‘Accessories to Fraud’

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ACORN Whistleblowers Produce Shocking Testimony on Capitol Hill
(FROM: Human Events)

Even some Democrats are urging an investigation of ACORN, the purveyors of voter fraud which, just last week, admitted to possible involvement in the upcoming 2010 Census. Groups such as ACORN–including ACORN itself–were also recipients of more than $5 billion in taxpayer money included in the so-called “stimulus” plan signed into law last month by President Obama. On that issue, Texas Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert hit the nail on the head:

“We’re about to appropriate even more money, and we’ve already appropriated some money that may very well be directed to ACORN,” Gohmert said. “If we know that an organization is guilty of fraud, and we provide them the money and the wherewithal to continue the fraud, then we are accessories to fraud. The only difference between us and a criminal is that we have the ability to pass laws that say even though we’re criminals we’re doing our criminal work legally. It doesn’t make it moral, it doesn’t make it ethical, it just makes it legal to say we can be accessories to fraud by providing the money.”



  1. Gail B says:

    WOW! Way to go, Jeff! I’m stunned!

  2. Anonymous says:

    More info on ACORN investigation on http://www.defendourfreedoms.us

    The blatant fraud with THIS group is astounding. So, out of all the members of Congress we only have Senators Conyers and Gohmert making assertions against them?! Shameful and disgusting.

  3. Gail B says:

    That is from a story by Connie Hair, freelance writer, former speechwriter for Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ), and a former media and coalitions advisor to the Senate Republican Conference, according to Human Events.

    In another story she wrote, headlined “GOP to Probe Links Between AIG, Obama, Dodd”, she wrote, “As we watch this daily unfolding of TARP fund mismanagement and negligence, this should serve as a warning to all Americans: when the Obama administration tells you that they are capable of oversight of the massive programs they propose like nationalized health care, look at this shining example of their ability to oversee the 470 financial institutions that have been handed hundreds of billions of taxpayer bailout dollars.”

    (She’s GOOD!)

  4. Lightning says:

    Gollee, Congressman Gohmert, what an exciting observation. Us lowly readers feel redeemed. Please pass your words of wisdom along to the Mesiah, so he may share our excitement.

  5. dc says:

    What a “Joy” it would be if there are some still in power and authority to direct investigations and enact enforcement of the Law!
    Now that is worth praying for! Super Natural strength for them to do their jobs! Because the ones they’re going up against have their source as well, that needs to be bound.

  6. tm says:

    Where is the justice department with the RICO charges against this MOB called ACORN ?

  7. DEEP THROAT says:

    Whatever happened to the good ol days when politicians were PROSECUTED? These goons are making Nixon look like a choir boy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Way to go, Louie!

    I am SOOO proud to call him my representative! He has been faithful with every vote so far. I actually trust him! And he is NOT afraid of crying “socialism” on the House floor.

    I have talked to him on a couple of occasions since before the election, and I always come away noticing how sad and frustrated his eyes look.

    He is doing his best, and I know he is sick at what is happening…he is also a veteran.

    Thanks for posting this!

    Lisa in TX

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