Obama in Iraq

A good day for the president, but why?

Even if the current administration doesn’t set the bar too high in terms of keeping promises, I do my best to keep mine. In this case, I’ve made the promise several times to not only criticize President Barack Obama when he does bad, but also to applaud him when he does good.

Today, he did some good, so I’ll applaud him. Of course, as with any good deed by a duplicitous politician, there is a caveat.

Obama deserves to be applauded for taking time, during his return from an eight-day pandering mission overseas, to stop unannounced in Iraq and give a little face-time to American troops. These men and women, sacrificing so much of themselves for all of us back here in the States, deserve all the recognition each and every one of us can muster, and I was absolutely delighted to hear the Commander in Chief–regardless of his abilities in such a position–heap praise on American forces in Iraq.

For the first time, it seems, Barack Obama was willing to concede that there has indeed been progress in Iraq, and seemed to take pride in telling our servicemen and servicewomen that they have “performed brilliantly” and have “given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country.” That, he said, was an “extraordinary achievement.” Populist posturing or not, I don’t care. It worked for me, and our troops in Iraq need all the support they can get. Good on President Obama for finding excellence in places where he previously refused to even look.

Now, the caveat.

While I’m sure that a certain amount of the recognition and praise was genuine, it goes without saying that President Obama absolutely must swallow his pride and admit the merits and accomplishments of the previous adminstration in Iraq, though I think it unlikely he’ll mention the former president by name. Such a concession is wholly necessary to the planned boost in operations in Afghanistan, an augmentation which will, oddly enough, mirror somewhat the Iraqi “surge” Obama himself dismissed with every chance he was given.

Obama’s challenge, politically, is that he must be able to advocate an effective counterinsurgency in Afghanistan without overtly admitting that the similar counterinsurgency in Iraq was a success. To do so, it seems, would undermine the trust placed in him by the anti-war left, some of whom are already deeming Obama, of all people, a war-monger.

And why wouldn’t they? His language with regard to Iraq and Afghanistan, save for the obvious difference between the “Global War on Terror” and an “Overseas Contingency Operation,” largely smacks of language used by his much maligned predecessor. Today’s statement that troop withdrawal depends upon Iraq’s ability to take care of itself, for example, is a longshot from the inflammatory talk of precipitous withdrawal posed by Obama during his presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008, and is instead very similar to language used by both Obama’s rival in the campaign, Arizona Sen. John McCain, and former President George W. Bush as well.

All in all, it was a good day for President Obama, and it will be hailed as such by the mainstream media. What will not be spoken of by the press, however, is that it was indeed such a good day for the current president because he came off looking and sounding like the former president.



  1. tm says:

    Did he stutter out how the surge worked?

    Sorry, his actions towards the military speaks louder then this “set up” photo op from his administration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But, but, but…he didn’t mention cutting production of F22′s or a rescue helicopter for downed pilots…much less the loss of 90,000 more jobs. And “my friend” (NOT) McCain agrees with this idea…pfffffffffffftttttt…yep, welcome Islam (how has Islam shaped America?) in this Nation that is “no longer a Christian Nation”, let NK and Iran build their Nuclear weapons while you cut our military defense. Does this guy even have a brain?



    Wow, Jeff, you sure know how to write. EXCELLENT. Kudos to you, and yes, to Obama, for recognizing those who serve us overseas.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are exactly right…the unannounced trip to Iraq was staged fodder for the MSM to ‘slobber’ over and use to counter his embarassing performance in Europe pandering to the Muslims. As you mentioned, he needs the troops to be gung ho on Afghanistan so his pat on the head of our military looks as phoney as
    his flag pin that he has finally decided he will wear. I wonder if he felt uncomfortable being among such brave and patriotic Americans…what a change from the sharks he surrounds himself with in DC…he just doesn’t have a clue about what it means to be an American. I suppose we should be glad that he took the time to go to Iraq and if it made the troops happy, I am glad for them. We will see how supportive he is in the future if the issue of private insurance paying for their injuries comes up again.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Jeff, right on the mark.
    IMO, he stopped and met with our military because it was “the thing to do”, otherwise he’d ignore them.

    This excuse for a Man/Human as President will be great material for Hollywood for decades.

  6. Linda says:

    I don’t believe anything he does is genuine and with forethought. It was only a photo op.

  7. Anonymous says:

    …Barack Obama was willing to concede that there has indeed been progress in Iraq, and seemed to take pride in telling our servicemen and servicewomen that they have ‘performed brilliantly’ and have ‘given Iraq the opportunity to stand on its own as a democratic country.’ That, he said, was an ‘extraordinary achievement.’…”

    I guess this is what Biden was talking about when he told the liberal audience that ‘something will happen within 6 months, you won’t be happy, but bear with us.’

    The Usurper praises the troops and the progress…. Do you think libs everywhere are happy?

  8. Nathan says:

    I agree with the sentiment that President Obama was simply seeking a photo op with the troops. His recent comments about the soldiers are a far cry from the way he described soldiers in the past “..air raiding villages and killing civilians.” Interesting change of heart Mr. Obama.

    Please check out my blog, I could really use some comments and followers: http://www.rebuildgop.blogspot.com

  9. Gail B says:

    Jeff Schreiber said–

    “All in all, it was a good day for President Obama, and it will be hailed as such by the mainstream media. What will not be spoken of by the press, however, is that it was indeed such a good day for the current president because he came off looking and sounding like the former president.”

    That smacked so tastily of sarcastic wit that it made me laugh, and then I got hungry!

  10. Gail B says:

    Yes, Jeff can WRITE!

    Yes, AKA Obama has a brain, but his TelePromTer has a higher IQ. AKA does not use his brain to think about what is in our best interest.

    Yes, Linda, it was a photo op. Like you, I have as much trust in AKA Obama as Jeff does in API!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Linda. Nothing genuine about this usurper. It is nauseating to give him credit for anything, particularly something that should be a natural action for any AMERICAN president. It compares to asking a middle schooler to take out the garbage, and praising him/her all day long for doing an expected everyday-menial task.

    Most of us can see through his every action, and his purpose for doing what he has done. There is so much behind the scenes with this phony, and someday, with the help of patriotic Americans and our Creator, he’ll be out of the office of the Presidency.

  12. Anonymous says:

    From The Gateway Pundit….

    Army officers had intended to have at least 1,500 troops from Camp Victory and nearby Camp Liberty, but the secret trip happened faster than expected, beating most of the troops by a couple of hours.

    Only about 600 troops were there.


  13. ABOUT FACE! says:

    After watching the news vids of Barry in Iraq I rescind my earlier kudos (Jeff still gets his tho). What a schizophrenic president. This guy is making Sybil look focused.

  14. suek says:

    He also didn’t visit Normandy Beach, apparently concerned that it would appear as a preference for France, and might offend the Germans.


  15. RoBoTech says:

    This may have been said already, but isn’t THIS Bush II?

    “You will be critical in terms of us being able to make sure Iraq is stable, that it is not a safe haven for terrorists, and we can start bringing our folks home,” Obama told troops at Camp Victory, the sprawling U.S. military base on the outskirts of Baghdad.”

    I don’t much care about a person’s Ideology. We are all different.
    What I care about is fairness, honesty, and equal treatment for all.
    Obama’s a Socialist. I don’t like it, but that’s his right.
    The problem is he LIED to the American people about it and they elected him. He is a LIAR! Add Politician and Socialaist to that and he’s a scary person.
    Alaska’s Sen Stevens is a CORRUPT politician. I am GLAD he was replaced by a moderate Dem (tho a good conservative would have been better). Problem is, the charges have been dropped. His trial was during his last few weeks campaigning.
    In fairness, there SHOULD be a new election.
    Bush and McCain ARE buffoons. Very little Conservative about either. The Media gave us McCain. THIS is BOGUS!.
    Bush and McCain are WAAAAY left of conservative stance on Illegal Immigration. Border Security should have been Bush’s FIRST action in 2001. Especially after 9/11.
    But Obama is a Socialist, tho he lied about it. If everyone had paid attention, he would have failed, and he will YET fail.
    I voted for Palin, and AGAINST Obama. McCain makes me sick, but he is at least a strong American force.
    Now, CNN and other libtard MSM is trying to get Michelle Obama to run for Prez in 2016-2020!
    Was she ever a Governor of a State? Or even a Mayor?
    NO!. But the Left sure made THAT a point of contention with Palin.
    Palin would be my candidate in 2012, but she is now damaged goods. Even Pubs have denounced her. If she tries to campaign, the Left will make sure she fails.
    Sound familiar?
    Well, I hope Obama fails. I hope ACORN fails. I hope the Democratic leadership in Congress fails.
    It’s all the hope I have left.

  16. Linda says:

    Suek, I hadn’t heard about him not visiting Normandy Beach and, when I read it in your post, couldn’t believe (or forgive) it. But here it is: http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2009/04/barack-obama-rejects-normandy-trip-to.html

  17. Anonymous says:

    but he had time to stop by a Turkish Mosque

    "(Agence France-Presse) The president smiled when he was shown a scripture mentioning the Prophet Mohammed's grandson Hussein, Obama's middle name"-Mike Savage


  18. Anonymous says:

    My question is this: WTH took him so long?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else hear Obama when he made the comment to, I believe it was the Saudi’s or the Turks, something about understanding the Muslim faith, as “I am one too.” I believe he then went on to say that “America does not see itself as a Christian nation.’ I thought I heard it,but then wondered if I was imagining things.

  20. GUESSWHO says:

    “Obama can’t fool me”, He messed up at the G20 that he had to do something to recover from his failure. “NARCISSIST”! He chose to do his “PHOTO-OP” in Iraq with our American heros he always criticizied. Obama will say and do anything the people want to see and hear!! He knows how to “play” the people!!

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