How do you say ‘heartless and ignorant’ in Spanish?

Nothing says fun on a beautiful spring weekend more than a little illegal immigration-related anger. That being said, check out this story at CNS

Congressman Reprimands Father of Teen Killed by Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien for Calling Criminal Aliens ‘Banditos’


I actually remember when this happened, as I know a guy who lives down in Virginia Beach. This story was the first, really, of a string of completely avoidable tragedies which actually received some attention from the mainstream press.

I feel for this father. I cannot even comprehend what he must be feeling, and I understand completely how the death of his beautiful daughter caused him to become an activist for the enforcement of immigration laws.

The drunk who killed 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant and her friend should never have been here in the first place, nonetheless after twice being arrested and never deported. I don’t care if an illegal alien is arrested for jaywalking — that person is breaking the law simply by being here and should be sent back to the country from which he or she came. Furthermore, the response from Congressman Gutierrez was absolutely disgusting, and I hope whoever is running against him in Illinois has it on tape and is prepared to run it on a loop. Oh . . . God forbid this father insult the man who killed his daughter.

Why is it that people like Gutierrez, not to mention Nancy Pelosi, can overtly advocate the abrogation of our laws? I don’t get it, I don’t like it, and I hope there are consequences for doing so.



  1. Gail B says:

    Just finished reading a piece on the census, how counting illegal aliens will cause redistricting to increase the liberal power and cause conservatives to lose seats in Congress. That in itself is disgusting to me–I don’t understand why an illegal alien is entitled to representation in our government. Should they be?

    And now, this. Obama has ordered that immigration officials stop deporting during the census count. Obama is instructing Homeland Security/ICE to overlook the law? I was under the impression that we pay taxes for our security.

    So, it comes as no surprise that the grieving father is reprimanded for calling a spade a spade.

    Further, the representative for DC is unconstitutional. The Constitution refers to the states for representation. DC is not a state. It is, however, heavily laden with liberal Democrats.

    I am so sick of this corrupt administration!

  2. Gail B says:

    Hark! I just had one of those epiphany moments!

    With regard to enforcing immigration laws, people have argued that, by doing so, it will “tear families apart.”

    Hello?! Weren’t the families “torn apart” when the illegal aliens came here in the first place?

    I understand that the going rate for a coyote to smuggle additional family members to the US is $5,000 a head. Do the math! Those are US dollars being paid. SOMEBODY is eating well in this sad economic time! There’s something wrong with this picture, and it’s in the vicinity of immigration law enforcement–or lack thereof.

  3. La Muse Poetique says:

    So the line of thinking, is because some people have been wrongly accused, we should just dismantle and not do it at all?

    People in all crimes are wrongly accused sometimes before the actual criminal gets caught, why is it different in this case?

    Racial profiling can be a problem though, and I think these things should be dealt with delicately, but to suggest we just disregard immigration laws because of “splitting families.”

    Why don’t they apply that to other law breakers? Wouldn’t sending a murderer to jail also “split up families?”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I also lost someone in an accident involving a drunk illegal immigrant, the illegal immigrant had a driver’s license but no insurance. While the family and friends grieve for the individual loss don’t forget every taxpayer is also impacted as the state has to pay for the unisured criminal’s medical care and legal defense.



  6. Bodenzee says:

    I believe that Mr. Tranchant displayed immense restraint by only referring to the killer of his daughter as only a banditio. Gutierrez should hang his head in shame. Gutierrez should honor the oath he took:

    “…I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;”

    For him to recite this oath and then not abide by it by not seeking to actively exclude illegal immigrants tells me he is not an honorable man. He has no right to reprimand anyone.

  7. whats_up says:

    I tend to be more liberal with my politics, however I totally agree with you Jeff on this point. I disagree with Mr. Gutierrez. We need to start enforcing immigration laws, however, I do agree with some kind of graduated system for those that are hear and can show that they have been productive members of American society, which means any with severe criminal records need to go.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The translation will be “ignorante sin corazon”

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m afraid that we have let the problem become too large to be solved without animosity and violence. There are too many underlying factors at work, including the theology of Obama’s church which pits all persons “of color”, which, of course, includes Hispanics, against white “oppressors”.

    Then there are the politicians, such as Bush and McCain, who would disregard the laws of the land to get the Hispanic vote. Sure, there are racial/ethnic and social issues, but that is common to all human nature, but the law of the land must be held supreme. A nation without controlled borders is no nation at all because the basic priciple of property ownership rights is abrogated.

    Too bad. Personally, I am not aquainted with any Hispanic person that I do not like and respect, but if the law of the land is unfair or inappropriate, change the law, don’t ignore it. That’s anarchy. It would be helpful if more Hispanic leaders felt this way.

    Old Bob

  10. Rix says:

    For Pete's sake, these people are ILLEGALS, as in "breaking the law". Most of my layman-level legal knowledge comes from "Law & Order", and to that extent, I know that "aiding and abetting a known criminal" is a felony. Isn't it ripe time for some prosecutor to give certain Congress members a mighty slap on the wrist?

    We *must* learn from the enemy. They kept Ted Stevens away from his Senate seat by using bogus charges – and with the Democrats being Democrats, the word "bogus" won't even be necessary.

  11. Jule says:

    Congressman Gutierrez needs to go for a long hike into the depths of disgrace along with all the other illegal alien lovers. This grieving father has every right as an American citizen to call the illegal alien absolutely anything. If it’s the bandito vote you’re trying to protect congressman, than just go move to a bandito country where you may possibly get them. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

  12. Sharon says:

    If nothing else pi$$es you off,
    try this one.

    Plus, all these recent killings that are going on, weren’t they all committed by aliens, legal or otherwise??

    What are we to do, except deport all illegals to go home just like the presidents did after WW1 and WW2.
    Thanks Jeff for keeping us sane.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bandito Gutierrez champions alien rights by disavowing the right of free speech for American citizens.

  14. Jack says:

    The double standard brought about by political correctness in our country is appalling. After CO Professor Ward Churchill labeled the WTC victims of 9/11 as “Little Eichmanns”, the administrators at the school as well as local politicians who criticized him were castigated for violating his 1st Amendment rights of free speech. Political correctness is hypocricy at its worst, and it seems to be enforceable only against those of us with conservative points of view.

    Secondly, if I ever thought for one minute that Liberals’ concern over illigal immigrants was anything more than a vote-getting ploy, I might agree that it has at least some merit. In reality, they truly care no more about them than I do about Martians.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is another case of inflaming the “masses” with conflict so those narcissistic power hungry representatives can continue to abuse the citizenry from the inside.

    We are spending upwards of 40 BILLION dollars on a border fence, after telling the eastern bloc for decades to “tear down that wall,” face it we’re hypocrits……

    Until we the people get real and throw out everyone who has been in office for 4 years and get new ones this won’t change, and we get what we deserve….

    The solution is actually very easy and CHEAP….even if it wont earn lobbists money….put a cop and a doctor at every port of entry, and if the fellow human is healthy, and not a KNOWN criminal, give them an immigrant social security card, and an ID and welcome them to this great land, I for one do not care if 50 million come across the southern border, cause I can compete for my income with anyone, and any self respecting AMERICAN should feel the same….besides if they all left the south then there would be no more need for corrupt politicians or coyotes, and no oe left to slave for the drug trade either…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Gutierrez is no representative of Any American person by his actions and should be run out of town on the rail.

    As for What’s up said with a graduation system and have been a productive members of American Society.
    Have to add one thing they have been productive TAX PAYING members of the American Society.

  17. jasonZ says:

    the father should sue the disHonorable Congressman Guiterrez for slander and libel and sue DHS Secretary Napolitano for dereliction of duty. Both should also be charged as accessories to murder and impeached.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 4/5 @ 11:50 AM:

    “The solution is very easy and CHEAP.”

    I think you need to revisit your suggested solution to the illegal immigration problem and the statement that you “don’t care if 50 million come across the border”.

    The first problem is that your “solution” ignores the current law regarding the immigration process, which is no better than the current situation.

    The second problem is that you SHOULD care if 50 million immigrants come charging across the border. The last I heard, there is a limited number of jobs available at any given time in the U.S., so, even if you do feel like you can compete successfully with the “50 million” new entrants, what are they supposed to do to support themselves? We all know the answer to that one – they’ll be on welfare while you and your co-workers support them – plus, as desperate people, they will willingly work for sub-minimum wages and, as a consequence, drive yours down.

    No, I don’t think that building a wall is hypocritical. The wall in Germany separated two halves of a single society; it was never intended to preserve the sovereingty of that society.

    Give it some thought, O.K.?

    Old Bob

  19. Anonymous says:

    The illegal alien problem is weighing down the United States citizens in more ways than one. There is the cost for providing language interpretation born by us all; there is the cost of medical care and education born by us all; there is the cost of incarceration of illegal criminals not to mention the cost to citizens by the loss of life, property, and fear. There is the cost in police actions. As the economy continues to tank, the people on the low end of the stick will be pinched and angered even further. This is a problem for us all! It is also an insult to those who legally entered this country and prepared themselves for citizenship and became proud citizens of the United States. It is an insult to those who have applied for admission, but are unable to make it here because of quotas. Illegal means what it stands for – not here under the law of this country. Many of these people might be good citizens, but many are not and are running from their own countries because they would never be allowed to enter this country legally. Many engage in the same criminal activity they did in their own countries. We have immigration laws for a reason and that is to protect all of our citizens from unsavory criminal types and those who would do us harm. All of us must write our congressmen to tell them how we think and feel about this matter. If you do not express how you feel, Congress will continue to waffle on immigration. I think we need to ask ourselves – who benefits the most from them being here?

  20. Gail B says:

    Guess I’ll be the first terrorist targeted by my own government: There’s a letter in the box for the mail carrier to pick up.

    I wrote a letter to Cong. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) reminding him of the Tranchant incident. The number of people who tell me that a family member has been killed in a wreck caused by a drunk, unlicensed, illegal alien with no insurance is growing.

    If I were to travel to a foreign country, I would expect to be deported if I could not produce the documentation showing that I was there legally, and illegal aliens in this country should expect no less.

    And, I told him to be ashamed of himself for reprimanding the father of Tessa Tranchant for calling illegal aliens with criminal records banditos, because that’s what they call themselves.

    I hope others wrote him, too!

  21. PEE WEE HERMAN says:

    Sending CHILD MOLESTORS to prison also breaks up ‘families’.

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