Smile! You’ve been IMF’ed!

Barney Frank pushing for government control on ALL salaries

To say that somebody has been “Borked” is to suggest that they have had their character viciously assassinated, the verb being an addition to our language likely first made in 1987 by New York Times columnist William Safire in response to how Democrats–and turncoat Republican Arlen Specter–absolutely savaged the good name Robert Bork, the eminently qualified and competent originalist Appellate Judge who had been nominated for the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan.

Similarly, the International Monetary Fund has an action associated with its acronym as well. To pull an “IMF” maneuver is essentially to loan a nearly incomprehensible amount of money to a desperate third-world country, knowing full well that the loan will never be paid back, and that the only possible recompense would be increased influence and control.

This is what our own federal government has been doing, starting in the latter half of former President George W. Bush’s second term. For me, the reality of this disturbing pattern hit yesterday, when the new president of the United States essentially fired a private sector chief executive.

Personally, I don’t think we should be bailing out anybody at all, but rather let the forces of a truly unencumbered free market guide us out of the economic doldrums. But if we do want to take such previously unimaginable action, the prospect that we pick and choose according to some nebulous standard concocted in windowless offices in the Treasury Department and at the Federal Reserve is absolutely insane. If we’re going to do it at all, if we’re going to continue down the road so diametrically opposed to what our founders would have wanted, we should at least be somewhat equitable.

General Motors, for example, had posted roughly $84 billion in losses over the past four years, and as a result of those financial difficulties has received about $44 billion in federal bailout money and watched as the White House fired the company’s CEO. Meanwhile, AIG posted a staggering $64 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2008 alone, but even in the wake of total fiscal meltdown in that organization, not only have there been no Washington-forced management shakeups, but after such an astouding display of failure, our federal government actually provided another $130 billion in aid, bringing the total to $180 billion.

If we’re going to take this stance at all, let’s at least do that with solid principles and criteria. Instead, this reminds me of a bunch of kids in a schoolyard with a deflated ball, making up rules to some new game as they go along.

Congressional Democrats, it seems, simply cannot make up their minds as to just how much they want to destroy America.

They rescue some banks, but not others. They specifically allow for retention bonuses, but then retroactively and punitively–and unconstitutionally–tax them at a 90 percent rate. They push for caps on the pay of executives whose companies take bailout funds, but then advocate the application of such caps on executives regardless of whether the funds were taken or not.

Now, we see that Barney Frank is pushing legislation which would essentially permit those on Capitol Hill to set salaries for all employees, not just chief executives, in companies which take federal bailout money. If we continue to buy into the populist outrage being sold by congressional Democrats, we’re going to have just enough panic that this Bolshevikesque measure could gain enough ignorant public support to pass.

A little before midnight last night, I heard Fox News host Bill O’Reilly actually argue in favor of Barack Obama’s constructive termination of GM CEO Rick Wagoner, taking the position that we shouldn’t be bailing out entities which refuse to make the necessary changes in the way they operate, that the American taxpayers shouldn’t be sending good money after bad leadership.

We shouldn’t have to send good money after bad leadership?

Perhaps I’ll keep that very argument, as well as the likes of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, in mind as I do my taxes this weekend.



  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re F’ed.

  2. Gail B says:

    Oh, boy! Word to verify is STING!

    I don’t know how much more of this the American people are going to take, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody (back off, Secret Service–I don’t own a weapon) were to make an attempt on somebody’s life in these four years. I’m not suggesting it; it just would not surprise me.

    Is there some part of the United States Constitution that I have missed, where it says that Congress can regulate salaries in private industry?

    Personally, I think it would be a vast improvement if some of the tax-cheating, bribe-taking, Marxist faggots, “Well, isn’t that precious,” Constitutional prostituting, and generally law-breaking THUGS were voted out (of the country, if possible) of office.

    Don’t ANY of them know the difference between right and wrong? Even in the Bible, the farmers were asked that what was NOT HARVESTED be given to the poor and hungry–not first fruits.

    And, as a side note, has a story about ACORN today. Chad Groening wrote that House Judy Com Chair John Conyers (D-MI) wants a Congressional investigation of ACORN. Fellow Com member Steve King (R-Iowa) is all for it but fears it will be difficult with a Democratic Congress.

    We need to get to work writing letters.


    Gail, the ‘Constitution’ is just an old wives tale. Welcome to the Third Reich.

    sieg Heil
    sieg Heil
    sieg Heil

    Col. Frank,Barney SS
    der Fuhrer Soetoro, Barry

  4. Gail B says:

    Add “and strip them of their committee assignments” to voting them out of office!

  5. Dee says:

    Each day this administration does something that amazes me. I pray that there are enough people in Congress to stop some of this insanity. What’s to keep Barney from stopping with only those that receive federal bailout money? Why not anyone who receives federal money, such as teachers,etc. Do we get to regulate his pay? Maybe he should look at the benefits that Senators and House Reps receive after they leave. That would save alot of money. BO’s trip and his staduim full of helpers that accompanied him are costing the taxpayers alot of money. If Nancy would only fly commercial once a month, the government would save millions.
    I agree with Gail.
    I pray each day that our country will survive this administration with only minor wounds. Those who approve of this class warfare that is being promoted are loving every bad thing that is being said about the people who have made money. They will continue to encourage these actions.
    Thank you, Jeff, and to the other contributers and fellow commenters.


    Dee, there is NO STOPPING THIS TRAIN.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes there is, but it will require commitment from every true patriot.

  8. doogle says:

    So, I guess this means I’m gonna get a raise since I’m pretty much OUT OF BUSINESS!

  9. suek says:

    He who pays the piper calls the tune…

    Unless you’re a taxpayer, of course.

  10. CAL says:

    Bill O’Reilly always supports this populist mumbo jumbo. It does not surprise me. He knows nothing about economics. He is always railing against big oil and does not want doctors to make a living commensurate with their level of training. He has said that doctors should not make big salaries since being a doctor should be a calling. I give him no credibility on economic matters at all.
    As for Barney Frank, I think all of these anti-capitalist proposals are to keep everyone’s attention off of the real problems – the democrats so called economic recovery plan and the mortgage mess and Frank and Dodd’s role in it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    And speaking of O’Reilly, I am sitting here, watching “The Factor” out of the corner of my eye, and Billy, the Boy Wonder, just said “Obama is a smart, honest, man”. Now that pretty much tells you all you need to know about the insightfulness of the number one cable news host.

    O’Reilly is so full of himself that he can’t see beyond that mirror that he holds up in front of himself 24/7 so that he can revel in his own magnificence.

    I’ll take Glen Beck.

    Old Bob


    I’ll take Glen Beck’s high school education, former addictions, and crazy sense of humor and put it against any Harvard, Rhodes or Occidental schooled idiot currently serving in Washington. There is something to be said for COMMON SENSE AND LOVE OF COUNTRY. I’m with you Old Bob. Long live the Constitution!!!

  13. goddessdivine says:

    Why don’t we put a cap on congressional leaders’ salaries. Or better yet, can’t we the people fire them? It only seems fair……

  14. O'REALLY ? says:

    Hey O’Reilly, HONEST people have a long form birth certificate. BLOVIATE on that a-hole.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Did Bawney forget to put his dentures in? Just curious…. that picture…..

  16. Let us move forward says:


    You (or one of your colleages) need to check out this:

    Tim Geithner may be able to make a one time gift to the IMF SDR Fund of about $250 billion off the books money by consulting with a few key “Members of Congress”???

  17. madmom says:

    Gail said: “…but it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody (back off, Secret Service–I don’t own a weapon) were to make an attempt on somebody’s life in these four years. I’m not suggesting it; it just would not surprise me.”

    Oh, Gail, no matter what happens, from stumped toes to nuclear incidents, the ‘domestic villain’, the militia, is going to get the rap. Gotta disarm those nuclear rednecks, ya know. In the video linked below, the lovely gentlemen will explain to you how that’s being set up and a few other little interesting tidbits as well. Unfortunately, he has no idea he’s been set up too. He’s either been duped or he’s doing his job to help point the finger in the direction he was told to, knowing full well you can’t get good plutonium at the 7-11. No matter, he’s just another number in Big Banker Bingo.

    In the next video, the plan is revealed. In 1985. Useful idiots and their…fate. (See above. Also feel free to apply the appellation to our homie, Jesse.)

    And for anyone who has not read this article on the conversational hypnosis Gail mentioned–also relates to the JJ Biggie article, but I didn’t want to clutter too many threads–see the link below.

    Word verification: bluess

    Yesh, they got that right.

  18. CAL says:

    We can get these politicians out of office by getting to the polls. Dodd is up for relection in 2010 and is in trouble in Conneticut and Barney Frank is up for relection every two years. You would think after all the trouble these two have caused, they would be thrown out in the next election! The RNC needs to go after these two guys by running adds letting the voters in these states know what a mess they have made of the mortgage industry.

  19. CAL says:

    I cannot watch O'Reilly anymore. Every other sentence, he says he wants Obama to succeed. Why would you want any of these policies to succeed?? I think he is going overboard on the fair & balanced because he is worried about the fairness doctrine. He spoke a lot about the fairness doctrine before the election and you could see he was concerned. I know the fairness doctrine is targeted to radio, but what is to stop this administration from targeting cable tv too??

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is out of control. The taxpayers, not some amorphous “government”, are the shareholders. So where are the taxpayer proxies to vote on boards of directors, actions taken, etc.? This is illegal and these particular committee heads should be investigated for fraudulently handling taxpayer monies without taxpayer representation. “Fwank” and others don’t have unbridled authority to act. Where are the Constitutional lawyers for this??

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 questions: Why is Barney boy not getting the 3rd degree like his alter ego Chris Dodd? Dodd must have stepped out of line somwhere and is getting his arm cut off. Typical Obama team tactics. At least I agree with them about this one.

    2. What law allowed the Pres. of the US to fire a person in any capacity other than those who directly report/work for him? I think someone should charge him with an illegal use of power or something. What gave him this right to fire Waggoner? Was is it hidden under the fallacy that Waggoner “resigned”?
    What a freakin joke this whole charade has become and still a large number of Americans think everything is just peachy with Obama. They will be the ones squealing like stuck pigs when they realize the truth of what they have done to themselves and the rest of us who knew better. We’ll have to save them too unfortunately.

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