Obama, Wagoner, Geithner, and the Slippery Slope

Link: Welcome, Businessmen, to Government Oversight
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal)

I’m still flabbergasted at what happened over the past 24 hours, with the president of the United States calling for the termination of a private sector chief executive. I’m even more astounded at just how much damage has been done in little more than two months’ time.

Now, I’m not saying that former President George W. Bush and congressional Republicans have no blood on their hands with regard to this economic crisis — I’m arguing that, while the Republicans have washed their hands, the Democrats have turned murder into an absolute killing spree.

This piece is an eye-opening look at the next step in the slippery slope we’ve found ourselves hurtling across. Today, the CEO of General Motors was fired. Tomorrow, will it be Chrysler? Will it be a bank? A retailer? A small business? Even worse, what of the effects upon individual workers who now find themselves, albeit unwillingly, under the government umbrella? In the commentary, writer Victoria Toensing provides a glimpse.

But I couldn’t eat the meat. It was rainbow-colored,” I protested to the Department of Justice clerk in charge of travel expense reimbursements.

The government rules allowed no flexibility. If you traveled on a plane that served food en route, as was the case on my late afternoon flight from D.C. to New Orleans, you could not get reimbursed for eating after you landed. It mattered not that the food looked spoiled, and that you really did spend money on a restaurant meal. There would be no, albeit meager, $20 reimbursement for that dinner.

Welcome AIG, Citicorp, GM and other stimulees to the financial controls of the stimulator, the federal government. But wait, it is now not just the recipients of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money and other taxpayer funds who are to be regulated. According to “sources,” the White House is considering salary controls for “all financial institutions” and “publicly traded companies,” not just those receiving “federal bailout money.”

What’s more, the feds intend to impose this by fiat, meaning regulations not legislation. When the government controls your salary, control over your financial compensation is not far behind. The government will apply “zero tolerance” and “avoid the appearance of” criteria to you just as it has done to government employees for decades. I worked under those rules during my 13-year government tenure. Trust me, business types, your new “no-nos” will take some getting used to.



  1. FREUD says:

    “What’s more, the feds intend to impose this by fiat, meaning regulations not legislation”.

    How ironic, the use of the word ‘fiat’. FIAT is who Barack is forcing GM to merge with.

  2. TRUMP says:

    And just why CAN’T we FIRE OBAMA’s ASS? It seems the Constitution NO LONGER MATTERS FOR ANYTHING ELSE!

  3. tm says:

    Another day another government takeover of private industry. When does it stop? Will the whitehouse answer the phone for G overnment M otors warranty info? This man is a joke.

  4. Gail B says:

    Obama has his eyes crossed. Instead of firing Mr. Wagoner, CEO of GM; the CEO of AIG, the CEO of Chrysler, and (there’s another one, too), he should be firing Treasury Secretary Geithner! Geithner –well, being a Southern lady, I’ll just use a polite term — Geithner just pure sucks! He’s a liar; he’s a tax cheat; and I do believe he’s the crooked man who walked a crooked mile with a crooked cane!

    D.C. has gotten so bad, except for a precious honest few who are also gentlemen by not going on a rampage on the House or Senate Floor, that I feel the need for a cleaning prayer just to rinse my head out from thinking about all the crap going on up there. You can just IMAGINE how the precious, honest few who are gentlemen feel–having to be in the same room with them!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This article should be required reading for all Americans. I have worked with the government for 30 some years and can assure you of of the long waits for anything you need or want. You will be just a number with little concern for your problem and the people supposed to be serving you will be too busy working their crossword puzzles, going to lunch or talking on the phone to assist you. Tey deliberately slow their pace to please themselves. The federal government that I know and have worked for is non-responsive and full of little power mongers. Then there are the layers of administrative or management you have to go through to get an answer. This is not a pretty picture and soon this will be the norm for all of us. Help!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes i feel like my head is going to explode with all the wrong things happening every day. Where does this adminstration assume that they can fire someone in the private sector. Arrogant bunch of …of…..oh dang it i’m so mad i can’t even think of a good insult!

    Seriously though, i wish the higher-ups and employees of GM would’ve linked arms, armed themselves and said HELL NO, WE WON’T GO!

    We have to stand up to this government…we have to. Because it just won’t end if we dont’.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I Am John Galt

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