A Bright Idea from the ‘Green’ Movement?

In perhaps the brightest and most ambitious proposal ever to come from the ‘green’ movement, developer and former NFL lineman Syd Kitson to build a solar-powered city in south Florida. A Time Magazine article published today explores the details.

I like this. And with one exception, I’d like to see more of it. After all, just because I advocate drilling for oil off our coastlines and in Alaska because of the sense it makes in terms of energy independence, employment and more doesn’t mean that I’m somehow against sources of renewable energy. Too often, conservatives are painted unwillingly into such a corner.

Solar power is just fine. I’m all for wind power and harnessing the tides, too. And don’t forget nuclear power. In fact, I’m in favor of a reasonable, all-of-the-above approach to achieving complete and total energy independence. Any method by which we can become no longer beholden to governments and nations which abhor us is good for me, so long as we do not destroy our own economy in the course of trying to get there quickly. All of the above. That means we create the hundreds of thousands of jobs–a good thing in this economy–it would take to set up operations in Alaska and off our coasts. That means we unleash the power of the free market and facilitate the development of effective and clean methods for the extraction of our vast wealth in oil shale. That means we build the windmills, the solar panels, and anything else we need.

In order to do that, though, we must unencumber business. We should be rewarding corporations for innovation rather than punishing them for success. We need a moonshot with regard to achieving energy independence — and that requires little to no government intervention.

For many reasons, former NFL lineman Syd Kitson’s idea for an off-the-grid, solar-powered city in Florida is fantastic. As a conservative, I’m all about being self-sufficient, and being removed from the power grid is self-sufficiency in a nutshell when it comes to matters of energy. As an earthling, I’m all about being a responsible steward of our planet. The only problem I have with the project, however, is the funding source for the enormous solar array. In this case, the photovoltaic plant will be funded by a public-private utility — and while the 31 cents per month impact on Florida Power & Light’s customer base may not be much, I’d much rather see the investment made by a truly private organization.

Other than that, Babcock Ranch sounds like a bright idea, and I hope that the sun shines brightly on Kitson’s effort. It should be interesting to see if the lefty enviro-types will be able to pull it off.

Image credit: Kitson and Partners



  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this really Jeff Schreiber’s blog? Jeff, did someone hijacked your blog? This has got to be a joke right? Solar and wind power are NOT EFFICIENT!


  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    I understand that. I’m not saying that it should replace oil! We should be going nuclear. We should be drilling.


  3. Gail B says:

    This is the site that I found yesterday on the banking mess and which I promised to give in a comment:


    The home page is


    In one of the articles, I read where the reason Obama does not want the United States drilling for its own oil and gas resources is that "those over there" want to control the American People through control of the oil and gas over in the Arab countries.

    Check it out–there are maybe 50 eye-opening articles on stuff not in the MSM!

    (Tom, my retired civil engineering friend, said, "Yep!")

  4. Lead Based Paint says:

    You said, “Any method by which we can become no longer beholden to governments and nations which abhor us is good for me”

    Unfortunately, our own government abhors us. As it slowly strangles energy sources from the people, energy will become increasingly a privilege of the ruling elite and ultra-wealthy. Solar, wind, etc. will not be able to fill any meaningful role in our energy supply for decades. Meanwhile, in the name of “green,” we the people are becoming more and more oppressed by the tyranny of our rulers.

  5. Sammy says:

    Hey, Jeff!

    I really like the new lay-out, except the white background. It’s kind of hard on the eyes.

  6. tm says:

    Lead based paint

    I absolutely agree with everything you said 150%
    When will people wake up and realize the real terror is coming from within the dome of the capitol and in “our” whitehouse?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Act forces Congress' return to limited government
    Legislator to colleagues: 'Your laws not authorized by Constitution'


    "…..the act become the theme song of the tea parties taking place around the nation. "

    "He urged his colleagues to join him in "supporting a review and a criticism and an evaluation of the proper role of the Federal Government in order to empower the American people and to distribute power as the Constitution contemplated it."

  8. Scott Dotson says:

    That area of Florida is really quite nice.

    Remember, most power plants are not purely private ventures, no matter their energy source. Even the oil drilling is done with huge government subsidies. I am not sure there are any completely private energy corporations in Florida. I know FPL and Teco, but IIRC, they are both public/private, as you don’t get to choose who supplies your power.


    This months test of Hydrogen fusion sounds AWESOME. All our energy needs from a pencil-eraser sized source of hydrogen, being blasted by an array of lasers??? how cool would THAT be? Maybe technology will save us from Al, Barry and the libs.

  10. suek says:

    Wonder what they’re going to do when they get hit by a hurricane…

    Guess that’ll boost the wind energy – as long as everything doesn’t blow apart…

  11. Anonymous says:


    I don’t have a problem with an “energy portfolio” either…but I DO have a problem with the REASON and the PURPOSE it is being promoted!

    The goal is more government control, progressivism, and global power. The science behind it is also bogus, as many legit scientists are proving that warming is not manmade. In fact, we are in a cooling period! It was warmer in the 30′s. Go figure!

    I think it is arrogant to think that humans can destroy something that is so obviously under the controlling hand of its Creator. God is sovereign, omnipotent, and He will not allow the earth to be “destroyed” until it is His will!

    Lisa in TX

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