Forget Earth Hour, the U.N. Should Shut the Lights Out For Good

It must be difficult being Al Gore. Not just because of any desperation caused by the realization that his private jet cannot run on hypocrisy alone–imagine the savings!–but also the reality that, with seemingly every passing poll, the very movement he championed is sinking lower and lower on people’s priority list, sinking almost as fast as sea levels were supposed to rise in his flimsy numbers.

The Global Warming movement was renamed “climate change” in the same fashion and for the same reasons as “terrorism” is now to be known as “man-caused disaster,” the “Global War on Terror” is now the “Overseas Contingency Operation” and “Gitmo detainee” will inevitably become “howdy, neighbor.” It exists only in a world devoid of fact, a manifestation of those on the political left who sought a new way to present, to the public, the redistribution of wealth.

And, while things are very soon going to be serious because of the pending and potentially disastrous Copenhagen Accord, for now a few moments of laughter at the expense of the purveyors of this farcical facade for global socialism is in order.

Tomorrow night, between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., the world is supposed to embrace “Earth Hour” a gesture initially billed as being a way to conserve energy but later touted as merely symbolic after the reality of a lack of quantifiable conservation set in. Included in the worldwide effort to turn off lights as a symbol of our commitment to Mother Earth is France’s Eiffel Tower, China’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, Egypt’s Great Pyramids . . . and the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

Indeed, the U.N. intends to darken the headquarters in observance of Earth Hour tomorrow night, and parts of a story about Earth Hour skeptics on Fox News Channel’s Web site made me laugh out loud. So, I thought I would share.

Based on average energy consumption levels from 2006-08, U.N. spokeswoman Vannina Maestracci said the world body’s New York headquarters will save $102 while observing Earth Hour. Maestracci initially estimated the savings would be $81,000 before revising it to $24,300. She ultimately estimated the savings would be just $102 for the darkened hour.

I love it. Such a radical overstatement of numbers is the Global Warming movement in a nutshell.
For example, polar bears were said to be drowning because of the melting of the ice caps–and indeed pressure from the environmental lobby caused the animals to be put on the endangered species list–when, in reality, polar bears are flourishing, with population numbers that have exponentially increased since the 1980s. The sea levels, according to Gore, are supposed to rise by dozens of feet, yet even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change argued that his assessments were overblown. Even the argument that global temperatures were on the rise, a hallmark of the movement, had to be retooled because the Earth is actually cooling, a back-to-the-drawing-board moment which brought us the overnight terminological change from “global warming” to the more nebulous “climate change.”

Whatever the savings, [journalist Claudia] Rosett accused U.N. officials of distorting facts to make its participation in the event appear more impactful.

“That’s a marvelous figure,” Rosett said of the initial estimate. “If turning off the lights of the United Nations will save $81,000 an hour, it would be a great idea to keep them off every day of the year.”

I second the motion. I’d love to see the U.N. building in New York City darkened for good. They can feel free to turn the lights back on when they relocate to France or Switzerland or, gosh, just someplace else.

Asked to estimate how much energy could be saved worldwide during the 60 minutes of darkness, [WWF spokesperson Leslie] Aun replied, “We don’t even calculate the emissions that we save in that hour. That’s not the point.”

But Bjorn Lomborg, author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” and director of the Denmark-based think tank Copenhagen Consensus Centre, said the event could actually increase emissions.

“When asked to extinguish electricity, people turn to candlelight,” Lomborg wrote in an op-ed in The Australian. “Candles seem natural, but are almost 100 times less efficient than incandescent light globes, and more than 300 times less efficient than fluorescent lights. If you use one candle for each extinguished globe, you’re essentially not cutting CO2 at all, and with two candles you’ll emit more CO2. Moreover, candles produce indoor air pollution 10 to 100 times the level of pollution caused by all cars, industry and electricity production.”

That’s the inherent problem with the ideas advanced by Gore and his global warming movement, and indeed the tenets liberal thought in general — the Law of Unintended Consequences always seems to cause trouble.

In the case of global warming, just two brief examples include how the movement toward bio-fuels has actually caused rampant destruction of carbon-soaking rainforest in Brazil to make way for sugarcane crop, and how the environmentally-conscious compact fluorescent lightbulbs contain toxic amounts of mercury, released into the ground at landfills.

So, make light of the inherent stupidity and hypocrisy of the global warming movement while we can because, in the coming weeks and months, we must steel ourselves for an intense fight over not only the substantive, scientific claims behind the ongoing debate, but also a detailed look into the disastrous consequences of what these people want to do in the name of a theory rooted more in class warfare than environmental concern.



  1. Jeff Schreiber says:

    I know that many of you do not like the Al Gore animation. I do. I think it’s accurate, I think it’s funny, and while I admit that it is a bit gross, any outrage should pale in comparison to the outrage over how much his global warming crap will cost humanity in terms of money, progress and more.

    The animation stays.

    – Jeff

  2. Anonymous says:

    I plan on turning on every light in my house between 8;30 and 9:30. I also plan on turning on the AC and setting it 50 for that hour…

  3. AL v. BARRY says:

    I don't know what makes me want to pick up a gun more; the foolishness in Washington, or this Al Gore/UN load of crap climate change. SMART people are not going to fall for this, or settle for this. Its an ego race between Al and Barry. And the DEBATE IS OVER on that. Take your dim & dangerous CFL bulbs and stick it. I am going to go out and run my car for that hour while I feed my herd of cattle mexican food.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That Gore animation is too funny. Could you possibly run it backwards?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am going to go out and run my car for that hour while I feed my herd of cattle mexican food.


  6. Gail B says:

    If Obama doesn’t care about America and her productive free enterprise, what in the world makes anyone think he cares about “carbon?” The plants and trees exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen. Combustion emits carbon monoxide, a different critter. The federal government is regulating auto emissions in the new cars, yet it is silent on the destruction of TREES. There is no money in protecting trees.

    Follow the money. That’s what it’s all about. Why, my goodness–how in hell has the United States survived all these years before the Great Hussein stepped in to fix things by screwing it all up?!

    Every time someone wants to improve things, they get worse!

    I don’t like the Al Gore picture, either, but not because I object to it for itself. I object for the same reason Jeff put it in place–what it represents: that Gore is full of it!

    (Jeff, as someone asked, aren’t you supposed to be studying?)

  7. Let us move forward says:

    Let’s see:

    Terrorism is a “man caused disaster”.

    The spending authorized by Washington will be a “man caused disaster”.

    Ahhhh! I get it!
    Congress and President are Terrorists!

  8. Rix says:

    Me, not liking the animation?! Gosh, I shamelessly stole it for my own blog entry on a Russian (read my lips: copyright be damned)site.

  9. tm says:

    I love the animation – Keep it Jeff.
    Maybe the grand poo bah of pooh might surf his way over here – I’d keep it on the side all the time. LOL
    I agree with Jeff 150% turn those lights off and since they want to devalue our dollar we should collect triple the rent and evict them -send them to Zimbabwe. Good riddance.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Al Gore animation is right on the mark. I too will turn on every light in my house between 8:30 and 9:30, as I did last year. I wish I had some cows so that I could feed them Mexican food. I guess I’ll just do so for Zoey, my Jack Russell Terrior.

  11. Sundae says:

    When I was a child we sang patriotic songs in school. It was not even a public school, but a Christian one, and we were taught the importance of who we are as Americans. The song I remember most began with the line: My Country Tis of Thee; Sweet Land of Liberty of Thee I sing. This is OUR country it is of LIBERTY and at the very end this is what we have in common that makes us Americans. We grew up watching the same fireworks on the 4th of July and holding our hands over our hearts as the notes of the National Anthem were played.
    Tonight I have read UN and Global Currency and UN Climate Change shifting world economy among other articles and I sit and wonder about what the future may hold for my children. The thoughts in my head seem wildly outrageous and not based in reality until I slowly realize the normality I see around me is the unreality now and that which so recently would have been unbelievable is our shocking truth. I begin to draw upon the strength I know I possess within me and I feel the intensity build. I know I have what it takes to fight this, to at least stand up for what I believe and know my family is too precious to allow the America I love to die at such a blinding speed and in a way that has manipulated the majority of the population. I know anger when I see through the deceptions perpetuated by those in power and the media. I know frustration when the typical mom I call friend does not even notice much less understand the multifaceted attack upon our families. I know many feel the same. We must find the commonalities and the strength in numbers necessary to create a force stronger than the wave that is overtaking our Land of Liberty. We must prove the heart of a true American is much stronger than the sneakiness of a radical experienced in the art of Teleprompter use. We must overcome that which is destroying the futures of our children.

  12. dc says:

    A “rose” by any other name is still a rose!

    A fake is a fake is a fake.

    All this Globalism is having to be renamed because people don’t want to buy it, or pay for it.

    Control, control, power, power, same old story just different players and we happen to be here for “such a time as this.” Esther (Scripture) had a choice to make too.
    We either expose the scum and stop them, or they takeover.

  13. La Muse Poetique says:

    It is gross. Amusing, but definitely gross.

    Took me awhile to notice what it was exactly though. Haha.

  14. Psydog says:

    I too will be turning on every electrical device in my house during the “UN fun hour”.

  15. Gail B says:

    Kirk Mellish is chief meteorologist for WSB (tv and radio station in Atlanta), and he wrote a four-page paper on the so-called global warming. I just read it, and what he has to say is enlightening. He even quotes from the meteorology magazine, and the paragraph sounds NOTHING like what we hear.

    It is an interesting read, explaining exactly what meteorology is (and isn’t), how trends are established (and aren’t), what causes global warming (and cooling), and an explanation of opportunity to make money from a crisis when most of the citizens are confused. (Sound familiar?) Mellish fairly explores both sides of the issue, based on his many years of study, not on political doubletalk or biased media reports.

    If you want a good education about the subject, take a look. Just Google “Kirk Mellish” and look for the link with his paper.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am in complete agreement. This was perpetuated to create a bogus credit system or additional tax on American Citizens originally. It was only when scientist confirmed that the majority of greenhouse gasses were produced by the poorest of countries. What is a lactating man to do? Well, let’s call it climate change. Huh? Even in Texas the climate changes at least three times per day and 4 times per year. I am all for pulling out of the UN entirely. Take our support away from all of the members who hate us and use the money to prosper our country. I could rant about many issues, but will stop here. Jeff, you are doing a great job. I have been following your site since the Berg v Obama phase. Kepp it up. Let’s get the word out and get true conservatism back. My children are counting on it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have long argued that the UN building could be put to productive use. Properly renovated, it would serve very well as affordable low income housing. Alternatively, it could be turned into an excellent new military hospital. UN personnel, meanwhile, could be reassigned to leftover FEMA trailers in Texas or Louisiana (nice and humid).

    The picture of Gore is painful to look at, but Truth often is, so I looked at it again, anyway. :P

    Newt was raising Cain on Fox tonight, abandoning his more measured civil tone toward Obama and stating pretty directly that Dear Leader is in the midst of an unprecedented power grab that could result in a dictatorship (yes, I believe he used that word). Now, I stay pretty cool under fire, but when a chieftan of that order starts to raise the alarm, it makes me nervous.

    As my Brasilian friends say, boa noite. (Good night.)


  18. Edith says:

    My first laugh this AM was seeing the animation of Al Gore voiding BM`s out of the wrong end.
    It amazes me how political loosers will latch onto a cause and promote said cause(global warming) just to stay in the lime light.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Newt Gingrich video on Tea Parties:

    April 15, 2009

    Find one near you and sign up or show up!!


  20. I Beam says:

    Still luv the turd

  21. Dee says:

    Maybe I could turn the lights out but the last time that happened I got pregnant. However, I have basketball games to watch since I am not doing well in the March Madness pool. I also think that anytime a man eats a burrito he should be taxed for noxious emissions.
    Seriously, I am also concerned about BO wanting to become a dictator. It will be interesting to see what happens at the G-20 meeting next week. If he believes that capitalism is so bad why do people want to come to our country and why aren’t more people moving to other socialist countries? Watching all of this is frustrating. I watched the budget hearings the other day and saw Senator Judd Gregg and the other Republican members introduce admendment after admentment on ways to save money, only to have each of them voted down by the Democrats. None of them passed. Senator Gregg gave a very moving summation concerning the future of our country. The Democrats on the committee did not care. When they say they want to cut the budget they are not serious.
    This administration is frightening.
    Thank you, Jeff, and thanks to all the commenters.

  22. sonicninjakitty says:

    Since breathing produces carbon dioxide I think the Gore-sters should also stop breathing from 8:30-9:30. Think of the energy it will save us all.

  23. Anonymous says:
  24. Anonymous says:
  25. goddessdivine says:

    I had the same sentiments as many already commented on here: I will be turning on all my lights, TVs, appliances, etc. during that hour.

    I was surprised to see that photo resurface after all the crap you got for it (ha! pun not intended). I think it sums Al Gore up perfectly. He can go ahead and refer to me/us as the ‘earth is flat’ community; I consider him in denial of the 700 or so international scientists in dissent of global warming (many of whom are former members of the U.N. climate change panel).

  26. Janet says:

    I just came here for some sanity after reading some posts on HuffingtonPost. OMG. Those people are saying “So what’s wrong with socialism? Capitalism hasn’t worked!”

    Sigh. Children. What do they know?

    OK, onto Gore. The UN will save a whopping $120 by shutting off all lights tonight. Whatever. Another distraction from the real problems which all center around TEA.

    Take some teabag labels, place them onto paper, make a copy, then write around them a FAX note to the White House to tell them how you feel. FAX #: 1-202-456-2461

    Hurry, Media Matters is urging all their nutty people to do it, WE need to get our views out there, too!

  27. toto says:

    I’ve felt for a long time that we should get out of the UN, we don’t need them, they need us. I saw a troubling figure the other day that the United States pays 23% of the budget for the UN, thats nuts, pay that kind of money so they can tell us what to do. This is exactly why I have been against World Heritage Sites, and Biosphere Reserves for a long time. On the one hand, I agree we should protect our national parks, but why do we have to do the above way, all that does is give away our soverignty to these areas, does that make sense to you? Not me.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What’s the old saying… A picture is worth a thousand turds… or something like that?

    How about this. In addition to all lights on in the house, drag out all your Christmas lights, spread them all over the lawn and plug them in. Get the whole neighborhood involved. Maybe some passing satellite will capture a pic.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jeff: It is a little gross, but funny too! I don’t blame you!

    AL V BARRY: This bulb looks like something my husband would have had to extract from some guy’s “posterior” when he was in surgery residency at a major county hospital where they had “butt clinic” every Friday! I’m not even kidding!

    Sonicninjakitty: OMG! You made me laugh out loud so hard! Great post! Thanks for the laugh!

    Sundae: You were extremely eloquent in your expression….couldn’t have said it better, and I can write! I ditto your feelings. Such sadness and rage at the same time! My greatest fear is for my children, but I DO trust God to take care of them when times are desperate. I just don’t want our country to go down that path. It is SOOOO unnecessary!

    Gail B: Thanks for the Kirk Mellish suggestion. I will look into it. That is what I love about this site….everyone is so informed and has such great ideas!

    Lisa in TX

  30. Anna Leigh says:

    Every light in my home and outside of it is burning in honor of this momentous occasion!

  31. Anonymous says:


    I think anything that comes out of Algore’s mouth is BS, so your pictures is completely accurate. It doesn’t offend me in the least. As a matter of fact, you could show a huge pile of doo-doo with Algore falling out of its mouth. That might be more fitting, BTW!

  32. dc says:

    Does he look like a ‘sane man’ to you?

    or just ‘sin filled.’

  33. Anonymous says:

    A little help is starting to show up? Hopefully??? news/politics/G20/article5993184.ece /03/26/bachmann-bill-would-ban- global-currency/

    And then this: Climate change-trillions to form New World Economy

    Sen Judd Gregg, one-time nominee for Commerce Secretary, criticized Pres Obama’s budget plan: 44/2009/03/28/one_time_cabinet_ nominee_assai.html

    We are being besieged by the Dems rush to get their hare-brained schemes in place as quickly as possible. Fortunately, even some of the Liberals are starting to speak out against the huge amount of spending and deficits.



    Here’s to Al Gore’s obviously high-fiber diet! LOL He’s obviously not a vegetarian and even the UN states that cattle produce FAR MORE ‘emissions’ than automobiles. So lay off the fat, you fatty fat fatso Al.

    verification word: lacie
    As in, Al Gore’s tightie whities are quite lacie.

  35. ORAL-B says:

    NOW we know why Tipper flinched when he French kissed her and played tonsil hockey at the convention. !!!


    Oh if only that pic of Charlie Rangel in a beach chair had been an animated .gif

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