Harry Kalas 1936 – 2009

Philadelphia lost its voice today.

The legendary broadcaster for the Philadelphia Phillies, Harry Kalas, passed away the afternoon at the age of 73, shortly after collapsing in the broadcast booth at Nationals Park. The team is in Washington, D.C., today for a 3:00 p.m. game and were, Tomorrow, to visit the White House to celebrate its World Series championship last October. That event has been canceled.

I grew up listening to Harry call games and, regardless of whether you are a baseball fan or not, his voice–that voice–transcended sports broadcasting. Harry was known to be an exceptional man with a big heart, and in a town known best perhaps for its lack of class when it comes to all things professional sports, he truly showed enough for all of us.

RIP Harry Kalas 1936 – 2009. You’ll be missed.



  1. Bodenzee says:

    Yes. It was the right thing to deal decisively and finally with the pirates but how could Barry do any thing else. We were at war. Isn’t that what a pirate attack against a US flagged vessel is?

    If the 4th pirate is brought back here and ever sees the light of day though I’ll be beyond disgusted. When he is paroled (and he will be) Perhaps he could be paroled into Nancy Pelosi’s neighborhood.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When i was about 12 yrs old (almost 40 now! Yikes!), i started becoming interested in baseball and started listening to the Phillies just like my dad did. Harry Kalas was always part of those games. Always.

    He will be missed so much.

    Thank you, Harry, for so many wonderful years and seasons of baseball and being part of the city.


  3. tm says:

    He will be missed. The voice of NFL films as well. Since 2/3 of my family lives in Philly area and I was born there I knew all about him. Sadly, today in dc, I was looking forward to the Nats and Phils game when I heard the news. God Bless him.

  4. Linda says:

    This is exactly how we felt when Chick Hearn, the voice of the Lakers died. I feel your pain. RIP.

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