U.S. Emergency Aid: Natural vs. Man-Caused Disasters

Agence France-Presse is reporting that the United States government is prepared to provide $50,000 in emergency aid to Italy, which just today was struck by a powerful and deadly earthquake.

That’s right — $50,000. Of course there will be more with time, but please remember how former President George W. Bush was lambasted for initially committing only $15 million following the Asian tsunami.

Furthermore, keep in mind that this is the very same United States government which, at the direction of President Barack Obama, quickly sent $900 million to the Gaza Strip in order to assist in reconstruction after a brief war with Israel caused when Palestinians fired rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel, targeting innocent men, women and children.

So, let’s recap, using Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano’s new phrasing — we’ll send almost one billion dollars to reward violence and man-caused disasters, but we’ll only send $50,000 to assist recovery from natural disasters.

Yep. That sounds like the liberal administration we’ve grown to love.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow a whole $50,000. How very generous.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Just don’t try to claim any tax deductions on the charitable contributions if you feel the US should to more to help those affected, either.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If those who voted for Obama are not holding their head in shame, I hope their popping their buttons with pride. I have never known anything to divide our country as the policies being put in place by this administration.

  4. tm says:

    Remember the outrage at Bush on the piddly millions he sent to tsunami relief effort?
    Make a bet that the MSM will never talk about the $50,000 to Italy who as of months ago was one of our allies.

  5. Gail B says:

    Amen, Anonymous!

    Don’t think the world isn’t aware of the difference between $900 million and $50,000. That’s like giving the children of the British PM models of the president’s helicopter to play with, or giving the PM some DVDs. Will we ever know what happened to the $900 million?

    I am so embarrassed for our country. That’s a slap in the face.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Actions speak volumes.

  7. cher-pa says:

    Just goes to show you the dangerous agenda this administration has in store for the world.
    Billions of dollars for terrorist countrys to rebuild,setting free known terrorists to come back and try to kill us again,kissing ass with world leaders,talking down the United States in every foreign country that he visits.And he has the nerve to call us arrogant!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!

  8. Lilly says:

    Just went to congress.org and blasted them an email! Disgusting!


    Medvedev, please unleash your arsenal on this ignorant country. The remaining cockroaches would have more intelligence.

  10. suek says:

    “man caused disaster”, eh. Now doesn’t that sound sexist???

    Someone should point out that that should be “person caused disaster”…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable–what a cheapskate, creep. Clueless as to the needs of natural disaster victims, but so aware of Gaza Strip/Hamas needs–hum–so glad Napolitano is gone from my state, but imagine she’ll continue to bow to the master O machine.

  12. Claudia says:

    just goes to show where Obama’s “heart” is, or isn’t….

    He is and always will be a man with no conscience or humanity.

  13. Bodenzee says:

    Why would you be surprised to find such preferential support for Muslims when our “dear leader” reflexively bowed to the Muslim Saudi King Abdullah? I’m amazed that it was as much as $50,000.

    I’m not so much embarrassed for our country as I am disgusted.

    I hope that those purple Kool-Aide drinkers that put Barry in place are very proud.

  14. SI SENOR says:

    $50.000? that’s less than the West Wings cocaine budget !

  15. Psydog says:

    Thank you very much
    ‘Barack Insane Obama’. This man and his administration is is an embarrassment to our nation. To think that people actually voted for this shyster. This guy is ruining our nations reputation! God help us!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s posted today: “Madonna pledged $500,000 in quake relief, said Fernando Caparso, the mayor of Pacentro, the mountainside village where two of the pop star’s grandparents were born.”

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