on “rightwing extremist activity in the United States

    What exactly does it mean to “gather information on”? Considering the majority of us here fit their definition of right-wing extremist then am I to take it that we are all to have information gathered about us? I think there is very little evidence to back such an intrusion and I am more than a little upset about the potential threat to my small bit of privacy. I do not understand the justification for this exercise although I do see the possible motives. Guess they aren’t going to outline the possible left-wing extremist caricature are they?


  16. Mike says:

    To everyone.

    Thanks for reaffirming my point. Hence, there is no need to put down ‘muslim’ in the article, rightly irrelevant.

  17. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    Go to the tea party. Please.

    I realize that, at times, you may feel like a woman without a country in terms of political and ideological representation. I think a lot of us feel that way to a varying degree, and I think the two-party system is to blame for a lot of America’s ills — it certainly wasn’t what our Founders would have wanted.

    With regard to your sexual preference, I cannot help but take a libertarian approach to it — hands off, federal government. My biggest problem is actually the sacremental term, “marriage,” but honestly, looking around my Catholic church this past weekend, I wondered how much of a sacrement marriage is for many people.

    I guess that’s where I get my libertarian leanings. I am staunchly pro-life–my daughter was born premature–but I don’t feel it is the role of the federal government to address abortion in any respect other than to ensure Americans that federal funding is not spent on such procedures. Abortion, like Gay Marriage, should be up to the several states.

    I know it fans the flames of passion. I get that, and I understand wholeheartedly that people just won’t agree. That’s fine.

    But as for the tea party, this is a rally for a truly hands-off government. I think you’d fit in perfectly.

    I’ve spoken with quite a few gay, fiscal conservatives over the past few months, and have worked closely with one or two. It’s not my proverbial cup of tea, but it’s also not my place–nor is it the government’s–to say anything about it.

    When looking at this issue, I like to tell the story of a friend of mine at Auburn, a friend who shall remain nameless. This guy was a good-looking guy by any standards. He took care of himself. He was smart, he was funny, and he had no problem getting the attention of some of the prettiest girls on Auburn’s campus (and that’s saying something). But this guy really, really liked big women. Not just chunky, or big-boned, but big, big, big women. And while all of his girlfriends we met were cool as can be, we did give this guy a bit of a hard time. We didn’t understand it, we didn’t have that same inexplicable attraction … but we also weren’t in a position to tell him to do otherwise.

    Remy, my e-mail address is at one of the links at the top of the screen. Please send me an e-mail if you feel up to chatting. We are going through a time so very, very important in our country’s history, and we need ALL of the support we can get.

    Now, I’ve got some writing to do. Seems I went and got all angry last night, and I need to explain why.

  18. whats_up says:

    To Sundae 5:

    The DHS allready outlined left-wing extremists, that report actually came out before the one on rightwing extremists.

  19. MIKES ON METH says:

    Let’s all live in Mike’s rainbow laden politically correct world. Makes more sense to me to face realism head on however.

  20. ARRRGHHHHHH says:

    Christian pirates stopping vessels in Gulf of Aden, boarding, and leaving tithes and casserole dishes.

  21. A STAY HOME SUNDAY says:

    EVERYBODY, if your church spews global warming nonsense, PLEASE BOYCOTT ANY EARTH DAY SERVICES TOMORROW!!

  22. Remy says:


    I appreciate your post very much — thank you. Sorry it took me this long to respond…I admittedly didn’t want to look at responses until I took care of work I had to do this week — thought bad responses would be distracting.

    But here I am to read, and here I’ve found your thoughtful response — so thank you.

    I did go to a tea party — one in Albany, NY. We had ~3000 people and it was so much fun. There is a movement underfoot, and it is big.

    I agree with you about the inefficacy of the two-party system, and how it is impossible for many of us to fit in securely into either one. In my rant the other day, I forgot about the Libertarian Party, which I suppose I fit most naturally into; but of course, it is a minority party.

    (My primary gripe however with the Libertarian Party is the lack of emphasis on service. McCain/Palin's emphasis on service resonated with me deeply.)

    I hope the gay issues are resolved quickly so that the GOP isn't continually painted as a bigoted party. You have no idea how negatively many fiscally conservative friends of mine view the GOP because of this one issue. I hope, as in Vermont, the issue is resolved in the legislature and by voters. But as long as it is on the table, I can guarantee very few people like me will come to the conservative side — few people are able to see beyond the issue. We need these voters.

    Unfortunately, the same is true of the abortion issue. I agree with your (Jeff) libertarian view of this too — and don't want taxpayers' money to go to abortions. If somehow the GOP could get this issue off table for a while (meanwhile encouraging private groups to help reduce the number of abortions and keep private hospitals from being forced to perform them) the GOP would thrive.

    Meanwhile, as time goes on, I hear (liberal) friends rationalizing socialism and the encroaching government, when deep down I know they prefer the opposite. I know this because they bashed Bush for the very same spending and growth of government control.

    I will always be grateful to G.W. Bush for keeping us safe — extraordinarily safe — during these many years. But Bush was far more liberal in other areas than many people will admit.

    I don't want "special rights" of any kind including affirmative action, hate crimes legislation or non-discriminatory laws. I have educated myself out of that mindset which has brought me over to conservatism.

    At the same time, I implore conservatives to find a way to welcome gays and the loyal friends/relatives of gays (the number grows and grows) so that we can put fiscally conservative, Constitution-respecting people back in DC starting in 2010. Sometimes it just takes saying a nice thing about a gay person on a conservative blog. Look, I hate P.C. as much as you, but sometimes restraint & strategy are required.

    Abortion is one thing: I sympathize with people who view abortion as murder, because, well, it is.

    But gay issues: Even in the Ten Commandments there is no reference to gays. If it were on par with murder, I would understand. If being gay was so destructive to life around me, I would be the first to kill myself. The issue is simply not as important as fighting for our free market economy and the protection of our country.

  23. Kevin Quinn says:

    Dear Jesse,

    This is a blog that you will want to see. “FEMA Camps for the Homeless.”

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