Enough is Enough, Already

Right now, about two dozen Americans are being held hostage at sea by a band of opportunistic Somali pirates, the latest in a string of such incidents off the African coast.

(UPDATE: Reports are coming in that the crew was able to take the ship back!!)

This time, however, these are Americans — I think it’s about time the United States Navy gets involved and teaches these children that the adults are in charge, and that there are consequences to such misbehavior.

Why? Why risk the loss of life? Why risk the chance that these pirates will execute American hostages as they await ransom money?

Why? Because on November 30, 2008, similar pirates made a move on the M/V Nautica, an American cruise ship moving its way through the Gulf of Aden. Think about that for a moment. These pirates aren’t out to make a political statement, they aren’t out to use the boats they hijack — they’re doing what they’re doing for money, and money alone. And, so far, it has worked. Piracy has become a cash-heavy industry in Somalia, with pirates having taken more than $80 million in the past year or so, and without true opposition the practice will continue.

What’s to stop these people from making another attempt on a crowded cruise ship full of innocent men, women and children? Surely, the ransom would be tempting for people motivated not by ideology or politics but by necessity and by greed. Surely, given what we saw less than a dozen gunmen do in Mumbai, a self-contained cruise ship would be the softest of soft targets. Or even worse, because of that thirst for money, what’s to stop these pirates from simply acting as paid courier for people who are motivated by ideology, who wouldn’t simply want to take hostages and wait for ransom money to be parachuted in?

The outbreak of piracy off the African coast is already a problem for freight and shipping companies worldwide. Seeing that these people have no problem hijacking a ship flying the Red, White and Blue, I think it’s high time on the high seas to teach these pirates a lesson.



  1. 16 INCH GUNS says:

    Where are the environmentalists on this?? These clowns tooling around in their outboards wasting fuel, spewing carbon, and taking ransom money that could go to Global Warming research? (rotf) I say turn Somalia into a US Navy firing range. These poor excuses for humans need a good spanking. Unfortunately they are the same religion as our beloved usurper.

  2. Rix says:

    How dare ye! With Kenya so close, there could be Obama’s relatives at work!

    Seriously, however, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the whole event was to unload certain supplies without raising too much public noise. Sailors, having become instant heroes, will happily maintain the charade.

  3. tm says:

    This is the best second term James Earl Carter ever had.

  4. Gail B says:

    I loved the part about all the US crew members being safe, one of the pirates captured, and the rest were “in the water.” That’s what I call real justice.

  5. THEY BE BOBBIN!!! says:


    if they float they’re terrorists… no wait, that’s witches….oh screw it, same difference.

  6. Gail B says:

    Uh-oh! They’ve still got the captain off of Cape Horn.

    Since January, there have been 66 such instances by pirates. They have taken 14 ships, and over 200 crew members still being held, according to the Associated Press.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The major piece of information left out of news coverage is that THESE PIRATES ARE MUSLIMS!

    The US Navy and Marines were formed to defeat the Barbary Coast pirates, also MUSLIM, who attempted to extract almost 25% of our young nation’s treasury in ransom (line in the Marine Hymn — ‘from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli’).

    This is an age-old practice to take wealth from non-Muslims, and fund Muslim terrorist operations. With Obama as president, more instances such as this will occur. It is part and parcel of the global war on Western civilization.


    A Marine Expeditionary Force with orders to ‘fire at will’ would end this pirating in 5 minutes or less. Semper Fi. But this president doesn’t have the balls of my favorite president, Thomas Jefferson.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another day, another disgusting episode with the Usurper. At a press conference, the Usurper refuses to comment on the Somalia piracy. How stupid is this? what an outrage! How can he not comment on such an important issue? Hillary and Kerry have commented on it, why won’t he?

    It goes without saying, he probably does not want to offend Africans. He is African, he was born there, these are his people. Much like how he bows before the Saudi king, like only Saudi subjects do.

    This is an outrage. American lives and safety are at stake. This man hates America, hates Americans, goes around Europe apologizing, calling us “arrogant”, saying that we are not Christian. How much more of this do we have to take? How many American lives does he have to put at risk?????

  10. WEST WING VIAGRA says:

    Does Raytheon, Dell, or SOMEBODY make a multi-tasking teleprompter? Barry needs a skull implanted multitasker TOTUS. I thot since the 6 million dollar man, “We Have The Technology”. It was like him voting ‘present’ when he said ‘we are talking housing right now’…. get a job you can handle Mr. Community Organizer! HE IS SO IMPOTENT. You were right Larry S.


    People like ‘making history’ so much, just think how much history impeaching a newly elected “black” president would make! This guy has got to go.

    Maybe he should wear a back brace before visiting any more muslim countries.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Put some Marine or SEAL teams on some of the ships and set them out as ‘bait’. When the pirates come in, kill them all, leave them in the boat with a message ‘this is what the US does to pirates’, tow it back close to land and set it adrift for them to find. After a few boatloads of rotting pirate corpses, they may try to find another profession.

  13. NAVY SEALS: 3 PIRATES: 0 says:

    YEAH !

  14. Uncle Rick says:

    Back in about 1985, the Washington Times had a political cartoon that showed Eduard Shevardnadze and George Schultz seated on opposite sides of a small table with a checkerboard on it. Both were staring intently at the board, absorbed in thought. In front of Schultz were checkers, but in front of Shevardadze were chess pieces. The message, of course, was that we didn’t really see the ‘game’ (foreign policy, nuclear balance of power, etc.) in the same way.

    Some pirate spokeschildren (the oldest was apparently about 30), responding to yesterday’s events, declared that they would treat every nation’s hostages the way that nation treats them; if pirates are killed, hostages will be killed. We will ‘regret’ these actions and end up on the losing side (or words to that effect).

    All bluster and bravado? Maybe, but these folks have evinced abysmal ignorance of the capabilities of our military, while assuming that because some Western powers are all too willing to cave in, all must be equally weak-willed.

    It may be necessary to make a devastating strike where it hurts them: their headquarters. We could do it with few or no ‘collateral’ losses. But will we? Smart money says that the current limp-wristed hand-wringer illegitimately occupying the White House will have none of it.

    Uncle Rick
    – Obama delenda est.

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